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I'm just your average fan boy. Not obsessive, just average. I like all kinds of anime, any kind of story that can be vaguely construed as romantic, and computers. Oh, don't forget chess. I jog, I have a job.

If I had to say the strangest thing about me, I'd have to say its that though I feel down most of the time, I dress cheery. Not only do I dress cheery, I like cheery people, I find myself attracted to cheery women, and I like light clothing. I'm a sun-shiny emo. Or maybe not emo, exactly.

Favorite bad-girl? Shego, from Kim Possible. She's the only one I ever really liked, in any way. I don't know why, I just do.

Favorite good-girl? A toss up between Asuka from Evangelion and Ami from Sailor Moon. Asuka can't always be labeled a good girl, but she's definitly no villainess. Ami is just... I admire her for her brains.

And finally, why the pen name Hikarino Bansei? A while ago I was obsessed with getting into a Sailor Moon RPG, and I kept reeling over the name I wanted. I knew the senshi name I wanted (Sailor Light/Sailor Earth, don't ask), but was at a loss for as to what to give him when he wasn't transformed. Eventually I found an english character translator and started playing with combinations of words I thought would be cool. I settled on Light of Eternity. (Hikari=light, no=of, which must be attached like the senshi were in the series, and Bansei=eternity.) Its a sloppy translation, but it comes out to a neat name anyway.

I guess I should talk about why I'm obsessed with cartoons as oposed to live action. For some reason, the drama or romance in live action seems a little more phony. I think that is because of something like what an art teacher once told me; "In art you only put down what is sufficient to let the viewer see the whole picture. Let their mind finish the picture for them, and it will look better."

He was talking about only drawing fractions of lines to frame faces and things like that, but I think it holds true for any art form. In television or radio programs, you let the viewer to understand the story, and connect with it, but not go so far as to explain all the tiny details. Let their imagination fill in the gaps, and the show will be that much more memorable. Live action tends to go too deep into the details for my liking.

I am a romantic. Hopelessly so, in that I cry when I think about pure love, love such that can dissapear for twenty years, but as soon as the two are back together, things pick up as if nothing had ever been amiss(Mahoromatic).

Now, for those of you still reading, anime I've seen (and can remember having seen):

Sailor Moon(except the last season, though I did see the last episode, and have read the scripts)

Dragon Ball (parts of all three)


Green Green


Outlaw Star


Love Hina

Ah! My Goddess OVA + Movie

Tenchi (movies and series except GTX)

Puni Puni Poemi

Angelic Layer



Amusement Park (its interactive!)

Onegai Teacher

Onegai Twins

Saber Marionette (all Js)

Hanauyuko Maid Tai (both)


Video Girl Ai

Hand Maid May

Hand Maid Mai (they are connected)

Catgirl Nuku Nuku

Voices of a Distant Star

Haibane Renmei (some)

Pokemon (some, and yes I believe it is anime)

Digimon (with the first set of kids, including the movie)

Steel Angel Kurumi



Some Gundams

Comic Party

Wind: A Breath of Heart

Wow, thats a lot longer than I expected, and I know I'm missing at least five.

So there you have it. Me in a tiny nutshell.

Story statuses:

So Shego's Drama(Kim Possible): Finished, undergoing revision. I'll remove the version on the site when the revision is finished, keep the original, and repost the new, updated version. As with all my stories, you can email me if you want a copy of the more crap-tastic revision.

Broken Sitches in Time(Kim Possible): On halt and under revision. Basically, I reread these two in the series, and didn't like how... low my writing standards were. When I repost it, I'll post the finished version with the revision. No, the version thats up isn't finished.

The Rose(Kim Possible): The one-shot is finished, and while I do keep a copy of the original story, it so horribly destroy's Shego's character, I don't suggest you ask for it. You're welcome to ask though. The second, newer version is currently in-progress. The other two are the two-part series that will ignore events after So the Drama, and this... I'm not sure yet. I intended for this to be a Rongo, but I usually despise writing stories that ignore entire chunks of story.

Illusioned Dreams: A story that will be completely original, and probobally posted somewhere else entirely. While I'd love to start writing this right now, because I've been wanting to write it for a few years, I can't stop mixing important details. Still just an idea until I can get a soundboard to help keep ideas in-line. Concept Boy dreams about a girl and falls in love in dreams, rescues her from coma.

The reason all stories take so long to update: They are my hobby, something I do when I have spare time and feel like I can do them well. That doesn't happen often.

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