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Author has written 3 stories for Fullmetal Alchemist, and Misc. Cartoons.

UPDATE! BIG UPDATE: I am NO longer 14 folks. Five years have pasted and I am currently 19 -.- but yea, I 'm just hanging around to read up on so old fiction and new. I'll leave to memories of my former self up...until I get annoyed...geez, I was such a geek, lol

Konnichiwa, This is my first time here so I'll be quick. My name is Koyuki 14. I'm over the age of 13. I love Anime, video games, and movies. My current favorite video game is Capcom v.s.SNK2, my current favorite movie(s) is The Matrix Triolgy, and my current favorite anime is...well three favorite animes are "Mezzo","Princess Yucie" and "Teen Titans". And thats all. Well Ihave to get back to my plans for global domination.


Oh I am so freak'n happy! I got my first review (good review) and I got put on a favorite stories list ! AAAAAA! I called my cousin, Katrina- chan, and sceamed my freak'n head off! Thank you very, very,VERY much Hyperfoxchild!


Okay, since I just got the 411 from my cousin,Katrina-chan, I now know what to do for my bio.YAY! Okay...

Real Name:Deedee-chan



Full Metal Alchemist


Princess Yucie( this isn't in order by the way, random)


Teen Titans


Ranma 1/2

Ruroni Kenshin

Cowboy Bebop( DUD Spike is SOOO freak'n HOT, and lazy. I like hot and lazy boys _)


YuYu Hakasho


.Hack//whatever(Really, who the hell can remember all those damn names!)

Maison Ikkoku

Sailor Moon( who has died as of 2000. SORRY)

Excel Sega

Pretear( The list just goes on don't it)

Fire Born( If you read Katrina-chan's bio, yes I am the cousin that is a great drawer and the creater of Fire Born _)

SAMURAI CHAMPLOO( New favorite!)

Well that's all for now..


Matrix part 1

Matrix part 2

Matrix part 3


Finding Nemo

Kill Bill( WE LUV U UMA!)

Kill Bill2( STILL LUV U!)

The Shawshank Redemption( good movie: about a prison break and gay prisonersshivers ALOT of prison violence #_#)

Bring it on

Shark Tales

Bad Boys

Bad Boys2



Scooby-Doo (WE LUV U SCOOBY!)


XXX (Triple X not that XXX ewwww!)

So far that's it..


All Final Fantasy games(minus I, II, III, VI, V, VI, )

Kingdom Hearts( Tank Katrina-chan foe that)

Beyond Good And Evil

Capcom vs.SNK2

Marvel vs. Capcom2

All Crash Bantioot


Street Fighter(ALL)


DDR( I loss weight off that damn game _)

And that's it so far..

SONG!( GAME,anime and RADIO/CD)

1000 Words/FF-X-2

Real Emotion/FF-X-2

Holla back girl/ Gwen (How ever you spell her name)(The chick in NoDout)

Simple and Clean/ Kingdom Hearts


That's it for now...( If you think I talk to much blame Katrina-chan she gave e the 411_)


To all of my fans for The Red Eyed Alchemist: Thank you but so far I'm going to wait for one more review before I update again. I'm really sorry if it'sapainin the ass for you, but I promiseI'll update _ Thanks again!

Konnichiwa, I'm back! Sorry I haven't been writing later. I have just been busy, thats all. Nothing really new has been going on. Sigh.


Hello what's been going on?I just found out about a new thing for me...COSPLAY. Cosplay is to make yourfavorite Anime, video game, or manga character's outfit. I e-mailed a cosplayer. She is very nice and really e-mailed back...bless her _

Anywho, I am keeping me promise. Here's the list of mew fics I am hoping to write( and finsh no promises 'bout that)

A Samurai Champloo fic

Teken( luv fic with Jin)

Teken ( luv fic with Haworang, however you spell his name)

Soul CaliburII ( luv fic with Nightmare, Don't ask just read, REALLY may not be able to finsh this one)

Piratesof the Caribean( luv fic with Jack, thank you horseluver123 _)


DN Angel(luv fic with Dark, Gee ain't I feeling luving today,huh_)

This all for now...till we eat again ( Azu manga dioh, DON'T ASK)


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