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My Top List

Top Male Characters
1. Neji
2. Gaara
3. Sasuke
4. Naruto
5. Syaoran

Top Female Characters
1. TenTen
2. Temari
3. Anna
4. Sakura (CCS)
5. Ino

Top Anime
1. Naruto
2. Full Metal Alchemist
3. Shaman King
4. Card Captor Sakura
5. Tsubasa Chronicles

Top Mangas
1. Naruto
2. Bleach
3. Full Metal Alchemist
4. D.N Angel
5. .Hack//

Top Pairings
1. NejixTenTen
2. YohxAnna
3. SyaoranxSakura
4. DaisukexRiku
5. RoyxRiza

I haven't seen the manga yet but I'll post up of what I saw in the anime (Also credit to Release, a Neji x TenTen shrine)
-Opening 4th song, Go, you'll see Neji but with TenTen too
-Chapter 73: Look carefully as Neji explains how Tenten's attack are useless. Is he worrying?
-Chapter 100: Tenten worries about Neji during the fight with Naruto
-Througout every episodes I watched, Neji and TenTen have been always training alone
-Epi 22: They left alone after meeting with Sasuke
-Epi 31: They're again alone
-Epi 43: "Tenten couldn't have missed," or "There is no way she can miss,"(Neji)
-Epi 49: Tenten say Neji is a genius
-Epi 59/Chapter 98: They're training alone again. "You don't have a scratch on you. You're good to go, Neji," (TenTen)
-Epi 61/Chapter 101: TenTen talks about Neji's ultimate defense. She knows it more than anyone else
-Epi 62/104: (In the manga, she was relieved thatNeji came out of the hole)TenTen knows more about Neji's whirl attack then tenten was disappointed Neji lost "There's no Genin that can beat Neji," (TenTen)
-Epi 98/Chapter 172: Neji knew TenTen was there "Is that you TenTen?" (Neji) and TenTen asks Neji to come see Tsunade but rejected she seems disappointed
-Chapter 253: I'm not sure if it counts but TenTen and Neji both talk to each other alone as they thought of their Sensei and Lee
-Chapter 258: Neji comes over to help TenTen after breaking out of the water prison
I haven't watched 101-145 but I'm trying to find that soon

I've watched epi 1-126 and145-149 so I haven't got a chance to watch 127-144 so I don't know the hints. (Credit goes to Kitsune no Hana, NarutoxHinata Shrine)
-Epi 1: Hinata hopes Naruto pass
-Epi 3: She was disappointed that Naruto wasn't in her team
-Epi 23: She blushes toward Naruto and apologizes
-Epi 24: Hinata lets Naruto copy her answer but he decides not to and doesn't want to get Hinata in trouble too
-Epi 45: She silently cheers for Naruto but Kiba is her teammate so she couldn't cheer out loud
-Epi 46: Hinata gives her medicine to Naruto before giving to Kiba and Akamaru
-Epi 47: Naruto cheers Hinata on and began to notice her
-Epi 48: He leaps into the arena after the fight of Hinata and Neji and swore on Hinata's blood that he'll defeat Neji (Which he did btw)
-Epi 59: Naruto begans to doubt himself that he might lose against Neji but Hinata changed that by telling how courageous and brave he is. Then Naruto thought of Hinata as a weird shy dark girl but he likes her type and the words "But I like your type" kept repeating in Hinata's mind as she watches Naruto going away
-Epi 60: She looks mad at the people who bad mouth Naruto
-Epi 148:In the beginning,Kiba and Shino had said Hinata fainted becauseshe saw Naruto all bandage up (I think I miss that episode). Then when she walks in, Naruto was veryclose to Hinata's face and sheturn really red then...for some odd reason she headbutt him and they both are unconscious. Later on,Naruto describes the mysterious girl in the waterfall (Hinata) a goddess and Hinata turn red as he kept talking about the 'goddess'

Favorite Episodes
-Epi 115 of Naruto
-Epi 116/117 of Naruto
-Epi 62 of Naruto
-Epi 5 of Shaman King
-Epi 27 of FullMetal Alchemist
-Epi 18 of DNangel
-Epi 5 of Tsubasa Chronicle
-Epi 98 of Naruto
-Epi 148 of Naruto

