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Author has written 21 stories for Furi Kuri: FLCL, Harry Potter, Evangelion, and Naruto.


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Important Notice:

While some relevant information is contained below, this profile is mostly for my entertainment and much of it is to be taken in jest.

Name: Fresh C (didn't you click on the link?)

Age: Most likely older/ younger than you. Unless you were born on my birthday in which case I say get your own darn birthday!

Gender: Undeniably male (I can prove it!)

What I Write: Thus far I have written fan fiction for Harry Potter, FLCL, Naruto and Evangelion. I've also written some original works on under the same pen name.

Why I Write (In order of importance):

1. It's a somewhat relaxing way to pass the time.

2. I enjoy the feeling of creating something I know no one else can (at least not in the same exact way)

3. It feels nice to get some of my crazy ideas out of my head.

4. I enjoy the attention others pay my stories.

5. I really enjoy the attention others pay my stories.

About my writing style: My style is currently under development. I realize that most of my stories are founded on pretty nice ideas, but I lack the execution needed to bring them to their full potential. I'm working on adding more details into my stories so that they are not purely dialogue based and the reader can get into the head of the characters more thoroughly.

On Literature: I believe after an author reaches a certain skill point even fanfiction can be considered a form of literature. While this is to be taken with a grain of salt considering that the author did not create the characters or settings that they are writing (and thus should not recieve the same credit as published authors or owners of original property) it is possible for a fanfiction writer to gain a certain degree of literary merit. I only have two critera for a story being worthy of literary merit and they are stollen wholesale from things that other people have said.

1) The story is entertaining. Keeps the readers attention throughout the whole of the work

2) Causes the reader to think and or evaluate some aspect of life

3) Causes the reader to feel real emotion as a direct result of reading the story.

Not all of these criteria have to bet in my opinion. Just 2 out of three.

What/who I read: I like stories with action that you can picture in your head as you read it off the screen. I like stories with romance that goes beyond simply waiting for the characters to kiss. I like stories with drama that make you not only feel sorry for the character, but feel like you could easily be in the character's shoes. I like stories that are so funny I literally do lol. I like stories with terror that makes you want to sleep with the lights on. I like stories that can make you feel like you're there. I like good stories.

I will occasionally read (and more than occasionally write) stories that do not fit these criteria, but there's nothing quite like finding a great story. Sometimes it's hard to know where to look for them, but there are writters here on this site, with abilities greater than my own and some of them don't even receive as many reviews as I do, which is pathetic.

Here are a few underrated authors who deserve every review you can write for them

The Official Unofficial Funky-Fresh Underrated Author's List:

MidnightCereal - Well he's the man, even if he doesn't know it yet. This guy's got more figure-o-speech prowess in the crook of his elbow than I've got in my entire left eye. (What does that mean? The man's a simile machine, that's what it means!) His writing style is distinctly unique. That ever present subtle (often sarcastic) humor woven into winding thrill-packed plots is enough to send any true fanfiction connoisseur into cardiac-arrest. With stories so dark ("In the Dark Room" get it? no? awwwww...) and revealing of the human spirit (If it wasn't so fictional you'd swear it was real) what's not to love? And let us not forget his mastery of creating memorable and realistic original characters such as the wonderful photographer Mariko Buick (With photo's so stunning the shock could kill) and the lovably obnoxious Mihiro What's-her-last-name (I forget at the moment and am too lazy too look it up). But do you see how memorable these characters are? I remember three-fourths of their names without even looking them up. So read the man. He deserves it. Nuff said. Side note: "Shinji Just Snaps and Totally Wails on Everything" is hilarious.

sedemihcrA - He's got the skills to pay the bills. A certain originality that's just plain interesting. While a lot of his work is influenced by works of published authors, you just don't see any of the ideas that he's come up with really done by anybody else out there. And looking specifically at the story "My Own Personal Revolution" it's just well... again I say interesting. You get to see Shinji in college. And he's changing his life. And well... I don't know how to say how it is to read his stories without giving away much. His writing's solid like a rock. Check-ch-check him out.

Verb@l Kint 187 (the first part is not an email address. The whole thing is his name.) - prolific. That's probably the best way to describe his writing. The man's got tons to say and he won't leave a word of it out. That's good though, because truly every word written is a literary gem. (Am I hyping too much? I'm hyping too much, let me settle down). He doesn't write stories, he writes little epics. And if you're looking for that one story, the one that keeps you up at the wee hours of the night because you can't stop reading since you've just got to find out what happens in the end, well you've need look no farther (particularly "Reaching for the Ring"... just amazing).

