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Author has written 5 stories for Teen Titans, Yu Yu Hakusho, Tsubasa Chronicle, and Alice in Wonderland.

Name: Jade-Maree Millerd
Age: 18
Birthday: 29-10
Location: Australia
Currently: Squee~ I has a Wacom Cintiq 12WX! She's so sexy! (19/11/08)
MSN Messenger: choco.kitty@hotmail.com

Please note... (Sorry for this): A Wilted Rose is on hold... not sure for how long, but I just don't like it anymore. Also, FingerPaint's chapter one was never completed so I have to fix that... I have no idea why I posted it so early. Yeah, not much more to say.

Story Ideas

D.N. Angel - SatoKrad - Untitled
"Ah, you're awake." He smirked as he pulled me up to face him by my hair. He was not my savior, he was not my friend. He was just my captor.

D.N. Angel - DaiDark - Rumours
Rock star Dark Mousy always hated the rumours that came with fame. So, when he hears a rumour about his sexuality, he decides to humour his fans. But after it's all over, will he still be able to say it was all just a joke?

Fruits Basket - KyouTohruYuki - Chasing Love
After his true form was discovered, Kyou ran. Returning a few years later he finds Tohru remembers nothing and the Sohma family has fallen apart. Can he and a disbelieving Yuki make things how they were before, or will the hell of the Sohma family continue?

Harry Potter - HarryTom - Pull Me Down
Distancing himself from his friends Harry tries not to let his depression show. Meanwhile, Voldemort's planning something and it begins and ends with himself.

Harry Potter - HarryOC - Untitled
Seth thought Privet Drive would be different from his last home... no nosy neighbours, no bullies, and, best of all, no fake neighbours inviting him and his father to tea. Then he met the Dursleys... and their enigmatic nephew, a one Harry Potter.

Me: Ben, I have a very important question to ask you! Will you go out with Jamie?
Ben: Yes I will! (Hugs Jamie) (Important fact: Jamie is a guy!)

Maddy: Snagglepuss!
Rose: What's the difference between Snagglepuss and Pink Panther?
Maddy: Snagglepuss is cool!

Maddy: You could be popular if you wanted.
Me: What? Why?
Maddy: They don't treat you like they treat us.
Me: Yeah, that's because I'm kind to them even though they're evil bitches.

Me: I am not having computer withdrawal symptoms! (Twitches)

Maddy: Jade! Shut up and sit down!
Me: Aw, do I have to?
Maddy: Yes! Now have a cookie! (Shoves a cookie in Jade's mouth)
Me: (Chokes... glares) Ooh! A cookie!

Me: Do they always spend time just looking at each other. I mean they could be doing other things to spend their time like...
Dark: Like snogging I know...
Me: Oh no, my mind was way past that. (Sweatdrop)

Chris: Saga has the brain compacity of a chipmunk.

Chris: I'll kill you! You just have to slow down first.

Matt: I do not act like a house-wife!
Tori: You only look like one.
Matt: Are you implying I'm the uke?
Tori and Damien: Yes.

Libz: I am GOD give me candy!

Rhea: Hey! I'm not the evil one! That's Deidre...

Me: GYAH! (Falls to the ground and starts twitching)
Maddy: O.O What?
Me: I had a brainfreeze. (Looks sheepish)

Me: Why would Tor-Tor have to ru-
Rhea: (Starts whispering a whole load of perverted stuff in Jade's ear)
Me: Oh... (Hits Rhea) Surely it's not tha~at!

Coby: O.O (Looks around) What am I doing here?
Me: O.O (Blush) Whoops!
Coby: (Looks down, blushes) Aw crap! (Disappears)
Me: Sorry! O.O

Me: Well... he can be rather stupid at times.
Tori: (Sighs and turns facing the group) Do you have to criticise everything I do?
Damien and Matt: Yes.
Tori: (Sighs and kisses Cystine on the cheek, finds that now is a good time to run)
Me: Poor Tor-Tor, can't handle being around a girl. (Gets hit) Ow, Damie. What was that for?