Neji/TenTen Rant

Personally I think Neji would either end up with someone we don't know, alone, or TenTen. Why? Because he talks to her the most excluding Hinata-sama. Well it seems I like people paired up because they are teammates. Not necessarily true. Even if we replace Sakura instead of Ino in the beginning, I would still think of Sasuke and Sakura. I do like Naruto and Hinata and they're not on the same team nor Shikamaru and Temari. There is no one else I can think of with Neji. I've seen some NejiSaku for some reason, I don't think I ever seen them talk. Well NejixGuy is also popular but I wonder why. Neji and Sasuke may have the same personality but Sasuke wants to revive his clan again and he can't do that with a guy Unless there's some jutsu or something. Like I said, he'll either end up someone not in the anime, alone, or TenTen. I'm just being realistic, I am not against Yaoi or anything but I just like Neji with TenTen. Hinata would be my next choice not Sakura because he does communicate to her but they're cousins. That's what bothers me but who says one cousin can't love another? Think of Card Captor Sakura, Meilin loves Syaoran despite they're blood cousins. Hinata and Neji bothers me a lot because I would like Hinata to go either with Kiba or Naruto but my next choice would be Neji. For TenTen, if not neji then her other teammate, Lee! If he's over Sakura then he'll go TenTen for comfort. TenTen/Lee is not bad, I have nothing against for it but I would rather like TenTen/Neji. Love triangles? I rather not read those because it would get my hopes up and down but I read those sometimes. Of course if they don't give out a warning, it bothers me but I can tolerate with it. Not flaming of course but it just bothers me a bit

Naruto/Hinata Rant
Obviously, those two are matched for together! If not that Naruto would be with Sakura, Sasuke with no one or Ino, and Hinata would be with either Kiba or Shino. XP Hinata supports Naruto greatly even though he has a great chance of losing. Like with Kiba vs. Naruto, she wanted to cheer for Naruto loudly but Kiba is her teammate and she doesn't want to make Kiba feel bad (Aww..). And against Neji against Naruto, when one of those people were talking badly about Naruto and saying Neji will beat him her face is full of disgust and I bet she wanted to say something to defend about Naruto (But because of her sweet personality she didn't) I'm not big on Naruto and Sakura even when I watch the anime and read the first chapters of the manga. My first opinion of Sakura and Naruto was...too easy. Confused? Well I don't like it how people pairs them up because they are kind of like the main characters. Sasuke's there but Naruto is the MAIN main character and they just pair them up. :/ yeah Naruto has a crush for Sakura but it seems too shallow. There's no true love between them however Hinata for Naruto was no IS true love.

How about Kiba and Hinata?

Eh? Kiba and Hinata? They're ok, they don't make me pull my own hair off. But for me it looks like they have a brother and sister relationship and that's what I see. I mean at epi 148 it looks like Kiba is teasing at her. That was one of my favorite episode because Naruto also describes her as a goddess and she was blushing like a tomato. :D well I gone off track but Kiba and Hinata I'm fine with it. Kiba/Hinata/Naruto is fine too as long as Hinata goes with Naruto and Kiba doesn't go heart broken (He's one of my favorite, I'm a dog person)

Then you must hate Hinata and Shino!

Whoa, I don't hate Hinata and Shino. My friend asked me that do I hate Hinata and Shino but I told him no I don't because I like her shy personality with a silent one. It reminds me too much of my two friends whose name I shall not say. LoL well I like this but not as much as Naruto and Hinata. XP I like Kiba/Hinata/Shino if they're funny but if it serious I guess I would still read it. I would just hope that no hearts would be broken I mean in love triangles there's always someone's heart be broken even if they don't show it.

How about Sasuke and Naruto?

