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Author has written 7 stories for Fruits Basket, Star Wars, GALS!, Final Fantasy XII, and Golden Sun.

Name: James
Aliases: Lemur, olin_aarbek, Gravaja Umbros
Gender: Male
Age: 25
General Information:
I'm obsessed with anime, manga, and Japanese culture generally. I'm also obsessed with video games, and a huge fan of a number of tv shows. I’m addicted to fluffy stories, and am in general not very fond of dark/tragedy stories (I like my happy endings). All my stories, while they may have very dark parts and characters may die, have a "happy ending garentee". I also write original fiction. Most of it is fantasy, some sci-fi, all with lots of romance thrown into the mix. I also have a little sister who (on this site) goes by the user name of Elina Trevisan. I'm currently working on "Kindred Spirits" which is a Spiritshipping Dark Dawn story. Also of note, I'm a NaNoWriMo 2011 winner!

You can also find me here:
olinaarbek (deviantART)(don't expect to find art there, I don't draw)
gravaja_umbros (livejournal)

Lemur's favorites

Anime/manga favs:
Full Metal Panic!
Final Fantasy: Unlimited
Fruits Basket
YuYu Hakusho
G Gundam
Gundam 08th MS Team
Onegai Sensei (aka Please Teacher) and Onegai Twins (aka Please Twins)
Ah! My Goddess
Cowboy Bebop
Sailor Moon (but not in English)
Seikai Trilogy
Azu-Manga Diaoh
Tokyo Mew Mew (Okay, yes, I am a 24 year old man with an obsession for cute shoujo shows. Got a problem with that?)
Avatar: The Last Airbender (technically not anime, but it's the only American cartoon that makes any favorites list of mine)
Card Captor Sakura
Chrono Crusade (though I had to fix the ending)
Comic Party
Super gals!
Megatokyo (like Avatar it's American, but I think it still qualifies as a manga)
Happy Lesson
Shugo Chara

Video game favs:
Golden Sun (Dark Dawn FTW)
Mass Effect
Dragon Age
Kingdom Hearts
Soul Calibur
Final Fantasy
Suikoden 3
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
Star Wars: The Old Republic
Dynasty Warriors/Samurai Warriors
The Elder Scrolls
Zelda (haven't played anything past Super Nintendo that's not handheld)

Favorite books:
Harry Potter
Vorkosigan series
Dragonlance (though it's been forever since I read one)
Full Metal Panic! (I now have at least 1 volume of anime, manga, and novel forms of this)
Anything by Neil Gaiman (American Gods in particular)
Thief Eyes (this is a pretty much unknown book by Janni Lee Simner, an author who's not well know. I only found it recently but it's AMAZING!)

Favorite tv-shows:
Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis
Criminal Minds
Lie to Me
House, M.D.
Avengers (with Diana Rigg/Emma Peel)

A few of my ships:
Isaac/Mia (Golden Sun), Matthew/Sveta (Golden Sun: Dark Dawn), Harry/Ginny (Harry Potter), Kyo/Uo (Fruits Basket), Daniel/Janet (Stargate SG-1), John/Elizabeth (Stargate Atlantis), Sosuke/Kaname (FMP!), Yusuke/Botan (YYH), MShep/Tali (Mass Effect), Spike/Faye (Cowboy Bebop), Squall/Rinoa (FF8), Squall/Quistis (FF8), Squall/Fujin (FF8, yeah, Squall gets everybody), Zidane/Dagger (FF9), Tidus/Yuna (FF10), Tidus/Rikku (FF10), Luneth/Refia (FF3DS), Revan/Bastila (KotOR), Exile/Handmaiden (KotOR 2), Sokka/Suki (Avatar), Zuko/Katara (Avatar), Ran/Rei (Super Gals), Balthier/Ashe (FF12), Peter/Clair (Heroes), Amu/Ikuto (Shugo Chara), Amu/Kukai (Shugo Chara), Ichigo/Tatsuki (Bleach, and my main Ichigo ship), Ichigo/Rukia (Bleach), Ichigo/Orihime (Bleach), Ryuuji/Taiga (ToraDora)

January 26, 2012
Long time, no profile update. Well, I just put up the first chapter of "Kindred Spirits". It's a Spiritshipping fic which I plan to keep going for quite a while. I'm hoping to release a chapter once a week, but I'm terrible at sticking to deadlines. Still, that's my goal, and I think I can do it (for a while at least). I no longer have a job, but that's more of a good thing than a bad, as I was having a number of health problems that work was just making worse. As for the Bioware Big Bang story, I really should post that here. I finished it on schedule and published it on livejournal on the appointed day, but never got around to posting it here. I ought to do that. What else is new? Well, Star Wars: The Old Republic is awesome, though I usually keep to myself in-game. ToraDora is an awesome anime! It's a romantic comedy/drama, and is very good. I think that's all I have to report, not that anyone likely reads my profile. Anyway, I hope everyone enjoys my stories!

