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Here's a quiz as a disclaimer people! Moondalian...
A. Obviously owns Beyblade, Dragon Ball Z, FullMetal Alchamist, Naruto, Kingdom Hearts and Yu-Gi-Oh because she is so awesome.
B. Has taken over the world with her army of bunnies. Even the evil sheep couldn't stop her!.
C. Has no life and is therefore forced to write stories about characters that aren't hers without even earning any money off it.
D. Enjoys it when people steal her work and doesn't at all sick her friends at the people who do it to get them banned from the site.

If you chose A, I love you very much but sadly you're not right... yet.
If you chose B, that has yet to happenh... though it will!
If you chose C, congratulations! You're not a retard!
If you chose D, just try it and see what happens. The last guy that did this had no more stories on his profile when I was done with him.

Hey everyone, Moony here!

I dunno why you people are reading this but here we go:

Name: Leila Logan
Gender: Female of course. Ever seen a boy with the name Leila? Yes? gasps WEIRD!
DoB: 06-15-1989
Country: The Netherlands

Anime Watched:
Angelic Layer
Attack on Titan
AzuManga Daioh
Bible Black
Big O
Black Butler
Black Cat
Bleach (WIP)
Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-chan
Buso Renkin
CardCaptor Sakura
Code Geass R1/R2
Comic Party/Revolution
Cowboy Bebob
D. Gray Man (WIP)
Death Note
Desert Punk
Digimon (S1-5)
Dragonball/Z/GT/Kai (WIP)
Elfen Lied
Excel Saga
Fairy Tail (WIP)
FLCL . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (It's like a trainwreck; it's terrible, but you just can't stop watching...)
Fruits Basket
FullMetal Alchemist/Brotherhood
Full Metal Panic!/The Second Raid/Fumoffu
Gakuen Heaven
Gundam Wing
Happy Lesson
Hell Girl
High School of the Dead
Hikaru no Go
Hunter x Hunter (WIP)
Initial D.
Inuyasha/The Last Act
Kampfer (WIP)
Kaze no Stigma
Knight Hunters Eternity
Koi Kaze
Level C
Love, Chunibyo, and other Delusions!
Love Hina
Lunar Legend Tsukihime
Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha
Megaman NT Warrior/Axess
Martian Successor Nadesico
Master of Martial Hearts
Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
Mirage of Blaze
Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam
Nabari no Ou
Naruto/Shippuuden (WIP)
Neon Genisis Evangelion
Now and Then, Here and There
One Piece (WIP)
Ouran High School Host Club
Outlaw Star
Papa to Kiss in the Dark
Paranoia Agent
Pokemon (WIP)
Princess Tutu
Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Romeo x Juliet
Rozen Maiden/Traumend
Rune Soldier
Rurouni Kenshin
Saint Beast/Kouin Jojishi Tenshiten
Samurai 7
School Rumble
Scrapped Princess
Sensitive Pornograph
Shaman King
Silent Mobius
Soul Eater
Steam Detective
Teacher’s Pet
Tenjou Tenge
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. . . . . . (It's so incredibly over the top you can't help but love it XD)
Tenshi Muyo
Those Who Hunt Elves
Tsubasa Resevoir Chronicles
Tsukuyomi Moon Phase
Vampire Knight/Guilty
Vampire Princess Miyu
Video Girl Ai
Visions of Escaflowne
Welcome to the NHK
Wolf’s Rain
Yami No Matsuei - Descendants of Darkness
Yu-Gi-Oh/GX/5D (As far as there is a dub out of it)
Yu Yu Hakusho

Anime Movies Watched:
Castle in the Sky
Final Fantasy: Advent Children
Girl Who Leapt Through Time
Grave of the FireFlies
Howl’s Moving Castle
Kiki's Delivery Service
Millennium Actress
Nausicaa, Valley of the Wind
Princess Mononoke
Spirited Away
Summer Wars
They were Eleven

Top 10 Favorite Pairings:

01. Yami/Atemu x Yuugi

02. Sasuke x Naruto

03. L x Light
Death Note

04. Kai x Takao

05. Axel Roxas
Kingdom Hearts

06. Sephiroth x Cloud
Final Fantasy VII

07. Riku x Sora
Kingdom Hearts

08. Inuyasha x Kagome

09. Chaud x Lan
MegaMan NT Warriors

10. Daisuke x Ken

For all SasuNaru fangirls out there: This is a clip of the original jap voice actors where Sasuke says he loves Naruto. It was done on a radio show and a fangirl called in with the request so it's actually the real voice actors doing this. I think I've pretty much fallen in love with this clip so yeah.

I guess that's about the pairings i really like. If you know any good stories with one of the pairings above, lemme know okay?

Games: I'm sorta addicted to Pokemon games and the Yu-Gi-Oh card game. I know it's a bit weird for a 20-year old but deal with it. If you can't, well that's your problem. I"m also a very big fan of the Golden Sun series (yay for the third game finally coming out!) and I've gotten addicted to the Kingdom Hearts series... except Chain of Memories. Where the people who came up with that on crack or something? Not everything needs a cardgame version damnit!
Music: Linkin Park, Disturbed, Evanescence and Within Temptation. Hmm, well I probably like more but I just can't think of anything else right now. Generally I just like rock.
Movies: My favorite movies are Phantom of the Opera (don't ask, people), Spirited Away, and Mind Hunters.