Me: OKAY! I need a pain-killer! (Starts banging her head on her desk making her headache worse)
Men With White Jackets (MWWJ): (Arrive and take Jade away)
Me: NOOOOOOOOO! NO! Squirrells come back! Save me damn you!
MWWJ: We're terribly sorry, but she escaped recently. Now she doesn't have to bother you anymore. (100-watt smile) Goodbye.
Me: NO! NEECHAN YOU TRAITOR! YOU CALLED THEM DIDN'T YOU! (Gets her mouth duct taped)
Tori: (Looks innocent) Wasn't me. (Is holding a cell phone in his right hand)
Me: (Glares at Tori since she can't do anything else. Gets taken back to the institute. Stupid MWWJ!)

Me: (Has escaped again) I LIVE! Aw damn. Ja people. (Gets taken away while waving)

Tori: (Laughs, hugs Cystine) You're supposed to be leaving aren't you? (Kisses her on the cheek again) Ja.
Me: Just kiss her properly already dammit... AW CRAP! I'M NOT INSANE DAMN YOU! THAT INSTITUTE IS HELL ON EARTH!
MWWJ: See. She's insane. (Take Jade away again)
Me: (Is glaring while being injected with drugs) I'm just a drug guinea pig aren't I?
MWWJ: Of course you're not. (Are laughing evilly)
Me: (Sighs)
MWWJ: Good little guinea pig.
Me: (Glares) What was that?
MWWJ: Nothing! (Sweatdrop)

Tori's Mobile: Beep... You've got a message you stupid fuck... beep.

Me: (About the hole in the o-zone layer) We're all going to overheat. (Grin)

Pat: (Pushes Jade) Violence is against my religion.

Tori: PE was brilliant if you must know. It was full of chocolate whipped cream and sexy stripper guys. (Rolls eyes)

Damien: Um... okay, big enough blow right there. (Is inching away from the crazy lady with daggers)

Me: Maybe I should go back and colour... or stare at the shiny thing... Ooh, shiny. O.O

Sophie: Thanks Jade, I owe you.
Me: I need chocolate.

Kandace: Bye Jade!
Me: Bye!
Kandace: I love you!
Me: Riiiiight, sure.
Kandance: How could you toy with my emotions like this!

Mica: Trippy!

Satoshi: True, she is drinking the soup from her SuiMein up.
Krad, Daisuke, Yuki: BLERK!
Dark: (Lowers his on SuiMein cup) What?

Aaron: Haha! See! Pink sparkles! See, I told you! Pink!

Jasminne: AARON! I love you! Haha, now you owe me five bucks!"

Dad: The touch of death! Oooo-weeeee-ooooo!

Kei: I am emo.

Aaron: Reading romance novels is very manly, but not all not in touch enough with their inner self to enjoy the experience.
Kei: Blatant sarcasm?
Aaron: I do read and enjoy romance novels.

Me: HOLY SHIT! You have a big head.
Simon: Yeah, I've got a big brain.
Emma: Or a thick skull.
Me: Or a big ego.
Simon: Oh whichever, I'm leaving you vulgar people.

Tom: (Walking like a wind-up mouse) Nyehehe, heheha, nyahahahaha, nyer

Michael: Damn Jade, don't sit like that. Put your legs out.
Jade: (Does so) This just continues to remind me I'm shorter than all you people. --;
Michael: (Pulls his legs up to the area where Jade's feet are) Feel better?
Jade: No.

Tom: Are your kids amputated?

Tom: They can look like kids without going on their knees.
Jade: (Pouty) I'm a kid? (Chibi eyes) Since when?
Tom: Exactly, like that!
Jade: (Thinking: What have I gotten myself into?)

Karik: I am currently: Dancing, wiggling my butt and singing to Going Under by Evanescence very off-key.

Carly: How could you do this to me?!
Billy: Look, honey, I'm just as confused as you are right now.
Carly: Just as confused as I am?! You're the one with that tramp!

Emma: Oh, look at the muscle, it's going to be so tasty. Oh, and the leg! The leg! (Drags random guy into the boiler)

Vergil: You're my kink.

Jade: I'm not clinging... I'm just not letting go.

Relena: Those are torpedoes, I can tell.
Emma: Well, fucking DUH!!

Guy: Hey Mrs G, how's it hanging?
Mother: Dobler?!
Daughter: Hello gorgeous!
Mother, Father and Son: NO! No, no, no.

Page: Estaban--
Eric: My name's not Estaban!
Page: I know... anyway, Eric--
Eric: Finally, how can you get Estaban from Eric?
Page: From a Disney show, shut up.

