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Hello there, I am Bocheememon. Lets see…I am your average 17 year old teenage male. My skin is dark, due to my asian/African/Arabian/islander heritage. And well you can easily guess that I have straight, black hair, cut short, and the usual dark eyes that everyone keeps telling me is too dark that they can’t even see my pupils.

I like to do everything any average teen would do, go to movies, hang out, or just kill time(you should never waste time)

I am new to and feel rather in the dark. I am glad to have made some nice friends and very kind reviewers. It makes me happy that someone appreciates the work and effort I put into my work. Even if I only get one review, I still feel happy that my time never went to waste on my works.((thank you again Princess Chi…you don’t know how much it meant to me)) DBZ fics are my favorite to write about. Its my dream to give more character to them, since the series never got too deep in the character development.

Gohan and Piccolo are my favorite characters. Piccolo is fun to write about, since his character leaves so much to write about, and I feel that the two have a wonderful bond with each other yaoi, shounen ai, or not.

Fic-wise. I enjoy reading and writing about any type of fic. I write what is in my my and heart. Sounds cheezy, but it is the way I write. :P

I have a deep passion for writing poetry. Poetry is the best tool I can use to convey my thoughts. It’s relaxing and I always love to write it. Reading is my next passion. It’s fun to have an escape from reality, after having so many reality checks that is.

Music…well everyone loves that. I like all types, but r&b is my favorite. I play the piano…or did…well I just never feel the need to anymore, unless I need to get some stress off.

When it comes to writing stories…I pretty much bite. No, my friends, I am not trying to garner nice comments false or truthful. It’s the truth. I never feel that I could put enough emotion into stories. The writing style always sounds and looks childish. I can’t seem to get enough emotion into my works. There are times when I wish I knew every single word in the English dictionary. At least it would help me. That’s why I love poetry more.

Oh I forgot a big hobby I just got into since May 2001, Drawing. I've been drawing most of my life, but it was just doodles and dilly dally. And now...I love it and I never knew drawing could be so fun!!! I would just pop in a song and draw what I feel. Ivy makes cool ones too(you should really see her work). I have now realized that just plain fun and a lot of work, as well as emotion.

Well that’s it I spose…I’m sure I forgot more :P Nice to meet all of you wonderful people!!!((I sound ridiculous))

AHHH I TOOK MY FICS DOWN!!!...they will be back, revised and better. Sorry for the hold up everyone!