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4/27/15: I'm currently working on my own personal Warcraft fiction story that has danced in my head for years. If you're interested in being a Beta Reader for it you have my appreciation.

Avatar Image: To one of my personal idols, shame I will never be able to meet this man. He passed away early 2015 as a Pharmacist in Germany for over forty years.

Rest in peace

Otto Carius, A tanker legend and solider of the Whermact.

You shall never be forgotten.

"I return to serve."

"I heed the call."
"I feel your presence."
"Glory is eternal."
"Our duty is unending."
"We shall serve forever!"

"My memory is not what it was."
"These steel limbs are not my own!"
"I have known only an eternity of war."
"I am the wrath of the Khala!"
"There can be only one!"
"Back in my day, I had to teleport to and from school, in the snow, uphill, both dimensions!"
"Youth is wasted on the young!"
"Where's my walker? Oh... I'm in it."
"The second thing to go is your memory... er, I can't remember what the first thing is..."

"It is destined."
"There shall be a reckoning."
"Our cannons shall sing."
"We march to victory."

"For the ancients!"
"Let darkness be parted."
"En Taro Adun!"
"Woe to our enemies."
"Fury unyielding!"
"The battle is ours!"

"The enemy closes!"

Random Thoughts, things you might never care to concern your thoughts about: Im a favorite of the usual parrings, though I do enjoy B/V and G/CC the most, I love reading AU's. Though some people ( Should say most...) Dislike my idea's of Broly being paired with anyone I like the idea. Its not like he was really set to have anyone besides he's dead so why not give him someone? Its not like im just throwing him in there, I like the couples but a little change is good from time to time.If you have questions about my work and find that Lemon is absent from them I do have uncesored Versions, I can't put up anymore lemon thanks to a bunch of flamers who decided to get me almost banned,one more and I'm pretty much done. 4 Stories I wrote were taken off because of Lemon content, one that only had 24 hits? So really how many kids did I get with that? But I can't do anything about it.

Personal Info: ( Like you really Care)

Male: Yes people there are male authors that write half-way decent stories.

As well as the main Broly fan-fic writer using him as more then a side character or putting him in a better spotlight. ( Finally it took awhile but this site finally put Broly up for a character selection! Maybe it was cause of me I dont know.) Just my thoughts. But here my most successful stories are G/CC, ive gotten respect from someauthors that I believe are better then me, ( Gosha, Kinoha, lone-sayian-woman,)

Favorite Author: Tempest is the greatest V/B fan-writer in my opinion, if anyone doubts her work then I say you have problems. If you want to look at some very high quality V/B work heres a link-- (Website doesn't work anymore for some reason but i have her faved on my author list, if you enjoy my work she's another two notches above me)

FAQ: Q Will you write me a fic?

A: Yes and no. If youout of the blue come out and ask me to write a fic no I wont. If I know you, you review my work or offer me something then yes I will. I may periodically take requests but to date I have taken none for the first statement alone.

Q: Yaoi? Bad or Good?

A: Had enough problems with that, got flamed by Yaoi lovers for openly saying how I felt about the Topic but No I do not approve of it but if you do like it I will not attack you for it, being Male I do not 'enjoy' the thought enough said.

Q: Continuing a fic/ One I have not updated in a while.

A: If I haven't updated a fic for one of a few key reasons. 1)Reviews if I get none and only get hits tells me that alot of people read it but how do I know they like it? How can I Know? 2)Writers block or another inspiriation for another story. Gave up on it, it happens to me when I see a story write about it but my thoughts have no other way to end it 3) I write alot of fics durring the week but rarely post them because they are not better then the last one I posted.

Q: Is this stupid Q and A over?

A: Yes I never said you had to read all of it

Music Genre: I can't say I really have a top favorite band but I do have some that I like. And no offense to anyone but I personally hate rap. Its not music or anything that requires talent so long as you can talk fast and not make any sense. Just my opinion I never will like it. I prefer Rock and Roll, Heavy metal, And Alternative Rock its just what I was raised with and loving to drown out yourself with a heavy guitar and drum solo's then a man saying words I don't understand. (And seriously if you flame me for my preference on music get a damn LIFE FIRST!)

Bands I like: 1: LED ZEPPELIN-Stairway To Heaven, Thank-You, Black Dog, When The Levee Breaks, Kashmir, Babe I'm Gonna leave you! Achilies Heel, Holy Mountain, Gallow's Pole, Immigrant Song, Houses of The Holy (Greatest Band Of All Time)

2: METALLICA- Hero Of The Day, No Leaf Clover, One, Enter Sandman, Unforgiven I & II, Of Wolf And Man, St. Anger, Turn The Page, Devil's Dance, Human, Electric, I Dissapear, Where Ever I May Roam, Call of The Kutlu, Outlaw Torn, LoverMan, King Nothing

3: SYSTEM OF A DOWN- Chop Suey, Highway Song (Most true to life song ever, it can put everything intoperspective).ATWA, Toxicity, BYOB, Innervision, Roulette, Radio/Video, Lost In Hollywood, I.E.A.I.A.I.O, Hypnotize, Solider's Side, Mr. Jack, Revenga, Lonely Day

4: Linkin Park: In The End, Breaking the Habit, My December, Faint, Crawling, Somewhere I Belong, With You

5:AC/DC: For ThoseAbout to Rock We Salute you! Rock N Roll Aint No Noise Pollution! Thunderstruck! TNT! Hells Bells! You Shook Me all Night Long!