Sammy: I want to have sex with your hair.
Mekka: Naww. It's so flattered.
Sammy: Your hair and my hair when I get it done can make babies
Mekka: Oh hells yeah. Can you imagine those babies?
Sammy: Oh they'd be dead sexy (rubs nipples)

MySpace Bulletin: ...unless you are a total hermit, social retard, or ugly as a bag of spoiled monkey food...

MySpace Survey: Do you want to kiss 4? (4th friend out of top 8)
Jade: ... ... ... Is there any way I can get out of answering this?

Haru: Are you trying to guilt trip me?
Tohru: Did it work?

Pop: Yeeeesssss... deeeeaaaaad...
Jade: ...
Pop: Now, mate, keep it to yourself this time.
Jade: ...

Rashid: How are you finding the Earth?
Quatre: It's beautiful, very, very beautiful. (Ogling Gundam)

Relena: Heero, who are you going to kill?
Keb: Who do you fucking think?
Jade: Yep, Relena sucks.
Keb: We've come to an agreement on something at least.
Jade: Yep

Keb: Like that's gonna stop him
Jade: I know! "No Heero, don't do it." God lady... you're not talking to a child.
Keb: You're talking to the Perfect Soldier, the one trained to kill and never fail.
Jade: Exactly!

Treize: Shoot 'em down for me Zechs.
Emma: Sex?!
Jade: Zechs.

Jade: I just realised something...
Isaac: What?
Jade: I have no fucking idea where Taree is.

Jade: And I'm rambling/trying to stay on the comp longer. Is it obvious?
Isaac: A little. But I don't mind.
Jade: Well that's good. Cause I have no other reason to stay online. I mean, MySpace is crap and why would I stall to stay on the comp to talk to Matt? Aw, I'm being mean.

Isaac: He's asking odd questions and saying odd things anyway
Jade: He's always odd... and not in a good way. Meep, I should learn to stop doing that.

Jade: Have you seen Tsubasa Chronicle?
Tanya: No.
Jade: You have no life!

Matt: What's the secret?
Jade: It wouldn't be a secret if I told anyone, now would it?

Jade: Incest. It's all relative.

Deidre: We're having hot lesbian sex... and by "lesbian sex" we mean tea. But it's still hot.

Deidre: Shit, I just dropped my breakfast.
Mekka: What was it?
Deidre: Ice-cream

Luke: Greg, due to popular demand... and Mekka's incest outbreak, you shall be going first.

Jade: Mekka (equals) insane-thing-from-another-planet-who-CLAIMS-to-be-human ... Then what does that make me?

Emma: All those cancer kids should burn in hell... and those people with multiple scurosis (or whatever it's called)
Chick: Excuse me, my dad has multiple scurosis (Same as above brackets)
Emma: He may burn in hell too.
Chick: (Holding back tears. Walks off to cry)
Jade: o.o
Emma: o.o
Emma: Did I do something wrong?
Jade: -.-

Jade: (Misses ball in PE) Crud. ... (Misses ball again (with teacher right next to her)) Oh, fuckin' 'ell.

Karik: Hey Mitch. Stop leaving me comments when you're just up the hall. Wait, damn it!

L: Me and the fish? Yeah, we mock you.

Gaia Person 1: There is something wrong here!
Gaia Person 2: There is indeed something wrong here, you suck at trolling.

Gaia Person 3: And finally, speaking in all caps is the internet equivalent of wearing a nametag saying "Hi, I'm ignorant".

Yumeni: Rrrg, who left a weasel here, someone like me can trip and hurt themselves!!

Jade: (According to Johnny) Apparently I'm a vampire pretending to be a good vampire pretending to be a cheerleader while at war with an evil vampire clan.

Jade: The blanket is innocent for once! ... I tripped over my chair.

Conan: Oh, Ma! (You're) Fucking God! (O.M.F.G.)

Jade: Should I talk slower like you're a retard, should I talk slower like you're retarded? ... I really, should stop listening to this shouldn't I? (Rose nods) Oh well... Get it, get it, get it, you just don't get it. You stupid mother fucker, you stupid mother fucker, you stupid mother fuck...er!

Ryan: A teacher? A teacher?! Honey, prostitutes make twice that money.

Hibird: Yeah, well you're like Fruitality!
Mukuro: At least it makes sense!

Rose: Right, so you're talking out your--
Cassandra: Ask no one.

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