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Author has written 6 stories for Yami no Matsuei, Ed, Edd n Eddy, Inuyasha, Invader Zim, and Ninja Turtles.

Name: Kat

Age in body: 22

Age in spirit: 7

Age in mind: 43

General Info On My Writing Process: I find that I agonize when I write. Several years ago I could sit down and write for hours upon end without noticing the passage of time. Now I sit and painstakenly type out each word, battling myself over every sentence, before going back and rewriting it over again. It is quite exhausting. However, when I get it right, when I get into the mind-frame where I can type out the final draft the first try, its a feeling so miraculous that I feel as though I could write the world. I live for those moments.

Most other times, however, I may get maybe a paragraph done at a time. While I feel as though I put enough effort in that one paragraph that it should have spanned several pages, I am shocked to find it has only been maybe a fourth of a page. Those times make me want to cry.

Fic info:

Double Dork: An interesting pov in 2nd-person, the character with a ...slight case of OCD. I first got the idea to start this when I was wanting to read a slash pairing other than the popular Edd/Eddy. There is nothing wrong with this pairing, but I like variety. When I first started this, it was awful. Trust me, the pov was bad, inconstant, choppy, and unimaginative. So I rewrote the entire chapter in that new pov, inspired by a fic I had just finished reading and one of my favorite novels "One Flew Over the Coo-Coo's Nest". I am rather pleased with the results. However, writing in this POV is time consuming, so each paragraph takes a lot of thought and consideration. So what I'm doing is writing the chapter in basic 1,2,3 format, then going back and rewriting it in the pov. This takes a lot of time, believe me. My goal for each chapter in length is five pages, minimum. I wish I could write longer chapters, and I can, it would just take so much longer. Plus, if I have in my head that I have to have a lot of pages, then it doesn't get done because the job appears soo big. Not that you needed to know all of that. Anywho.

Eclipse: I actually wrote this before I started DoubleDork. I really like my concept of it and have been tinkering with it on and off ever since. Finally, I just decided I should post it and see what kind of response I get. I wrote this fic as sort of a play on the traditional 'demon goes into heat' thing. And with the moon on Sesshoumaru's forehead, I wondered what it meant. So, this fic was born. I started it trying to write a one-shot smut piece, but it morphed into a look at Sesshoumaru's mother and heritage. It wants to go into a huge multi-fic piece, but I'm trying not to let it until after Double Dork. I've decided at this point I'm going to call this fic a one-shot. My ideas for this weren't thorough enough for me to create something substantial for what I wanted to do. I'm putting it on the back-burner, and maybe something will come up later.

One Short Day: A fic I started at 4:30 a.m. and finished about six a.m. My best oneshots seem to be at that time of day. I've recently got into Invader Zim and found myself pondering the whys and wherefors of the show, and Dib. Dib is an interesting character because despite his race's hatred of him, he continues to try and save them. I think its more than ambition. Everything in Dibs life is trying to change who and what he believes, so why does he fight so hard to the contrary? That is what this fic is about.

By Silent Voice Say I: I wrote this for those poor people who have been waiting for an update forever, but due to my computer issues, plus having a life, I have been unable to update as frequently as I had hoped. Also, there is something I am always twitchy about in reading stories solely in one person's point-of-view. What does the other person really think? These short pieces will give you a brief glimpse into the mind-set of Kevin, in how he views the world and his place in it. Writing this took a couple of tries, like Double Dork I began with a POV I disliked intensely, however the new style I hope to be much better and much more interesting to read. It isn't really in his POV in that these aren't his exact thoughts, more like its a view of his beliefs. Plus its a chance for me to be all symbolic and weird.

Fantasma: This is another piece that has been sitting on my computer for a while. It IS to be a full-length story, with more of an action/adventure twist along with the psychological aspects that I adore. I got this idea when watching the 2007 TMNT movie (which I adored) and Leo telling April and Splinter that he had failed in his mission. I also wondered what exactly happened to him in his time in the Jungle to make him feel that way. This one chapter took months to make, with near constant deliberation with my editor Chi. I do like what I have, its a different POV than my other pieces, but I feel it works best for the story I'm trying to create. Unfortunately, like my Double Dork story, each chapter takes a lot of work. I'm working on becoming a better writer, so on these larger pieces I won't let myself throw together something in the last minute at the excuse that its only fanfiction. At this point, please expect the level of updates as Double Dork, as in, slow in coming, but coming, nevertheless.

By Silent Voice Say I chapter 2: Written because I needed to. I've been in sort of a depressive slump lately and Kevin decided to pounce on me and demand I write him. He's a difficult character to pin down, mostly because of his changing moods and attitudes. In a certain four a.m. mindset, you can almost imagine him trying to act out feelings he doesn't have or understand. That could just be me, but Kevin is a bully and he made me do it.

Fantasma chapter 2: This took some rearranging, but I'm moderately pleased with what I ended up with.

Double Dork chapter 6: If you haven’t noticed, this chapter contained a marked amount less than the usual amount of Edd internal monologue. This is for two reasons, one, is that at this point in the story, you ought to understand this version of Edd well enough to follow some of his lines of thought without my having to beat you over the head with it. A lot of the stuff going through his head were things already talked about, so it seemed rather redundant. The other is that because this chapter is a good deal longer than the other chapters, I felt by adding that extra narrative would cause it to drag and become a little tedious to get through. I tried to keep touches in to keep with the POV, but the long, drawn out monologue would have probably been a bit much for this chapter.

(December 21, 2009)

General news: I liive! Or do I? Yup, I'm still here, still slowly chugging away at the story. No I haven't given up on Double Dork, yes I will update hopefully within the next few months. I'd say weeks, but this is a really busy time of year for me. Big surprise. Brace yourself people, this next chapter is a doozy. Also, I'd like to thank everyone who has kept up with the story and the ones who continue to encourage me to keep at it. You people are the ones keeping this story alive.


Double Dork chapter 7: 2000 words written

Fantasma chapter 3: Still only have a paragraph. ...Yup. Haven't touched it.

AIM: katnomoshpits

feel free to im me to fuss about the lack of updating, to complain about my characterization, to fangirl at me, or to just chat about anything you desire. Just be sure to mention something in the first message about that. I tend to get a lot of ppl trying to cyber w/ me so I ignore messages a lot.

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