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Formerly know as Silver-head angel

Hi. I'm Flutter Flight. Apparently, this account is now five years old. Wow.

I'm an avid reader of fiction, including fanfiction. However, I'm not much of a writer. That's my sister (tenderflowers). I fear I'd mangle the characters and settings and everything and the plot bunnies bouncing in my head only help so much. My only story is a glowing example. Which means it sucks. Not as bad as it could be, but it still sucks compared to my reading standards. I'm leaving it up here only because of nostalgia and I'll probably never touch it again.

Really, I not sure why you should care about the above paragraph. You're probably here only because I left you a review, alerted/favorited you/your story, out of pure randomness, or a combination of the three. Don't worry, I'm harmless.

I think.

Anyway, I'm not very good in dishing out criticism. Most of my reviews contain babbling praise and/or questions. However, I'm pretty good with grammar and spelling, so I might point out mistakes if I feel like it.

But one of the reasons I'm updating this is that I'm tentatively offering to help those who for some reason might want my help with their fanfics (aka, unofficial, sucky beta reader). I don't know why I'm doing this, but ehh. Like I said, I'm only confident of my English skills, and for that you could just run the words through a spell check or read over your story again.

Moving on from that now. As I've been here for a long time, I've been in a lot of fandoms including:

Inuyasha, Fullmetal Alchemist, Artemis Fowl, Harry Potter, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Avatar (the last airbender!) and right now Transformers.

I also dabbled in a bunch of other fandoms but those are my main ones, in semi-chronological order.

Really, the thing that amuses my most so far about my Transformers experience is that I only watched the 2007/2009 movies and one of the cartoon series in my childhood that I barely remember. I'm learning everything about G1 and the other continuities from fanfic, dA, and Transformers Wiki. And I know a bunch already (meaning about six months).

With my favorite characters, I have a tendency to like anti-heroes as my true favorite in a fandom, but I've found myself liking others a bunch as well. And guess what, family-relatives-that-might-be-reading-for-some-reason-yes-I-mean-YOU as well as random visitors, I read slash now. Legasp! Yes, malexmale pairings. Get over it now.

Regarding my favorites: When I first started out I had no idea about the alerts system. Hell, I only got the account for the favoriting. So I used to shove all incomplete stories that I kept an eye on into my favorites. When I did find out about alerts, I put complete stories there instead. Things changed over time and now my story favorites mostly consist of incomplete fics I left in there, good and ehhh, while my alerts (story and author) are long. You can ignore the favorite authors, I added those a long time ago.

Random likes: Good fics, great fics, and all in between. Bonuses for characters acting how they should, pretty descriptions, actual grammar, longness, completeness/updates often and just plain awesomeness.

Random dislikes: Horrible grammar (I'd underline it more if I could), unjustified flips in behavior (even though I read fics about those all the time), misplaced/missing commas, lack of updates, poor grammar (note difference, I might still read it) and probably more.

Never mind, I'm not very sure of my spelling and grammar anymore. I've just made a lot of mistakes (always read through your stuff children!) and I keep on misspelling grammar (thank goodness for spell check).

Am I done rambling? Yes, I think I am for now. Kudos and cookies to you if you actually read the whole thing.

Thanks for visiting.

4/20/10- Just changed this a tiny bit from my major update a week ago (4/13). Nothing important.

7/10/10- I added a poll! ...If it works that is.

9/6/10- I changed my username from Silver-head angel to Flutter Flight. Why? I have my reasons.

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