The Mustachioed Cat -A new addition to the crew. The man can write, of that I am sure. While his work can be psychological and quite confusing ("The Weaver" in particular. I'm not sure if anything else he wrote falls into this category) he does good work. After reading some sections of the Weaver that were just great and reading his new story "The Forgone Conclusion" (that story is going somewhere special. I can feel it in me bones) I can't deny his place on this list.

Merridian - Don't know why it's taken me so long to add this guy to the list. He seems to have a knack for setting moods, particularly those of melancholy and sadness. He also totes some very unique ideas concerning reality and instrumentality that I find very interesting, and in many ways relevant to real life. And like most writers with a tendancy to break the mold, he gets no respect for it. Give him a look. I recomend either Soundless Music: Second's clock, or the reality zone for the crazy instrumentality stuff. And Those Sad Red Eyes work for some pretty good depressing romance. Most of his stuff won't be easy and straightforward, so try and keep an open mind. You'll be glad you did.

These authors are amazing and it's a shame that in some situations writers like me have received more reviews per chapter than they have. Check them out. You won't be disappointed. Also if you know of any more underrated authors PM me and if I think they're good I'll put them up here too.

Honorable Mention:

Adam Kadom - The only thing keeping this bad mother shut-your-mouth off of the official list is the fact that he's not quite underrated enough for my likings. He's got a following. Could be bigger though. But all that's besides the point. This guy is engaging. When he's at his best he just frickin' sucks you right on in to the point where you're dying for the next chapter. And I guess that's all I have to say about him. Read his stuff. (True Love Waits is good. Don't let the corny title fool you. Quite the masterpiece).

Jabberwok - From what I can tell thus far from his first story "Home", I think that we can expect some very nice things from this guy. (That's right I'm putting pressure on you... if you ever read this). He takes a detailed approach to writing that comes off quite smoothly. And from what I heard (through the grape vine) he's a tad bit of a perfectionist. And it shows. I'm reserving final judgement on his right to be in the official group, until he at least finishes one story and proves himself to be underated (he's stratling the line already). But all signs point to him truly deserving some honerable mention.

IA Seldon - Chances are you've heard of him or of his previous pen name Seldon Planner. I haven't read much of the guy's work, but if you want to read a story that's just... crazy expressive in such an odd simplistic way then check out "Running Under a Vanilla Sky". I honestly don't know what it is about this story that makes me like it so much, but it's just got an amazing feel to it. So yeah... the story is good... uh huh... trailing off into senseless rambles... not sure what I'm saying anymore... and break!

Random1377 - well... he's by no means underrated. But you've got to hand it to guy. Just because of the sheer volume of writing he's contributed to the site and the fact that all of his stuff (after the early works) is pretty darn good, if not fantastic depending on which of his stories you're reading. And then there's also the fact that everybody (and I do mean EVERYBODY) knows who he is. And that's surely worth some honorable mention.

funkmasterjo - Some of his stories are indeed underrated, but he's got one popular story on the site that disqualifies him. The important thing to know is that his stories are kind of awesome. The key to his writing is a mixture of simple prose and novel concepts. His stories all tend to flow incredibly well as they aren't bogged down by anything unnecessary. You get exactly what you came for. And the stories all have heart. Check out any of his stories. I doubt you'll be disappointed.

Personal review of my stories:

It's Not for Everyone - My first Naruto fic. It's okay. Tells a small story in a decently believable way (given the fandom). May be predictable to some, but should be interesting. Nothing ground breaking here, but it's a light thinker.

As I lay Me Down - This was a short little ficlet. It's centers on three characters as they go to sleep. Some people felt I was being unnecessarily deep, or something. Maybe they're right. Others liked it. I myself find it just short enough to be enjoyable.

Butterfluff: - Butterfluff is like... Zen. It's like this story, that's a meaning all unto itself. A universe of plot and fiction twisted together into a maw of off-color perfection. Okay... not really. But it was pretty fun to write. I entered it in the Waffathon 2007 contest and it won the Host's Choice Award. Which I won't complain about. Once you read it you'll see that it's more of a "Off-Waff" than anything, but I tried to keep a nice number of warm and fuzzy experiences floating about to make it authentic. In a way, it's almost like a big middle finger to Waff in general, if you really think about it, but at the same time you can't deny its role as a WAFF fic. But people mostly liked it... So, you wouldn't do too bad to read it.

The omake on the other hand... that is the longest piece of stupidity that I've ever written.

Edit: When I first started writing this I never expected to like it as much as I do. This story is one of my favorite things that I've written. And that includes the ridiculous omake, which is probably the most fun I've ever had writing anything. Just writing without really considering the results too much is a beautiful thing.

