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~~Get to know me~~

Name: 'Yasei' is japanese for wild, while 'Kitsune' is japanese for fox, so that makes 'wild fox' why? Because I tend to be pretty movable unless I need to focus on something, want to drive me insane? Tie me to a chair. The fox part is because I just like foxes and foxgirls. My true name? Leen, simple no? Although ever since I showed my tendency to bite people I'm annoyed with, classmates have branded me with the nickname Security Wookie. Not that I care, wookies are cute.
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Other things: I'm probably on of the rarest type of guy writers you can find. Why? Because I am not afraid to write Shounen-ai. To be honest, I used to condemn Shounen-ai just as much as any other guy, but one day I started thinking: Wait a minute, if I like girl on girl action, why can't girls like boy on boy action? that simple train of thoughts did a lot to end my prejudiges against Shounen-ai. I don't consider myself gay, but I couldn't care less about someone being gay either. I can write it, I don't condemn it, the only obstacle is that I don't want to piss of my readers, which is why I usually ask for sugestions for pairings in my fics. If the majority says "yay!" then yay it is, if the majority says "boo!" then boo it is. The only exception I make is Naruto, and that is simply because there is more then enough shounen-ai as it is. There really is no need for me to add to it.
Final note: My E-mail isn't sacred, you know? Drop me a line sometime, I don't bite -unless you piss me of-

~~~Fanfiction pictures, info and whatnot~~~

Be warned, I am a writer who has many things to do, and has many more ideas haunting his head. Updates are slow.

Naruto's magi form from Mahou no Shinobi (not my art, but cover art from the Tales of Phantasia OVA DVD)

~~~Currently working on~~~

Mahou no Shinobi: Chapter 4 (1 percent complete)

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