Okay, now for any other crap I can come up with, ne? Let's see, i try to update my fics weekly as much as possible, though sometimes that just won't work for reasons... I swear some of my fics are just cursed like that coughsLetGocoughs. Also, I tend to change the Coming... uhm... someday?' part of my profile a lot becaue I change my mind a lot about which fics I'm going to put up here and which not. Some things I write I just suddenly decide aren't worth finishing so I just kick it away and never even look at it again. Seeing as I don't want incomplete fics on here, I don't even bother posting it with the hope of one day continuing.

Another thing is that I love mythology. Especially the Egyptian one. In October 2007 my parents took me to Egypt because I'd finished high school and they'd promised to do that. It was amazing, seriously. We went on one of those guided tours and we had a great guide that was very helpful with everything. The country itself was awesome. I absolutely hate heat, but for that place I simply ignored it and I'd do it again in a heartbeat. I loved every second there, and if any of you plan on gong there yourselves someday, I really do recomend it.

And that's all you people really need to know... actually, this is probably more than you should all know but oh well. I appologize for not having written anything new lately but guess what guys? I'm actually writing a book! Yes, the sucky authoress from FFnet thinks she can make it in the real world. Anyway, the book, or books really since I plan on making it a trilogy, are taking up most of my time, school taking up the rest. With all my inspiration being drained away like that, I have nothing left for my fanfics. Hell, sometimes I think school is even draining away the inspiration I need for my little book series. sighs Life sucks... bleh. If anyone's interested in giving me a hand, I'm looking for someone to really critisize my work. I'd rather have someone I know do tht than some publisher that has no clue how absolutely amazing I am. ego grows even bigger than it already was and nearly sufficates the world Seriously though, I really would like someone to really point out what needs improvement in my work so if you think you're good at critically looking over someone's writing and telling them what really needs to be done better, please help me puppy-dog eyes I'll give you cookies!

With that said, have fun with the stories I actually did write!

Story Status:
Are you afraid of the dark?: Complete, oneshot.
Blackmail Doesn't Pay Of After All: Complete, Oneshot
'Caught' In The Moment: Complete, Oneshot, PWP
Dance: Complete, twoshot.
Don't Let Go: Complete! OMG! My baby's done! If you read anything of mine, START HERE!
Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Hot: Complete, Oneshot.
Every time we touch: Complete, oneshot/songfic.
Hold On: Complete, first NaNoWriMo fic for 2006. Proud to say I actually got to the 50K in November on my first try with this.
Itadakimasu: Complete, oneshot.
Know your starts a la DBZ: Discontinued. Not likely to ever be updated again but who knows if I ever get inspiration for it again.
Let Go: Complete. O.o;;, the cursed story is finally done!
Lion Heart: Complete, FINALLY!
Lost: Complete! I've decided I'm too lazy to spend time on this... yeah. Probably never gonna be fully edited.
My Brother The Fault Is Mine: Complete, Oneshot
Prove It: Complete, Valentine's Day oneshot.
Seduction's Night: Complete, Oneshot, PWP.
Something About a Heart: Complete.
Spirited Away:
Sportsday: Complete, oneshot.
When Bad Moods Turn Good: Complete, oneshot.

Coming... uhm... someday? Or never... i dunno.

Title: Never Good Enough (title might change)
Fandom: Yu-Gi-Oh
Summary: AU: After he is taken away from his father because the man uses drugs, Yami is put in foster care until Aknunkanon can take care of him again. Yami’s new foster family seems to be closer to hell than a safe a place though.
Pairings: Yami x Yuugi (main), Seto x Joey (side)

Title: Of Caterpillars And Their Plans For World Domination
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Summary: Roxas has always loved bugs with the exception of one particular kind. Caterpillars. He absolutely hates caterpillars. Naturally the caterpillars find out about his fear and decide to invade his house to use as a new base of operation. But Roxas refuses to go down that easily.
Pairing: Axel x Roxas

3-4-2006: I got myself an editor people! Go me. Her pen-name is Mystic Dodo so you should all go check her out as well. She's really good. Thanx Dodo!

27-2-2007: My editor... has deserted me cries She thinks she's doing a bad job editing for me so she refuses to do it any longer. I didn't want to do it but since Dodo left me, I've gotten a new editor: Tavia454. She's on both fanfiction and adultfanfiction if anyone cares and writes great stories. So yes, you also have to go check her now. XD Anyway, thanks Tavi!


Shockingly enough I have fanart for some of my fics! Apparently people are crazy enough to like my stories enough to draw things for me. You're awesome guys! XD I appreciate any fanart made so if anyone out there feels bored and wants to make me some; I will love you to the end of time and you'll get a cookie! Yes, I know, the cookie does it huh? grins

Lion Heart:

Let Go:
Chirp Chirp
Chirp Chirp

Fav Quotes:

Seto Kaiba: "I'm just here to chew bubble gum and kick ass... and I'm out of bubble gum."