Real Life Japan: I Just Saved the World Today - I'm liking this story thus far although I'm not quite sure where to take it. Apparently the idea of seeing the world of Evangelion through the eyes of a reporter is less comonplace than I originaly thought. I just assumed it'd probably been done before because it seems so obvious... I mean someone would definitely want to make a film about NERV. This is the first time that I've written a story so dependent upon ACC's, but I think that I pulled it off well enough. This story has the chance to be pretty good... as long as I don't screw the plot up. Edit: I keep thinking about this story but I doubt I'll ever have the compulsion to come back and continue it. It's sad, but oh well. I still mostly like the first chapter.

Fresh C's Guide to HalfWay Decent Fan Fiction: This guide is my personal gift to the Fandom. After reading it I'm sure you'll wish I had included a reciet. But seriously, the goal of this guide was to help writers who need help and to give everyone a good laugh. If I seemed arrogant or egotistical, it was probably in jest. Or maybe I'm just a jerk... who knows?. Either way I've been told that there's some helpful information in there for starting authors. However, I've also been told that I'm a self-serving narcissist.

Vicarious: To describe this story would be to give away any reason that a reader would have for reading it. Yes, it's that short. However since it was meant to be a one hour oneshot it was supposed to be short. But the story did not turn out to be a one-hour oneshot and instead was writen as a two and a half hour oneshot (which is like the distant cousin of a one-hour oneshot who's a little "touched in the head"). Still I think that the story is founded upon an interesting and pretty screwed up premise. The idea (especially the ending) had been festering in my mind for a while. So if you want to know what goes on in the mind of Fresh C (God help you if you do) then give this fic a looksy.

Whipped: This story is my new baby. It's got everything you could ever want. Humor, romance... well actually that's about it so far. I'll probably throw in a little psycho-bable as well. But seriously, you'll probably like this story, just because of my (dare I say it?) hilarious and slightly OOC portrayal of Kaji. This story is sure to provide lots of laughs, a lot of tender moments, and lots of reasons for me to continue to toot my own horn. Edit: I've come to truly dislike bits of this story, and I feel like it's some of my most unfocused writing (aside from some of my even earlier works like Breathing Room... oh breathing room... I'll get to that later). There are parts of this story that I still really enjoy and I sorta hope that I one day feel like finishing it. I'm trying really hard not to turn it into one of those open ended stories that go on forever, or give it one of my usual endings that are a bit more abrupt than perhaps they should be.

Don't: A dramatic romancy type story with humorous beginings and and dramatic ending. It's very short and doesn't really accomplish much in the way of creativity, but it's a nice read if you have some time on your hands. The only real reason this story is somewhat good, is because of my story-telling style. The plot is pretty unimaginative... well sort of. Edit: Not my best work. In retrospect there's some awkward melodrama in here and Shinji acts a bit unrealistically I think. Could be much worse.

Art of the Swing: For reasons I do not understand, this is quite possibly the best story I have ever written. I was so deep into FLCL when I wrote this story that I asked my friends to call me Naota (ok, that's a lie). But there's something about this story, especially the first three scenes, that always moves me when I read it. I think I poured puberty onto a page, or something. (Note: I no longer consider this the best story I've ever written. I have a hard time choosing between them now. There are certain parts in most of my stories that stand out above the majority of the mediocre stuff in my mind, and I treasure these individual moments more than any one story I've created. If only I could combine them somehow...)

Breathing Room: It's weird. Just plain weird. Sometimes it's funny, other times it's horribly depressing. There's a strange disjointed feeling about the whole thing that I both love and hate. I think it's the disjointedness that makes it believable in a sense. It gives the feeling that Shinji is actually talking to you and not just telling a story. But it also makes for crappy non-descriptive writing (a personal specialty of mine). It's worth a read if you're tired of average stories and don't mind a little strangeness. Edit: In retrospect I have no idea how this story got as popular as it did (reviews per chapter wise). I mean it's really weirdly written and melodramatic. It's not really well written either, though it is mostly coherent, at least. I suppose it gets points for raw emotion. I think I had a lot more of that when I was younger. So reading this is kinda like watching me bleed through the angst of my puberty years... awkward fun! This story is not recommended unless you really want to see all the Fresh C crazy, with out any of the Fresh C polish.

The Eighth Day: It's an impulse sequel to Breathing Room, that I may or may not continue with. I have a few ideas for it (some of them pretty darn good if I do say so myself) but very little motivation to write it. It's forcing me to rethink the way I write and that's hard... but I may just try it anyway. First chapter is decent though. Second chapter is also decent, but in a different way. Edit: Yeah, this was a bit better than breathing room, at least stylistically I think. I mostly toned it down a bit and I think that worked out for me. If nothing else this was a good story to break myself of my slight dependance on first person POV.