Others: Nickelback, Staind, Cold, Daft Punk, Limp Bizkit, Audioslave, Creed, Guns N Roses, Blink-182, Rage Against The Machine, Disturbed, Godsmack, The Fray, Seether, Three Doors Down, A Perfect Circle, The Calling, My Chemical Romance, Cranius (Big Blue Dress album)

Quotes. --Funny stuff if you watch

" Yeah I want that minute of my life back." Dick Simmons (REDVSBLUE)

"Or! maybe it Runs on Solar Power!"Caboose "Now why would Solar Power kill him?" Church" Is he Republican?' Caboose (REDVSBLUE)

"No its true he's crazy strong seriously! Its God's way of compensating."Tucker "Great PaulsBunyon he's like an Ox!"Sarge" But I have no horns or lumberjack Freinds" Caboose (REDVSBLUE)

" Okay well let me tell you about my other plan by using parts from-" Sarge" Man I hope you have a better idea then this."Griff"- The Warthog we can create something I like to call the Griff Cannon! Using the power of the Girff Cannon we can create a Griff sized hole in the wall or.. paint it a very disgusting color." Sarge (REDVSBLUE)

"DUCK!" Donut (Machinegun Fire) " Duck? I love ducks!" Caboose " Get down idiot!" Sarge. (REDVSBLUE)

"X ...X Im looking for an X...No that is a plus sign." Caboose(REDVSBLUE)

"I'm a Pacifist." Doc "You're a thing that babies suck on?" Caboose "No dude that's a petafile!" Tucker "Tucker I think he means a pacifier." Church "Oh, man I was totally thinking about somethin else." Tucker "That's really classy Tucker" Church (REDVSBLUE)

"Wow that guy was rude next time I'll tell him to go H E double hockey sticks!... No wait that's not nice." DOC/Medical Officer Dufranee"If I meet him i'm going to cut out his eyes for suveniors!" Omally (AI infecting Doc at the time) "Wow that doesn't sound like me... Time for Yoga!" DOC

"If you would like to mark this message as urgent please press Eleven." (Computer Answering Machine) "There Is no eleven you F#king whore!" Church

"I'm okay! don't worry I'm..(collapses into the ground) not okay the ship is coming in too fast."Caboose

"Hey Sarge do you have a "zombie Plan"" Doc "A zombie plan of course not!" Sarge "See told you-" Doc "I have Thirty-Seven Zombie plans!" Sarge

"Yeah ever since our mom ran away to join the circus cause she's super talented I had-" Griff's Sister "Ho- Hold on a second did you say your mom joined the circus.. I have to write this down." Simmons "Sure, you know cause most circuses have a fat lady and a Bearded lady well our mom is both!" Griff's Sister "Oh My God... You just made my insults 45 more efficent." Simmons

"I vote for Fluffy." Caboose "What!? Fluffy you gotta be kidding me." Tucker " Yes Fluffy the Alien who only loves!" Caboose

"Shut that kid up!" Griff "Hey don't tell me how to raise my child!" Tucker "I hate Babies!" Caboose "Will you take that kid to the Lobby!" Simmons "Alright that's it get him Junior!" Tucker ..Junior Attacks Simmons.. "Wow i didn't know this was going to be an action movie... an NC-17 action movie!" Donut "Ahhh that's my spine put it back in!" Simmons ..Rule #4 for kid's in a Movie Theater and Etiqute...

Ask I'll tell you where if you want to IM me

(Just to note I have no idea when or how I wrote this poem, yeah its been that long I think i posted it about 5 years ago leaving it up for nastalgia purposes)

I fear not living, I fear not the people I've hurt

I do not fear hatred, I do not fear guilt, I am no longer worthy

I sit here starring into the endless sky, a blanket of dancing lights and endless sun

Hear I sit waiting for my destiny, I watch others frolic and play but yet I sit here alone

I cannot explain for I am but a stranger, stranger to others, I am not one of them, you are not one of me

Do I care? No, If I am me I am me, If I am not you I am not, But do not choose to outcast me for being me I am who I am not whoever you say I am

Even till the day I day I will be me, Even if I am struck down I will still be me, I've seen who you are I am not afraid for I am the light you are the dark

But a messenger am I? I do not care, for I do not cry, I do not weep for fear, I do not weep for sorrow only my betrayal, the betrayal of my heart, So many times I was told I love you, I need you, I want to be beside you.

