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Hi, I'm Angelica Hawthorne. I am currently 21 years of age. I love writing, its been one of my favorite hobbies for years. I have 21 novels printed out here at home, and 3 of them have been published on I have also self published part of a treasured series I have worked on since 2003. I love to read reviews, so please send questions and comments to me whenever you please.

If you have any comments or if you want to make suggestions for any of my stories, I will happy be able to put your ideas into my stories. I will give you credit.

Update 12/22/2010 -- I am working on a new, unnamed project as of last week. I have no name for it yet, but I will post details below.

~~~thanks for reading!

--Angelica Hawthorne--

My Current Stories:

1. Standing in Ruins--Status: Deleted

2. Crazy in Love: An Inuyasha Fanfic--Status: Deleted

3. Fruits Basket: Chaotic--Status: Deleted

4. Life at Wycliffe Academy--Status: Deleted

5. Among the Fantasy Worlds: The Awakening--Status: Deleted, but I have the manuscript on my computer.

6. The Alleyway--I recently discovered this old handwritten short story I did years ago. When I type it up, I'll upload it.

7. Watson And Cleves--A story about a man by the last name of Watson and a woman by the last name of Cleves, and their daily lives together, as well as being on the brink of divorce.

8. My unnamed project. I have been working on this one for the past week. Status: In Progress

Story Summaries:

Story Title: The Alleyway

Date started: October 2005

Date finished: Not finished.

Protagonist: Sam

Antagonist: Phillipa "Pippa" Togston

Other Characters: Sam's Mother and Father, Carlos, Messenger, The School Bullies

The Alleyway is about a young boy named Sam, whose parents have recently separated. His mother has a new boyfriend named Carlos. In school, he doesn't have many friends. Sam lives in an old house next to an alleyway. The alleyway is made of red brick, and he never paid any attention to it. One day, he was walking home in the rain and noticed a bright light coming from the old alleyway. He looked through a crack in the alleyway wall and saw a patch of bright blue sky.

Sam leans against the wall to get a better look. An earthquake occurs, cracking the wall into pieces. Sam witnesses his house crumbling to pieces, and the debris fall downwards, into the clear blue sky. When he awakens, he finds himself in a world parallel to Earth, except that everything is perfect. His parents are married, they live in a nicer house, they have a car, and Sam even has a dog...and a brother named Scott.

What Sam realizes is that everything he's ever wished for in life has been combined into one. He once wished that he had a dog. He wished for his parents to reconcile. He wished his house wasn't falling apart. He wished not to be an only child. And he wished that he had friends.

Sam learns that the parallel world is run by someone named Phillipa Togston, also know by the name Pippa. If he wants out of this world, he has to find her and confront her. It seems like months pass in this new world. He eventually finds out where Pippa lives, and goes to visit her. On several occasions, he is near death and about to give up.

Pippa tells him that the only way to get back home is to defeat her. She reveals herself to be a witch.

In The Alleyway, Pippa is a symbol of Doubt. Sam must battle his doubts about himself, and about life.

Story Title: Watson and Cleves

Dated Started: July 3rd, 2010

Date Finished: In progress

Protagonist: Natalie Cleves

Antagonist: James "Jimmy" Watson

Other Characters: Susan Merryweather, Nathaniel G. Royce-Kingston the Third, Amoral P. Winters, Sebastian Hawthorne, Rowena G. Masters, Arthur T. Hiddle, Trudy the Magnificent, and the Lawyer.

James Watson is selfish, serious, and arrogant. Natalie Cleves is compassionate, intelligent, and care-free. He had a sheltered life. She lived an ordinary life. His father owned a multi-million dollar company, and her father was an accountant. His mother was a celebrity socialite, and her mother was a real-estate agent. Needless to say, these two have many differences, and almost nothing in common. No one knows why these two got married. No one knows why they're on the brink of divorce.

The story follows the everyday lives of the couple, facing real issues, and facing real problems. The only thing holding them back is the newspaper.

One day, it is reported that Natalie Cleves was seen with another man in public. A paparazzi photographer snapped a photo and put it in the local newspaper. Much to his displeasure, James questioned his wife about the man. Natalie responds by telling the truth. James doesn't believe her, and he begins a verbal tirade, stating that she only married him for the money, and that he planned on divorcing her sooner or later.

James Watson does not want to admit something to his wife. But it is later revealed towards the end of the story.

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