When She Smiles: I here by dub thee "read-worthy". Tis a glorious tale in it's own rights. The concept behind it is one of my best. It's so freaking sweet that it's hard for me to be modest about it (but I'm doing a pretty good job right?). Once you figure out the mystery of this story, you'll be like "wow... that's deep" or "That's so messed up... but so believable" or "Such a great idea... if only this guy could write it better." My writing for this story was not sub-par, but it wasn't amazing either. I think it was ok, but it didn't do justice to the magnificent idea it was built upon. Still this story is worth the read anyways. Edit: I still really like this one. It's not as good as I initially thought it was after reading it, but there are some moments that I think i got just right. Sometimes my signature melodroma sneeks in, but it never takes over the story. And some of the more experimental sections are still some of my favorite things that Ive written, even if I may have overplayed my hand in some places. I took some risks and most of them paid off. I just used the word "Some" a lot... that's somewhat troubling.

The Sweetest Lies: This story was constructed after the writing high of Art of the Swing. I quite literally thought "That was sweet, I want to write something that good again." Of course it's not as good... not even close. But it has it's moments and if you like FLCL then you'll probably enjoy it. Sometimes it may feel like I'm trying to be intentionally deep in this story... that's because I am. But it doesn't all come off like BS in my opinion. Most of it is pretty solid and it will always lead you wondering where I'm going with it. Edit: Just an FYI. This story is sorta crappy in the beginning but steadily gets better as time passes and I figure out what the heck I'm doing as a writer. I still enjoy certain scenes in the later chapters quite a bit. Most of the story is a little... I guess loosely put together would be the right term. Before I fixed in on the Sanji/Naota dynamic, the story was kinda waffling about for a theme.

Sleeping Master: Ah... the Harry Potter days. I used to only write Harry Potter back in the day and this story was one of my best Harry Potter fics. when I wrote this I thought I was a serious hot shot, but now i realize that it could still use some improvement. I'd like to believe I'm a better writer now than I was when I wrote this. However, I wouldn't dismiss the story, because it's not horrible or anything like it. It's a nifty little mystery that may or may not leave you surprised at the end. Just like When She Smiles, the concept was golden and the execution... not so much.

Dark Comedy: See review for Sleeping Master. The only advantage this one had over the above mentioned story is that it has a crazy person in it. I found it pretty fun trying to get into the head of a crazy guy. Edit: I want to say that I really did enjoy this story more than the above states. The beginning section is cringeworthy in parts, but overall I like the themes I tried to explore. It could be much much better... but I enjoy it.

Harry Potter and the Year that Wouldn't Quit: No I was not high when I wrote this. It's funny, but only if you truly know the Harry Potter books and a bit about Harry Potter Fanfiction (the cliches). If you're bored, like Harry Potter, are looking to laugh, and you don't want to read quality fiction then you're in the right place. Edit: FYI... I wasn't joking about the "don't want to read quality fiction" part. This whole thing is just one big stream of stupid jokes of varying quality.

SI: The fist chapter was pretty interesting I thought. I mean conceptually and all that. I want to say somethings but I feel like I'll spoil it. Just suffice to say, I liked the first chapter a lot because of the way certain bits were written with a kind of clinical detachment that contrasted against the events that occurred. The second chapter... that was more me venting my own existential crises in fictional form. It's not bad or anything it's just not as good.

From Point A: I can't believe I didn't review this. Well this story is almost a contender with Butterfluff and WSS for my favorite thing that I've written. The first half of the first chapter is probably some of the most cohesive writing I've ever done. I don't know if anyone else agrees with this, but it just feels like it all goes together just like it should, right up until the call to Toji. From then on out the story is kind of hit and miss for me. There are bits I really like, bits I mostly like, and bits I could take or leave. But there's nothing in there that I'm really ashamed of, so I think it stands quite well. The only thing that could really use an overhaul is the ending... which I actually liked, but realized is kind of abrupt. Also it's probably harder to understand what I was going for from a reader's perspective. Having written the story I completely understood why I stopped where i stopped and what it meant for all the characters, because in my head I understood all their mindframes and the reasons why they did what they did. But some of those reasons were only hinted at in the story, and the hints weren't particularly strong because it would have been out of character to make them so. As a result, the ending may or may not be satisfying to some of you based on whether you completely got the things that I never explicitly stated and only kinda implied... I should only write for psychic people in the future.

New Project

Check out the new story I'm working on in collaboration with The Mustachioed Cat and Midnight Cereal. It's a Eva story told in the style of the Choose Your Own Adventure Series. It's called "Branching Paths". You know it will be awesome because... come on... Midnight Cereal and The Mustachioed Cat are working on it.

Here's a link to the profile we created for the story:Apartment 403 -

Overall Rating as a writer:

6-8 out of ten. I'm not brilliant, but my heart's in the right place. I figure I'm better than most. (yes I know that's an arrogant statement.)

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