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Ok it's time to do something different on my profile, but i will still list what I like and hate.

check me out at this website... www.myspace.com/norwood_26

My name is- Derek Derrickson

My looks- Dirty blond hair, Kinda short and a mean, Not fat or husky like most people on here(not dissing anyone on here, but there is alot of over weight people on here and I dont hate them) No one eye brow(I have two) no Pimples or nasty hair features, No long nose or curvey. My teeth a clean! Have you ever seen Numbuh 4 on code name kids next door? I'm just like him...

Age- 15 1/2 My birthday is on August 11.

Where I live- Peoria, Illinois

Family- Two brothers, One sister(never met her) One father, My mom died like two months ago...

Favorite things to do- I love fanfiction.net, yet it feels like I been on here forever and in truth it has only be almost a year...I love P.E class getting into shape after winter is the best feeling ever! I love fighting with people who make fun of my stories...Also people who make fun of other peoples stories.I Like kicking my little brothers ass. I like kicking my cousin's ass at NCAA college basketball 2k6 YEAH! I make him cry(hahahahahaha loser).

Most hated things to do- I hate waking up on mondays, it ruins your whole damn day(school! why! but hey theres alot of chicks there) I hate when family comes over and ruins your whole damn weekend... I hate losing to my cousin in NCAA basketball 2k6(THAT SON OF A FUCK! beat me at the last shot...Bastard) Reading a fic and at the end the pairings are not what it said on the front of the summary...

My favorite couples- Well I don't really care anymore...I do like Inu/kag alot and Sess/rin

couples that don't bother me anymore- Sess/kag- As long as it stays out of other files. Anything else doesn't bother me.

What I don't get- Why do people hate kikyo? What the hell did she really do though? Let me tell you what really kikyo is like...Ok let's start...First, she came back to life with no say so...Also, she doesn't make any move on Inuyasha. Next, she walks alone pretty much...She isn't cold hearted...I did she heart in her when she is around children. Also, she knows that kagome loves Inuyasha you can tell after that village was attacked by the band of seven and she is like on the ground. She lets kagome like feel love towards inuyasha, because she did. Last, She never is really calling Inuyasha he goes on his free will hurting Kagome not kikyo...(well about the letting feel love part kagome would anyways so it wouldn't matter)

I have alot of favorite authors, but my favorite of all time is ethier Perfect impression or sheilds.

It does seem forever when you review over two thousand times in different stories...I loved checking out my old reviews today from like seven months ago...I would of lost good stories if it wasn't for review history...

Have any of you guys or girls seen Forrest Gump? That Damn movie is fricking sweet! O what about The Man without a Face... There is so much good movies out there thatI can't even get down half of them that I like.

stuff that I don't believe in- Love is the first thing on my list...Ok love I think is like a form of lust and attraction...That is it...I also don't believe in love making...I call it fucking...I will not do the same position over and over again like in most of these fics...

Good music- Weezer, usher, seether, three days grace, 3 doors down, greenday, slim shady, drowing pool, powerman 5000, kid rock, sherly crow, story of the year, click 5, MUDVAYNE, korn, all american rejects, linkin park, GODSMACK, jimmy eat world, mariah carey, and thats all I can think of...

Things that make me happy- My reviewers...

What I am not into- Getting the personalitys right on every charater. I mean that is gay as hell...Come on it's not like your going to be like the Stephen King or getting money for doing this. I like making the people how I would like to see them.

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