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Author has written 2 stories for Bionicle, and Kingdom Hearts.

Hi I'm kinda new to this but here's my bio

My hobbies: Playing with legos, playing video games, and reading Fanfics.

Favorite tv shows: Yu Yu Hakasho, Ruroni Kenshin, Naruto, andYu-gi-oh

I like humor, and action/adventure

I'm also co-writing KH at theme park (I'm most of the humor)though I haven't written anything myself.

I have not read alot of Fics mainly bionicle ones.

In the works: Kingdom hearts and the order of the Phoenix

Sora, Riku, Kairi, and a few others get invited to Hogwarts school of whichcraft and wizarding.

Favorite quotes:

God made sisters and brothers to blame things on

This isn't school, it's hell with florescent lighting

Don't talk. It makes you sound stupid. -Yusuke (YYH)

Stop saving the world and get a hobby. -Kaiba to Yugi. (YGO)

Yeah I'm just stupid. -Yusuke to Goki

Sorry I don't have time to be arrested -Kurama to Yusuke

Only Yusuke would want to fight someone who's already dead -Hiei

Kuabara: But you were dead your heart stoped beating I double-checked.

Yusuke: Yeah, I can't explain that in fact the tickers still not ticken I guess I should be worried huh?

Life's tough it's tougher when your stupid. -someone

Well that's my Bio for now.
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