I'm not into Yaoi but I won't flame it. My eyes twitch when I see those two together but I can tolerate with it. Sasuke/Naruto is pretty popular for Yaoi lovers of course. They both already kissed and they spent more time then Naruto and Sakura. Also Naruto tried to save Sasuke many times and Sakura did say "If I can't save him, then only you can Naruto,"Sasuke and Naruto...it's ok...but I don't like it much. Again I'm not into Yaoi, it reminds me too much of Yoh and Ren or Roy and Ed for some reason. I can tolerate not hate

Temari/Shikamaru/Ino Rant (Actually more of a Shikamaru/Ino Rant)
I don't read love triangles much but this is one of my favorites. I think it's funny that two blond girls would fight over Shikamaru haha but I would personally choose Ino for Shikamaru. I think Ino's 'love' for Sasuke was to annoy Sakura. I love Ino, she's one of my favorite girl character and I nearly cried on the flashback when Sakura and Ino were friends. Ino was so strong when she was young and very loyal. I can't believe Sakura would break her friendship with Ino ;_; Temari/Shikamaru is ok but I still like Shikamaru/Ino at the end. I mean she did root for Shikamaru (Really loud too) at both of his matches. The lazy shinobi with a crazy blond girl, I like it alot. LoL...

Ino and Sasuke?

Iie! Not Ino and Sasuke! Ahem well don't mind me, but I don't like Ino and Sasuke being together. 'nuff said

Ino and Chouji?

I like this one better then Ino and Sasuke. Well it looks there are many obvious hints of Ino and Chouji and I do like Chouji being with someone. Shikamaru is with Temari, Ino gets sad, Chouji cheers her up! Ya big-boned people rules! (Neh! XP)

Whould you get mad if Shikamaru and Temari hook up?

One of my friends ask me that and I said 'no'. I don't hate itin fact I kinda like it but I perfer Shikamaru and Ino being together. This section is pretty short (hehe, well I don't have that much time) Actually the reason I probably like Ino and Shikamaru then Temari and Shikamaru is that Ino and Shika known each other for a long time and it reminds me too much of Neji and TenTen. Ino and Shika are teammates and so are Ino and Chouji but it reminds me too much of Neji and TenTen. Kekeke...

What about Shikamaru and (Insert other girl's name here)?

Well if it's Sakura, I don't see them together. If it's TenTen, you're not seriously going to ask me that are you? And if it's Hinata, I'll kick your ass. (Feh not really) I think that's all the Kuniochis of Konoha. If there's more email me cause I have a very bad memory

Other pairings I like:

Digimon Season One: Takeru and Hikari (TK and Kari by the way), Taichi and Sora, Mimi and Yamato

Digimon Season Two: None

Digimon Season Three: Ryou and Ruki (Ryo and Rika), Takato and Jeri

Digimon Season Four: Kouji and Izumi, Takuya and Izumi, Kouichi and OC (He's a badass character, he should get a pairing), Chiaki and Katsuharu (There is absolutely no fanfiction of them. ;_; there was a fanfiction of Kouichi and Chiaki but I perfer Katsuharu even though he does seem arragant. These are from Frontier, check them out yourself)

Card Captor Sakura: Eriol and Tomoyo (This should be on the top pairings but surprisingly isn't oO), Syaoran and Sakura (I like the tsubasa chronicles one better)

Shaman King: Already put up Yoh and Anna, Tamao and Horo Horo (This pairing reminds me of Naruto and Hinata), Ren and Pirika (Fans...gotta blame them), Hao and Anna (I love Hao and Anna together but Yoh and Anna are better XP)

FullMetal Alchemist: Winry and Ed, Winry and Al (Don't kill me please but I love Al as a little kid. He's too cute ), Already put up Roy and Riza (OMG I LOVE THAT LAST EPISODE, FULL OF MOMENTS THERE!)

DNangel: Satoshi and Risa (Fans...blame them XP)

Pokemon: Brendan and May (Hoennshipping. That's cool)

Final Fantasy X-2: Rikku and Gippal (This pairing always make me laugh, not in a bad way), Tidus and Yuna (This should belong in FFX pile but eh), Baralai and Paine

Riviera: The Promised Land: Ein and Lina (I love this game! And Lina is so adorable)

Harry Potter: Ron and Hermione (Only pairing I like from HP)

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