June 17, 2011
Okay, so I have a job now. I'm working at the highly prestigious institute known as McDonalds. But hey, a job's a job. I went to my first convention recently, and it was just about the most awesome thing to have ever happened to me. It's a really good thing I've got this job because I blew a TON of money at the con. My bioware big bang story is on track, though it's not the Jade Empire story I started with. It's now a humorous Mass Effect story. I've been paired off with an artist who will do some sort of work (fanart, fanmix, whatever) for my story, and it'll all be posted at the same time. This story is much easier to write than the Jade Empire one, and is really fun to work on! I have also written and posted "Learning from the Past", a Golden Sun one-shot. This is the story mentioned in my previous update that fits mudshipping into Dark Dawn canon. Primarily it's mudshipping, essentially just presenting a timeline of the events leading from the first game to Dark Dawn as it applies to mudshipping and making that work. It also is a spiritshipping fic, and is comparing Matthew's current situation with Sveta with Isaac's situation with Mia. It does have room for more to be added later, but whether I do or not remains to be seen. I did not intend this to be part of the same continuity as "Misunderstanding", but I don't see anything that keeps them from working together. However, in case anyone is curious, "Learning from the Past" is part of my head canon, meaning that when I think of the Golden Sun story as think of this as having actually happened in the story, while "Misunderstanding" is not. I have Matthew and Sveta learning about each other's affections happen differently in my head canon, though it happens prior to "Learning from the Past" and isn't really mentioned there, so that's one more thing that I could write out if I really felt like it. Anyway, everyone please read "Learning from the Past" and leave reviews, and keep an eye out for my Mass Effect story once the big bang happens! And for you mudshippers out there, the ship is not dead! Dark Dawn left us lots of room to work! So get out there and let mudshipping be felt once more! Love live the mud!

Feb. 1, 2011
Well, surprisingly little is new since my last update. Despite applying all over the place, I still don't have a job. This presents two problems. First, it'll take me longer to do the whole 'save up for college thing'. Second, I've got a 3DS and Dragon Age 2 preordered and little money! I have enough savings to deal with that (I'm pretty sure) but mostly I just need a freaking job! Anyway, writing-wise, I've got a project underway. There is a Bioware Big Bang happening right now () of which I am participating. For those who don't know what this 'Big Bang' is, it's where a bunch of fans go and make fanfiction, fanart, fanmixes, whatever, to all post at the same pre-determined time, thus giving the fandom an explosion of material. For this, it's anything done by Bioware. Mostly that means Dragon Age and Mass Effect, with a number of KotOR thrown in, but anything Bioware goes. My current intention is a Jade Empire story which I've started, but haven't gotten very far on. Posting is on July 20. I'll be posting here and on livejournal, so look forward to it. This is currently my primary writing project, so you can't expect much else from me until afterwords. As for the longer Dark Dawn fic I said I might do, I have started it (prior to learning about the big bang). I have a pretty good idea where I want it to go, but I'm just not sure I'll be able to work on it anytime soon. The only other thing I would like to do is write out and post another Dark Dawn one-shot. This one would basically be explaining why and how Mudshipping works with Dark Dawn canon. It would explain Mudshipping as being real in the story, and not just one-sided, yet eloborate on things such that none of it violates established Golden Sun canon. Yet it works. That I may get around to publishing if I feel like taking a break from my big bang story, but most likely you won't get anything until after the big bang is over. And by that time who knows what I'll be interested in working on.

Dec. 23, 2010
Well, I've been home for over a month now, and it's about time I made my presence know again! I've posted a little one-shot called "Misunderstanding". It's a Dark Dawn Spiritshipping fic. I hope you enjoy! I may also do a multi-chapter Dark Dawn fic. It would include Spiritshipping as it's primary ship, and either Stormshipping (Amiti/Karis) or Sparkshipping (Tyrell/Karis). I was kind of a Sparkshipper after playing the game, but after reading some of the fanfics, it's pushed me towards Stormshipping. On the other hand, most of the stories for Dark Dawn right now seem to include Stormshipping, so it might be good to go the other way for variety's sake. Of course most also include Spiritshipping, but seeing as that's my OTP I don't care about variety. I just want more Spiritshipping! Anyway, if I actually do this fic, and how quickly I'll be able to update will depend on how things go in real life in the next while. I still don't have a job, but I should have one very shortly after Christmas.

Dec. 10, 2010
Okay, I'm back from my mission! Actually I've been back for a couple weeks now. Still not quite a month. I've updated my profile, and trimmed a lot out of it. Biggest of which being the previous updates. No one cares what I was doing two years ago, let alone further back than that. A lot of the stuff above I just left as is, for the most part. So I may have missed something that's out of date, but I don't think so since there's not much up there anymore. Anyway, I'm looking for a job now. I just spent the time up till now playing video games and catching up on tv I've missed. At first my time was divided between Final Fantasy XIII, Dissidia: Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, and Kingdom Hearts somenumber/2 days. Then Golden Sun: Dark Dawn came out. Everything else fell by the wayside until I had beaten it. And it was just about the most awesome game ever. Of course, I am very biased towards the Golden Sun series. I was also surprised to find that when all was said and done I wasn't a Dawnshipper (Matthew/Karis) but a Spiritshipper (Matthew/Sveta). Anyone who's beaten the game will know why I ship that, whether they ship it themselves or not. And if you haven't beaten it, I won't spoil it for you. Though I admit I found myself leaning that way pretty soon after Sveta's introduced into the party, though it was the end of the game that solidified it for me. Anyway, there's not much going on right now. I probably won't be posting any new fanfiction for some time (I've got WAY too many things to do since coming home), though I'm likely to start reviewing again (especially if you write for Dark Dawn).

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