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Hello. I'm WS.

I'm a girl, just so you know. Yes... I had to lie to get on here...I hate that. I'm only eleven years old, but I've seen most of the things before that I've experienced here, and I don't read many of the stories anyway. Mostly I just write. I love to do it. My fics here are called... well, scroll down and I'm sure it tells you. lol I plan on making one for the Old Kingdom trilogy, and am going to start it very soon. As you can see, I write a lot. I update all of my fics very regularly.

I'm a major tomboy, so I like things like Bionicle, comic books, video games, computer games, and I like hard rock and metalcore. I absolutely hate skirts, high-heels, and cosmetics. . Oh, did I mention that you'll never catch me dead in a dress? I'm also a huge non-denominational christian. Truthfully, most of my fav bands are christian hard rock (though they usually don't actually say "Jesus" and "God" and "Heaven" etc.). And I don't mind trying new things.

I don't mind it if you put critical reviews on my story. I love some constructive criticism, as long as it's still constructive.

I won't say my favorite Anime or Manga as some others do here. The truth is, I haven't seen many of those. Though I can say my favorite TV shows, and books.


Stargate SG-1

Mutant X


NCIS (If only my favorite character hadn't just been killed by a terrorist. Quite ironic, because the one who killed her had a crush on her, and she had a crush on him, though she was an NCIS Special Agent and he a terrorist. XP)


Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye

Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction?

Without a Trace


Pendragon (By DJ Machale)

The Old Kingdom Series(By Garth Nix)

The Seventh Tower Series(By Garth Nix)

Julie of the Wolves Trilogy(By Jean Craighead George)

Wolf Woman(Author Unknown)

The Two Princesses of Bamarre(Author unknown)

Claidi Journals(By Tanith Lee)

Keys to the Kingdom(Garth Nix)

Alex Rider(Anthony Horowitz)

The Brian Books(Gary Paulsen)

The Transall Saga(Gary Paulsen)

The Kiesha'Ra(Amelia Atwater-Rhodes)

The Inheritance Trilogy(Christopher Paolini)

The Sight(David Clement-Davies)

Fire Bringer (David Clement-Davies)

A Thief in the House of Memory (Tim Wynne-Jones)

There's also quite a few more, but it would take forever. I read way too much!

TV Show Characters:

Kate(NCIS, just killed), Abbie( NCIS), Samantha Carter(Stargate SG-1), Shalomar(Mutant X), Vala(Stargate SG-1), Tayla(Stargate Atlantis), Jack O'Neill(Stargate SG-1)

Book characters:

Julie(Julie of the Wolves), Loor(Pendragon), Milla(Seventh Tower), Sabriel(Old Kingdom), Lirael(Old Kingdom), Mogget(Old Kingdom), Kibeth(Old Kingdom), Claidi(Claidi Journals), Leaf(Keys to the Kingdom), Dagger(Claidi Journals), Saphira(Inheritance Trilogy), Arya(Inheritance Trilogy), Danica Shardae(The Kiesha'Ra), Larka(The Sight), Brian(Brian books), Alex(Alex Rider), Zane Cobriana(The Kiesha'Ra)


Writing fanfics, original stories, songs, poems, RPGs

RPGing (Not video game role-plays, things where you do it with other people over an internet connection)


Drawing (Sketching anime and manga figures)

Fav bands:


Just Surrender

In This Moment

Scary Kids Scaring Kids

Nature Living

Beneath These Words

Midnight Aria





So They Say

Fav authors:

DJ MacHale

Jean Craighead George

Garth Nix

Tamore Peirce

Gary Paulsen

Christopher Paolini

Amelia Atwater-Rhodes

Michelle Paver

David Clement-Davies

Anthony Horowitz

Well, I think that's all to say for now...

Oh, yes, my PenName stands for Wolves' Spirit. If I ever change it, then it'll be SA, which stands for Straight Arrow. I would choose Straight Arrow because it's sharp and dangerous, but honorable. It's not one of the high-tech gizmos that don't have any way of escaping from. An arrow never veers from it's given path unless it's brought out by a force even stronger than itself that it cannot resist. Such as the wind. Some might say I'm reading too much into this, but I've always been very literal.

As you can see, I have lots of interests, and no intention to put them all down here just yet.

Oh, yes, how can I possible forget? I meant to put the summaries of my stories here. Duh!

Shade's Return-- Thirty years after the Change, and fifteen years after Ella, Drum, Ninde, and Gold-Eye send the Overlords back to their dimension, the Overlords are back in business. They have once again invaded the dimension that they had been sent back from. With the only Ella and Drum being small kids, Ninde and Gold-Eye's children, they must send the Overlords once again to their own dimension. Now, they have a girl who knows everything about the creatures other than the experience of fighting them on their side. Can they find the NEW way that they must send the Overlords back before too many lives are lost?

Realizations-- When Suzie Storm, the Invisible Woman and Mr. Fantastic's fiance goes missing, they spread out and search all over the city. They meet some unlikely people in the city's limits, though. They're not the only ones with superpowers. Unfortunately, Doom isn't the only villian with powers, either. A bit of a crossover. I made some of the villians and some of the heroes, but most of them are from X-Men, the Justice League, etc.

Secrets Best Left Alone Or Not-- In TV Crossovers and Stargate SG-1 Jack O'Neill, pessimist extraordinaire, Colonel of the highest ranking team in the SG-C, is not what he seems. His past harbors secrets never revealed even to him. Murdoc is back, and after MacGyver. MacGyver is Jack, only in his younger days. To MacGyver, the past, even ancient, might be something henever thought. Will the team find out about his past in this generation? What if he's played a bigger role than he ever imagined? Will Jack find out his true origins, and not the newest one? Is something at work here more than we ever could have imagined? Or is it all an illusion?

Wolf Call-- takes place right after the escape from the "Over-Marriage" Claidi and Argul make their way by foot, not risking flying, back to the Guest House, and past without being seen--except by Hrald and Yazkool. They join the little group, and end up bringing trouble with them. They make their way to Panther's Halt, past anything that may be dangerous, their only protection the ring Claidi holds. Yinyay appears as a Tower. She brings them to where Argul and Claidi wanted so much to go: The Hulta camp. Will they be thrown out again? Or will they "break the rules" and stay? Will the next adventure that they will be thrown into end in tragedy for the two supposed-to-be-newlyweds?

Saving Sparta-- A young Phoenix agent is abducted, brought to HIT. MacGyver is sent to rescue her after HIT propses trading Mac for the yound agent. Murdoc's mixed in it all. A recent string of murders is somehow tangled up in all of this. What's going on? The technology and everything suggest modern times instead of 1990's. My explanation: After Mac's son was killed in afreak car accident, Mac re-joined Phoenix. It's modern times now, instead of at those times. Yeah, you get it.

Well, thanks for looking me up,


P.S. My username on fictionpress is Fireeye Howlsong Rainpelt. Look me up!

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