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I never know what to say in these things, but here goes..

My name is Jess, I have a sister also registered on this site whose name is Becky, pen name; Draxo. I write fanfiction on Dragonball Z.. maybe dragonball but NEVER Dragonball GT ((shudders)) Don't get me started on why.

My favourite DBZ character is Vegeta. He is such a mystery, and I think his character is much more complicated then any of the other characters. And.. he's a bad ass. What more can I say? Arrogant, cocky, big-headed, strong with a body that I'm sure any girl would die for.Girls hate to love him, boys love to hate him. Wow, I'm getting into thisprofile stuff!

I like any fic that explores Vegeta's character, or even one that involves him! I am fond of psychological fictions, angst and dark fics, and wierd fics; fics with wierd pairings and plots.

Anyway, I live in the UK, have brunette hair and eyes and stand at 5'8", if you want to know a little of my appearence, doubt any one does.

Hey, email me if you want! I'm always here, whether my brain is or not is a different matter! I'll talk about anything really. I am not prejudiced at all, belive me when I say I have an open mind, so beware of my fics!Anyway, yeah, I like talking (obviously!) so if you do too, talk to me!

Anyway, what you reading this for? Go read my stories!

April 27-05

A curse upon my little sister! She mannaged to get me addicted to those infernal Harry Potter books! The fanfiction's not so bad, but... just too much litter. Go Britain, anyway! They actualy came up with something good! I know, I know, it's all JK Rowling's fault...

Anybody else sense a strange simmularity between Vegeta and Draco Malfoy? Wierd...

'Geta's still the best!

Oh yeah, for those of you reading my Torn fic, check out this cool fanart my friend drew for the story!

Don't forget to review it!

May 01-05

Wow I'm in a writing mood today! I've started three new stories and written some of the eleventh chapter for my Torn fic (although I'm having serious problems with it).

I don't know if I'm gonna end up posting these stories off, I think I'll see how it is after a few chapters. I tend to get bored easily with my fics, all in all I have about eleven fics which I haven't bothered to post on the web!

Anyway, I'll tell you a little about these three fics I've begun, because I'm seriously considering posting them here.

Fic 1
Title: Has not been decided yet
Summary: (I am going to make the summary better) An alien has crash landed on earth with the intent to purge it of all life. Bulma travels to his space pod to find out where this dangerous being is from and accidently destroys his ship. Now Bulma is stuck as one of the few survivers on the planet with a murderous Saiyan Prince! B/V if you haven't already guessed.

Fic 2
Title: The Vampire's Kiss
Summary: I'm not telling! It's basicaly a DBZ vampire fic. I have high expectations for this one.

Fic 3
Title: The Legend (may change)
Summary: Brolly's life how I tell it. Is going to be quite sad... I think, I've only written a page...

Anyway, if you want you can email me and tell me what you think of them. I've really gotta get writing chapter 11 for my Torn fic now though!

May 12-05

I've had to delete the song lyrics from my fanfic, so if you want to read the full version click on the link below;

Wow, I'm beginning to once more enjoy writing my fic! I was getting pretty bored with it but I've had a few good ideas. I know what the ending's gonna be like now-- but I'm not telling!

July 7-05

OK, I know I haven't updated in god knows how long, and I am really truley sorry. I am trying my best to finish the next chapter, but I've had a lot of stuff going on and I haven't been able to make time for my story. I really hope that I will be able to get out the next chapter soon, and thanks SO much to those who have reviewed, you people are the greatest! Much, much thanks!

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