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Author has written 5 stories for Hellsing, and Teen Titans.

Name: Michael.

Age: Why would you need to know?

Likes: God, Reading, Writing, Music, Drawing... You get the idea.

Dislikes: People who don't like one or more of the above, Oliver Stone, war in Iraq, you know, basic stuff.

I am Christian, and religion is one of the few things I take seriously.

Favorite Music: Almost everything. You should hear one of my burned CDs. You have Metallica next to Audioslave which is right next to Yashushi Ishi (Japan, did soundtrack of Hellsing), which is right next to some good ol' fashioned classical. Don't like most country music though, depends on what it is. Rap the same way. FRANZ FERDINAND ROCKS!

Favorite Anime: Hellsing, Crest of the Stars, Banner of the Stars, Record of the Lodoss War, Van Dread, Vampire Hunter D, Outlaw Star, Cowboy Bebop.

Other Favorites: Family Guy, Futurama, Teen Titans, Kids Next Door (Leave me alone).

Books/Authors I Reccomend: Piers Anthony, Bio of a Space Tyrant/Xanth Series. Anne Rice. Club Vampyre. Other stuff...

People On This SiteI Reccomend: Check out Pakkrat and Shekron Kaizer. They got some good stuff.

My Advice: If you don't believe in God, just go to church once. That's all i ask, go once. If you don't believe it fine. But go, and keep an open mind, alright? Oh, and no matter how things get, don't ever give up.

Also consider, some food for thought. The crucifiction of Christ is one of the most well documented events in history. Roman records clearly show that it happened. Now, many of you may say, 'well, there may have been a man, but...'. I want to ask you something, would you die for a cause or faith you knew to be a lie?

No, you wouldn't would you? What would be the point? The apostles of Christ did die, were inprisoned, were persacuted for spreading Christ's message. There are records of this as well. They beleived what they said, or else they wouldn't have risked their lives and the lives of their friends and families. But this too proves nothing on it's own. Just because you beleive something doesn't mean it's true.

However, they preached that Jesus came back to life on the third day. They talked, touched his wounds, and watched him ascend back to Heaven. That is what they preached. If they had set up a hoax of it all, stolen his body and spread lies about the ressurection, why would they die over it? There was no reason to. If he hadn't come back, then everything he said would've been a lie. And there couldn't have been a hoax at all, they would've figured that out easily. And therefor, I conclude with this.

Jesus died on the cross for our sins, so that we may be forgiven and live eternally with Him and the Father in heaven. I know, because the followers of Jesus believed this, knew this in thier hearts. Why do I trust them? Not any leap of faith, that's not required for this. Simple logic. They would not risk their lives, give their lives, the lives of their families, for something they had made up, a trick they had played. You stop lying when you are under the point of a blade. If they had renounced what they said, the Romans would've heralded them, treated them like kings, for proving their way of life right. Human nature states, you would stop lying. But they didn't. Because what they said was truth. If it wasn't, they would've known it wasn't. And then there would be no Christianity today.

God bless you all.


Hurray! I've recieved my first flame! Hoo-ah!


Your first story in this series was interesting, fun, and original. I created new characters and took the series in a new angle that I liked. This series is drivle. You made a character that you liked and decided to make him stronger, smarter, and cooler than any of the others. It is ridiculous. Whatever you did before, bring it back, this story sucks, I'm sorry, but it just plain sucks.

From: Ryan MacDonald

Ah... you know, this made me laugh. See, for all those of you who have actually read my teen titans stories, you will realize the sheer stupidity of this flame. See, in The Titans After Rasemune, the story which this flame is directed at, I have a character that is the same as my Pen-name. Professor Curly. Uh-oh, that automatically means that I'm going to favor him a bit. Well... Ya I guess I do. Because it's a character that I have more personal knowledge of. Ok. But lets review what he specifically stated about my character:

Stronger: Dude, how? The only time it's even suggested he has any strength at all is when he is attacking Robin that one time, and that was more catching him by surprise. He could hold Red X off in a fight. Wow. An accomplishment there.

Smarter: Well... That's his power. His technology is his advantage. Take away that and there would be no point in him being there. And it's not that much better than Cyborg or Gizmo's. It's just geared towards a more specific purpose.

Cooler: You thought he was cool? Alright! I was kinda going for funny though.

It is ridiculous: Kind of the point. If you look, the point of this story is HUMOR. You know, that's where it makes you LAUGH. Normal stuff isn't funny. Outrageous stuff is funny.

Oh, and here is another thing. I look at Professor Curly. Then I look at Einderan and Kirk Shepard. One is the guy that takes down Malchior in an actual fight on his own, is seemingly unkillable, has such a vast knowledge of magic that I was worried I made him too good, and has that classic intellectual cool guy thing going. The other is a bad-boy with a rockin guitar that lays waste to all in his path. Professor Curly is a normal guy with brains and guns. Granted, they are big and sometimes over-the-top guns, but still. How is it that me making Professor Curly like I did so much worse than what I made Einderan and Kirk as? Is it because I used my pen-name?

I fail to see your logic. Oh ya, it's a flame, there doesn't have to be logic. I admit, I probably focus more on my character than I should. But he takes his beatings just as much as the others do. He has no 'kill-all/beat-all' powers. Maybe the hologram thing was a bit much. But the inspiration for that actually came from the show.

Oh, how the questions roll... Dude, if you don't like my style, then don't read it. I really don't see how you could like one story and not like the other though. So please, enlighten me. Give me advice. Tell me what's wrong. Give me an example of where I gave my guy too much power or didn't count in another person that I should have. Make, heaven forbid, an actual suggestion. Like a friend of mine Azure Knight said:

"do not simply bash the writer if you do not appreciate his work. If you have a negative opinion about the work post it in a responsible manner. Offer suggestions to improve his or her writing, do not simply say "it sucked." "

Ah... thank you Adam for providing that general all purpose quote for me to use. And I loved how he said 'I'm sorry man, but this sucks' in the flame, don't you? So utterly ironic. You're not sorry. You merely put that so you wouldn't sound like a complete jerk. But hey, everyone is entitled to their own opinion right?

P.S.-Why are all flames from anonymous reveiwers? Any theories on this?r

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