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Joined 04-13-05, id: 794259

Name: none of your business

Age: 16, going on 17

Sex: male

Personal interests: Writing fanfics, reading fanfics, dreaming up fanfics, drawing manga to my fanfics-you get the idea.

Hobbies: beside fanfics, hiking, reading manga(go tokyopop and shonenjump!), bike riding, surfing the net, playing ps2, watching tv, and playing with my dog.

Hometown: Lansing, Michigan; but i moved from ther when i was, like , one, so i have moved a lot sience then and have no memory of the place. ARMY BRATS RULE!

Current hometown: Winchestor, Tennessee. GO VOLS! TITANS RULE!

Favorite anime: Read or Die, Yu-Gi-Oh, (does Megas XLR count?) Inuyasha, Ghost in the Shell,Shaman King, One Piece, Love hina, and Ai Yori Aoshi

Anime Hero: Edward, from Cowboy Bebop. That dudette ROCKS!

Favorite mythical creature: the school principal-i have never, ever seen him/her. How can i be sure that he/she even exists?