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CHARACTER LIST (will be updated as story continues)

The Royals

King Theodore Antonio Caswell, king, Imogen and Eden's father

King Theodore’s reign has been one of stagnation. While he has maintained the decent economic growth of his parents’ reign, many of its problems persist, such as income inequality. As a king, he has not put forth many drastic changes in policy. People are generally satisfied with him, though many probably wish for him to be more proactive in solving past issues. As a father, he seems to care more for Eden than Imogen, but he doesn’t express love to his family verbally.

Queen Florence Caswell née Hong, queen, Theodore's second wife and Eden's mother

Formerly working at the Illéan Embassy in the New Asian Empire, Florence married King Theodore three years after he divorced his first wife. Despite being Illéan by birth, Florence initially faced some opposition from the Council due to being the first royal with New Asian heritage. However, she is a dedicated queen and highly protective of her daughter, Eden.

Princess Imogen Regina Caswell, 22, crown princess

Princess Imogen is studious, disciplined, and has been preparing her whole life to take the throne. However, in recent months, she has been seen as less responsible due to her secret relationship with actor August Hirsch. A fairly solitary person by nature, Imogen is adept at public appearances but doesn’t usually connect with others on a deeper level. However, Imogen harbors a great secret that puts her claim to the throne in danger: she is not the legitimate heir.

Princess Eden Valentina Caswell, 18, princess and Imogen's half-sister

Princess Eden is soft-spoken but friendly, sympathetic to others’ feelings. She takes great interest in the palace’s philanthropic activities and is happy to serve her country as the second princess. Eden is more open with her emotions, but when it comes to Imogen, she sets them aside to care for her sister. As a pacifist, she tries to help and please others, but she carries her own set of principles that she does her best to abide by.

The Nobles

The representatives of each house's main branch form the Council.

House Beaufort

House Beaufort is one of the wealthiest houses, with two holiday residences in addition to their home base of Sota. Outside of politics, House Beaufort specializes in renewable energy and has firm control over the energy sector. They generally make decisions based on what is most beneficial to their standing as a house.

Ahmed Beaufort, "head" of House Beaufort

Aurora Beaufort, Ahmed's wife and House Beaufort's main representative

Isaac Beaufort, 19, nobleman

Tavin Beaufort, 8, Isaac's younger brother

Thalia Beaufort, 6, Isaac's younger sister

House Fortescue

House Fortescue was the original royal house, and they don’t let anyone forget it. Usually, they oppose House Caswell in major decisions and try to exert their dominance over the Council. While the Fortescues reside in Yukon, they come to the palace far more often than Imogen would like.

Hector Fortescue, head of House Fortescue

Dariele Fortescue, Hector's wife

Vasilios Fortescue, 20, unemployed nobleman

House Noel

House Noel has always loyally supported House Caswell. Their younger child and heir, Dillon, grew up in the palace alongside Imogen, and the Noels frequent the palace. The Noel Estate is located in Bonita, but one of their children permanently lives in France, and the other in Angeles.

Nathaniel Noel, head of House Noel

Marisa Noel, Nathaniel's wife

Lola Noel, 25, supermodel and Dillon's older sister

Dillon Noel, 22, college graduate and unemployed nobleman

House Seton

House Seton is the most “chill” noble house: their stance tends to be neutral, and their presence at the palace isn’t overbearing. They spend a lot of time tending to their twin children and seem less invested in politics as a result, but their decisions tend to be unpredictable when they do take a stance. The Setons live in Clermont.

Willard Seton, head of House Seton

Katheryn Seton, Willard's wife

Atticus Seton, 11, Willard and Katheryn's son

Giselle Seton, 11, Willard and Katheryn's daughter

House Taylour

House Taylour has held a grudge against House Beaufort since the dawn of time and generally does whatever they can to oppose them. Their heads of house are also the youngest members of the Council and currently have no children yet. Based in Hansport, the Taylours never hesitate to express their opinions to the Council.

Jacques Taylour, head of House Taylour

Constance Taylour, Jacques's wife

Virginia Taylour-Vasquez, host of the Illéa Capital Report and public relations officer


August Hirsch, 25, actor

Rosemary Cohen, royal planner and Imogen's former governess

Stefanya Ortega, palace guard

Renee Padovano, Imogen's maid


Allens: Vikram Sher, 21, jazz pianist and Juilliard student (Jeenu Mahadevan) by ambiances

Angeles: Sir Dillon Noel, 22, college graduate and unemployed nobleman (Ivan Vuckovic)

Atlin: throwaway

Baffin: throwaway

Bankston: throwaway

Belcourt: throwaway

Bonita: throwaway

Calgary: Elias Newton, 23, teacher (Mikey Murphy) by Doctor Kay Strange

Carolina: throwaway

Clermont: Charlie Vance-Austen, 22, biomedical engineering student (Marlon Pendlebury) by GingersnapBeat

Columbia: James Zheng, 23, lab technician (Xu Weizhou) by Berrybush123

Dakota: throwaway

Denbeigh: throwaway

Dominica: throwaway

Fennley: Asher Coulter, 21, actor (Lucas Jade Zumann) by Abizeau

Hansport: Colin Eaton, 22, pre-law student (Rafael Miller) by PhoenixBird8

Honduragua: Jack Mercatura, 24, line cook (Diego Tinoco) by GreenWithAwesome

Hudson: throwaway

Kent: Emory Merrell, 22, handyman (Max Barczak) by SophieOfWoodsBeyond

Labrador: Martel Vanderbilt, 21, ballet dancer (Charlie Kennedy) by MoonChild913

Lakedon: throwaway

Likely: Caleb Faust, 23, animal trainer (Rayane Bensetti) by Sylea

Midston: Connor Clarington, 22, second-in-line to inherit Clarington Motor Corps (Blake Steven) by comosayllama

Ottaro: throwaway

Paloma: throwaway

Panama: throwaway

Sonage: Aegon Westfall, 23, model (Froy Gutierrez) by Wondy-SW

Sota: Tobias Bailey Wanewright, 24, entrepreneur/businessman (Dane DeHaan) by Ruby Casablanca

St. George: throwaway

Sumner: Cedric DunBroch, 21, unemployed (KJ Apa) by Nikt Wazny

Tammins: Andres Porter, 23, law school student (Carlos Peters) by tyozzie123

Waverly: Vincent Carmichael, 24, museum curator (Max Beauchamp) by sevenzeroseven

Whites: throwaway

Yukon: Cade Summersgill, 23, driver/assistant (Darin Blaine Wilkens) by OctaviaWithStarsForEyes

Zuni: Quentin Tran, 24, non-profit founder (Willy Cartier) by Slytherwitch

Characters in Ongoing SYOCs

currently, life is pretty busy, so I don't submit to as many SYOCs anymore!

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