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Author has written 26 stories for Sailor Moon, Kim Possible, Bubblegum Crisis, Tales of Vesperia, Ben 10, Mass Effect, Deadpool, and Tangled.

About The Author:

I'm a lifetime fanfic writer, who wrote his first piece of Legend of Zelda fan fiction way back in 2nd grade, though I didn't really recognize that I was writing fanfiction until 1996 when I wrote my first Sailor Moon story. Since then I've written millions of words of internet published fan fiction in a variety of series. I work on original projects as well, including a webcomic that I wrote and illustrated between 2001 and 2006, and a number of unpublished short stories. I will probably never stop writing fan fiction, though there have been several long gaps of time where I have been unsatisfied with what I'm working on and refused to publish.

My favorite genre to write and read is the 'fantasy-grounded-in-reality' style of story, which is pretty evident in my stories. I like to see 'normal' characters get suddenly blindsided by the fantastic and try to rationalize what's happening. I also like to see the challenges and road-blocks faced trying to bring romance to fruition, and, as such, I like to see a strong romance sub-plot as part of most stories I read and write. Especially an 'against-all-odds' sort of romance, which is probably why I'm a such a fan of KiGo.

KP Fannies Awards:

For those of you who don't know, every year the Kim Possible fanfic writing community goes through the Annual Kim Possible Fanfic Awards ceremonies, traditionally called the 'Fannies.' I've been honored with several nominations over the years and, finally in 2011, a win!

2nd Annual Fannies (Stories in 2006) - Nominated for Best Writer; Best Story Overall: 'Sometimes There Isn't A Point'; Best Drama: 'A Period of Silence'; Best Kigo Story: 'Fling'; Best Original Character: Allucinere from 'A Period of Silence.'

3rd Annual Fannies (Stories in 2007) - Finalist for 'Best Villain' Allucinere from 'A Period of Silence.'

6th Annual Fannies (Stories in 2011) - WINNER (at last!) of Best Series Overall for 'The Hitchhiker.'


I was interviewed on BlogTalkRadio (Allaine's online radio show about femslash) on October 15th, 2009! KiY, Sobriety, and I were guests on the show and I encourage everyone to check it out: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/allaine


1-4-2013: Happy New Year! Still no progress on Hitchhiker 4, but I did finish Plumber's Charm on time though it ran longer than expected. A new episode of Apocolocyntosis was released on Christmas -- which has become an annual tradition, apparently-- and, finally, yet another sequel to A Period of Silence, this one called Terminus. It's a one-shot concerning the end of a era and was inspired by a similar tale written in1996 by Chris Davies called 'One Moment Longer.'

Up next: The Demon of Go City. I've left that story sitting for too long.

6-23-2012: Lets see... Hitchhiker 4 is still stuck in development hell. I'm in the process of finishing Plumber's Charm -- my first Ben 10 fanfic -- and I posted a sequel to A Period of Silence this morning, called: DRIFT. Probably the most productive 6 month period I've had in a while.

Oh yeah, and I WON A FANNIE! Well, tied for 1st place, but that's a win in my book. The Hitchhiker received the award for Best Series (Overall). Thank you for everyone who helped that happen! I never thought anyone thought so highly of my work. I'm deeply honored.

12-25-2011: The Hitchhiker 4 got a bit bogged down and while I tried to pull it up out of the muck, I finished Episode 4 of Apocolocyntosis! Yeah, I'm as surprised as you are. I had always told people that I would get back to it eventually, but a little voice in my head always replied 'Yeah, right.' Well, lo and behold it happened. Episode 4 isn't the end, of course, there are still a lot more episodes to write, but I'm feeling positive about that project again, which is probably the best Christmas gift I could get.

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