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Author has written 2 stories for Trigun, and Fullmetal Alchemist.

Hello! Welcome to my bio!

Not really interesting here in Utah...crap...you know where I live now...

Name- Kain Fuery ( Alicia XD)

Age- 15

Job-WOW I finally have an allowance...0.o

Phone #- 1-801-867-5309 XD

Bored-Yes, and how are you?

Likes- pudding, donuts, pealing out in a golf cart, reading, FF.net, Internet, writing, um...Any FMA memorabilia...

Dislikes- homework, the UEN channel, commercials, walking, yaoi...uh...yaoi...Yuri...hentai...Pokemon


Have you gone retarded!-Eniwa From Girl Got Game

Run away dammit!- Al from Fullmetal AlchemistPS2 Game

GAH! Don't shoot me Lieutenant! - Ed from FMA

Well, It is a wear house so maybe it only comes out when there's a full moon...-Kain Fuery

Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming. What do we do we swim!- Dory from Finding Nemo

I give you my body for Christmas!- Kyo

I can't believe you just said that out loud...- Eniwa ( Girl Got Game)

I'll follow you forever!-Jean Havoc

I love you like a monkey loves a banana!-Ian ( My Husband...)

I was Just Kidding! But seriously..-Idiots...


1. WAY to many of them, come on people...we all know how much of an Ed fangirl you are ...

2. I hate thoses crappy names given tothe OC's when there in the military. (i.e. Ice blade, Dark Rose ect.) Which so happenes to come with her having a dark past and some special power to go with that name...(Psychic huh?)


4. Even though the girl happens to be 15 when they visit the colonel he wants to put her in a mini-skirt.. ( The colonel still has somedignity you know..)

5. Most of the time she has automail and she knows Winry...

6. There just a waste of time...there are about 2000 others out there just like that one, and just today I've seen 7 new ones..

Currently Working on Two Stories...

Most Recent-Boot Camp

Fuery centered story about how he goes to boot camp, the friends he makes, and basically an explanation on why everything is like it is.

I.E. Havoc's poofy hair, Breda's fear of dogs, ect.

Not So Recent- Fact or Fiction?

A Story about a girl, Vash the stampede, Donuts, and how he ruined her life. (Not a VashXOC Story, I repeat not a VashXOC Story!)

I have Kevin's M. Connally e-mail address!kmconnolly@gmail.com( The Guy who plays Fuery! My Hero )

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Boot Camp reviews
Why did Fuery join the Military? Why is Falman so quiet? Why is Breda so good at playing board games? Why is Havoc's hair poofy in the front? And why is Roy obsessed with mini skirts? It all happened at boot camp.
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