Yuugi: “You are supposed to be a freaking CEO of Kaiba Corporation, Seto. Are you this dense that you cannot simply understand what I mean?” – Ocean Avenue – Abstract Sora

Kaibe: "You're in no position to be making demands, so shut up and duel!"

Kaiba: "Stop saving the world and get a hobby!"

Internet: "Everyone has the right to be stupid. Some just abuse the privilage."

A shirt: "By reading this, you have given me brief control of your mind."

No clue: I'm not littering, I'm donating to the Earth.

Yami Kkwy: "I'm not wasting time, I'm using time unwisely."

Valentine: "I would tell you to go to hell, but I think you're already there." - Lord of War

Yami Kkwy: "When life gives you lemons, read them and drool."

No Clue: I've never seen Itachi's package, which means it's smaller than David Bowie's. In fact there's no way -not- to see David Bowie's huge man-goods. Go ahead, look out your window and you'll see it on the horizon, rising over the hills like the new dawn.

Joey: “Are we going or what?”
Kaiba: ”What do you think, genius?”
Joey: ”I’m detectin’ some sarcasm here, Rich Boy.”
Kaiba: ”Really.”

Tea: (to Joey, Tristan, and Duke) Don't you guys ever get tired of being tired?
Joey: Course, that's why we need a nap.

Kaiba: Any duelist late for registration will be disqualified. Mokuba, make sure Wheeler's late. (he turns and walks away)
Joey: Hey! I know an insult when I hear one! Look at me when I'm yelling at ya'!

Kaiba: Don’t you have someone else to annoy?
Joey: Nope, not at da moment

Zigfried: ...And now I summon the three goddesses. The Goddess Urd, the Goddess Verdende and the Goddess Skuld.
Three Goddess appears in the field
Zigfried: And now it's one underdog versus three divas!
Joey: You mean four divas...

Kaiba: (to Zigfried) I'm throwing you out because I don't like you, not because I'm scared of you.

Kaiba: (after Zigfried uses his goddesses to view his top 3 cards, which are all Blue-Eyes White Dragons) Judging by the expression on your face, I'm guessing my destiny looks pretty good.

Zigfried: NO! This... isn't... over...
Kaiba: Your life points hit zero. That's about as over as it gets.

Zigfried: I'll never beat Kaiba!
Kaiba: That's the first sensible thing he's said all week.

Sugoroku: (to Tristan) You're a genius!
Tristan: Hey thanks, and don't forget talented and charming.
Joey: Not to mention funny, but looks aren't everything

Tea: Less talking, more climbing. Didn’t you learn your lesson last time?
Tristan: People don’t fall into Lava pits twice in one day (loses grip and almost falls into lava pit)

Can't remember: As I was lying on my bed and looking at the stars and the moon, I wondered, 'Hey! Where the hell's my ceiling?'?

Tea: Good luck
Joey: Please, with me leading this group we don't need luck!
Sugoroku: No, we need prayers and plenty of them

Joey: Hey Tristan! What's our plan!
Trinstan: Uhm... Scream for Yuugi?

Kakashi: (after Deidara tries to blow him up and the guy rants about it) I appologize for not letting you blow me to bits.

Misa: I would never dream of living in a world without Light!
L: (flatly) Yes, that would be dark.

Goku: You can destroy planets, but you can never destroy what I am, friend..
Frieza: You- What- What are you?!
Goku: I am the hope of the universe I am the answer to all living things that cry out for peace.
Frieza: (growling)
Goku: I am protector of the innocent, I am the light in the darkness, I am truth. (pause until volcano erupts in the background) Ally to good! Nightmare to you!

Goku: It’s done.
Frieza: What-?! You just said it was done, what does that mean?!
Goku: Your energy is decreasing with every blow, you’re not even a challenge to me anymore. It wouldn’t be fair for me to keep fighting you. I’m satisfied now. Your pride has been torn to shreds You’ve challenged and lost to a fighter who is superior to you. And to make it worse, (smirks) he was just a monkey, right? It would be meaningless to fight you now; you’re too scared and ashamed. Live with the shock, keep it bottled up inside you, silently.

Travis: I don't know if they told you, Fullmetal Shortstuff. We have a bit of a height requirement in MY military.
Vic Mignogna: But obviously not an intelligence requirement.
(I want to marry Vic nods I swear I will get him! ... Somehow! He's MINE!)

If anyone wants to talk/nag to me, I'm on MSN almost all the time when I'm awake and not at school. Actually, I'm pretty much online when I'm sleeping as well, though I pretend to be off. So go add me to your list and come bug me about whatever you want to talk about. For those people too lazy to go look it up, here's my email:

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Yu-Gi-Oh - Rated: M - English - Romance/Supernatural - Chapters: 15 - Words: 59,671 - Reviews: 208 - Favs: 199 - Follows: 51 - Updated: 3/3/2007 - Published: 11/25/2006 - Yami Yūgi, Yūgi M. - Complete
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