I cannot be loved, I can never love, I just watch the window close my shades of black coming over my eyes, Its long overdue the price I pay to my pride. It breaks oh it breaks, I cry, I just cry

You told me that you once loved me, you told me how much I meant to you, but I come home for you and find you making love on our bed with another, where are your promises then? where is the heart you told me you had, I can't look away but my heart does, it closes on me, my world, and my life.

I told you the later how much I loved you and you said you loved me with a smile, but a scowl burns in my mind, I throw the plate in your face I tell you "I know! No more games You told me you love me but you can fuck me behind my back? You swore to be faithful to me!"

I see you cry but I don't care, I know they are false, if you loved me you wouldn't of hurt me, I hear your cries to stay but I strike you across the cheek, My hand balling tightly, I want to see you dead, to feel your blood running through my fingers just like my heart lays bleeding in the garbage next to all your broken lies and kisses, "I never want to see you again! Go to hell with your lover, I’m through with you! Get out of my house get out of my life!" I scream a broken man I even grab the gun from the drawer and point it at you my eyes pleading why?

But I don't pull that metal strip I look away, no matter how much I want to wring up your little neck I can't I've already broken so many promises to myself today I cannot have another one added to my shame, its so hard but I turn away. "30 minutes!" I say and walk away, I hear you cry but I don't care, I head to our room, my fists forming once more.

I tear your pictures from the wall, I smash the heart shaped box of me and you, Igrind my boot into the floor watching your face rip under the broken glass. I hear you behind me, you plead for forgiveness you ask for another chance but I don't listen, I grab your face and push it away. You are a disease that I cannot stand

"15 minutes." I say and throw your things into the hall, I’m tired of hurting but my adrenaline pumping, my minds racing I don't know anymore, I grab the notes you once left for me, wait for me! I'll be home late! I know now everything inside of my heart just goes away.

"Bitch!" I scream violently and storm at you, my hands drawing back to strike but you flee from me, you burst out the door holding your things, before I even notice you fall I see your new lover, your new friend

I grab the gun from my pocket and hold it at my side, do I dare? Can I kill? Is it worth it? Satan laughs in my ear, my consciousness gone, even as neighbors come out to see me in disarray I raise my hand.

I see your lover run to your side, he holds you protectively as I once had and my face falls I scream in anger and fire in the air, my finger loosing feeling as I let my fury go, I don't care who sees I want my pain to go away.

My friend grabs my gun and tosses it away two others hold me down as I scream and curse at them, they aren’t fools they know why I am angry, they see who causes my pain.

They let me go as you walk away my eyes are still on fire, everyone tells me to let it go but they don't know, they can't feel the pain inside, I watch you two drive away and I spit and grab my gun.

No one stops me as I head inside slamming my door shut but I make it not a step inside before I fall, I fall, I hit the ground and cry, I cry so hard I hear the angels in the sky.

Even until my eyes are dried with sand I cry, pouring my soul to the planet that gave me life, damning it for giving me this pain, cursing life in itself, I am just a faded soul

The only thing I fear is the void, the void that may never be filled, I feel it leave me forever, not to be healed not to be held, never will I touch you, never will I say I want you.

I do not care, I am but a man, I cannot look upon another without feeling that piece of me you stole I turn away from myself, my life, my dreams and desires

But I do not care, I only feel the cold grip in my hand, the clack of destiny in my hands, I look at what used to be around me, knowing that it will only hurt to go

Slowly you listen as your heart races, those moments in time where I am afraid, not for me, not for you, but for the children that would of been

Slowly you hear your breath fade and you press your temple tight, do I dare, do I wish for everything to go away

The click against palm lets me know that my time is almost come, cut short by a bullet

Its then do you realize how hard it is, how much it will hurt

But no I say no, I don't want to feel I don't want to hurt

In that moment a thousand life’s are changed, your family broken, your friends baffled, the future you changed erased like the dust in the wind.

Everyone wonders why, even as you know why, you don't tell anyone because you are afraid but... just for now, you find yourself in the comfort of your new lover, your new friend

You forget about me, you forget how much I suffered, and now that I’m six feet under you don't care but I do even in the fires of hell I don't forget, I still live wanting everything back

Not from you but from someone else, I say no!

The grip falters it hits the floor, the clack of an empty barrel fills the room and I look up and see light, an angel dressed in white you tell me its alright that I am alright...

For everyone who's felt that stab through the back, that moment of pain where everything isn't worth it, I tell you now its just a moment, there’s an angel waiting to save you just look for them they will come and save you from yourself, there's one for each of us. I can only tell you to that point of extreme, if you've been driven to that moment, where you feel peace in the cold of steel against your head look for an angel, they come, they will save you and then once you believe you will enter a true heaven. Forget that pain behind you, they came for you, not the love you give, not the money they flash, they love you for who you are

Love Brings Such Sweet Sorrow

By: MajinBroli:

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The Only Path Left reviews
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Warcraft - Rated: M - English - Fantasy/Drama - Chapters: 7 - Words: 99,556 - Reviews: 14 - Favs: 17 - Follows: 24 - Updated: 7/12/2015 - Published: 3/15/2015 - Draenei, Orc, Worgen
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