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Author has written 9 stories for Sonic the Hedgehog, Final Fantasy: Tactics, and Tetris.

(last updated: 3/29/10)

First name: Mary

Age: 22

I'm a girl who likes to live in fantasy. I'm a video gamer and like to watch anime. I like to write stories and I also like to draw. I know I'm addicted to fanfiction. 2sidez and Samecoin are like the two different sides of me. Through them I can have even more fun, and I love to have fun. I like to meet new people so anyone can contact me and say hi.


It is so hard to be a new fanfiction writer. No one has reviewed any of my stories. I have written other stories before. I guess all I can do for now is read and write stories for my own pleasure. 2sidez and Samecoin can keep me company. Well I guess it is off to the wonderful world of fanfiction to be lost for hours.


I have a review for my first story and I am soooo happy. Once school's out I can finally work on my stories and up date.

6/17/05 11:33pm:

I updated Stargem the Hedgehog today. I have sooo many ideas for stories now. One that I’m considering is for a multi-game crossover. I may write that soon.


I'm back. Planning for college is hard and it takes away from my writing. I promise to update soon. I have this ambition to get a game I play its own section here. I'm not telling which game though.

9/14/05: Alrighty then. I'm still alive. Not so sure when I’ll update stories but I’m working on it.

10/9/05: Posted a new story; it’s for Final Fantasy Tactics and it’s called Through My Eyes. Check it out.

10/20/05: Hey I'm glad to know that people are checking out my latest story, but umm can some of you review please. How am I supposed to get better if you don't tell me how I did or what needs to be improved. Anyway I'm currently working on chapter 3 of Through My Eyes and it should be up by Monday. I hope that this story can break the three review curse that my stories seem to have, but it looks like it will anyway. I'm also thinking about doing a Whose Line fic with the Final Fantasy Tactics crew but I don't know how well I can write humor.

11/01/05: It seems that chapter three is taking longer to write than I expected. I hate writers block.

11/09/05: I'm getting back on track now. Also now I have got a new e-mail address to dedicate just for fan fiction. So now the e-mail will go to that account instead and that will be the one I reply from also.

11/12/05: I updated Through My Eyes this morning.

11/14/05: It looks at least 8 people glanced at chapter 3 but no reviews. To be honest, I'm at least waiting for one review before I continue writing chapter 4. I am having fun writing this story, and I don't think it is too far out of my writing abilities.

12/08/05: Things have been going slow in writing C4 of Through My Eyes. I have so much school work, but I try to write when I have the time.

1/29/06: Happy New Year everyone! New Year, new computer, new ambitions. Now that I have a working computer again, it won't be long before I get chapter 4 up of Through My Eyes. I've been reading and reviewing like crazy today and my spark for writing has been ignited.

2/10/06: Chapter 4 of Through My Eyes is finally here, and it's about time too. My forum will probably be up sometime this weekend.

2/21/06: Hey everyone how are you doing? My forum has been up for 10 days now just so you all know. Don't be afraid, I don't bite.

3/06/06: Hey everyone, if you’re bored try doing a Google search of your pen name. I was surprised that something actually came up. I got a few giggles out of it as well.

3/28/06: I hope everyone is doing fine, and thank you for taking time to look at my profile.

3/31/06: I got a new forum up. It's called Imagination Unlimited. It's for RP's. So if you like to RP come and join me.

4/5/06: I couldn't help myself...I made a Twisted Metal forum. The games are really fun in my opinion. So I think there should be a place to discuss it.

4/21/06: Woo Hoo! I've been a member of FF.net yet for one year now! I'm really glad I've found this site. It has provided countless hours of entertainment and laughter. Also I found that my writing has improved since posting here. I would like to thank everyone who has reviewed, messaged me, or just took the time to read my stories or profile. Here's looking to another year of membership!

I've decided to give 2sidez and Samecoin their own names. 2sidez is now Luna and Samecoin is now Mai. starts throwing confetti around

4/26/06: It snowed yesterday! It's not supposed to snow. It's Spring and almost May. I was so surprised that I accidentally swore in front of my mom. I don't swear around my parents. I was like: "What the hel..." Later my parents teased me about it, but my dad said the same thing when he found out it was snowing.

4/30/06: For the past three days I haven't been able to logon to my account and it was annoying. There was something else I had wanted to say but I can't remember what.

5/02/06: Hey all, I think I'm starting to get ideas for Through My Eyes again, which is good because I've haven't done that much with it in quite some time. I think my muses are finally doing their job.

5/09/06: My Rp has started but it not to late to join; so if you like to Rp, check my forum out and see if your interested.

5/10/06: Poem number four is up for What it Means to Be.

5/17/06: Poem 5 is up. I'm excited because my prom is next week. My mom is making my dress and it is coming along nicely.

5/31/06: poems six and seven are up.

6/7/06: I have a myspace now.

7/12/06: I have the next poem ready, but I'm waiting until I finish writing chapter 5 of Through My Eyes before I put it up. I'll be starting college soon and getting ready has been a little stressful. That's why I haven't really been all that active in the past month.

8/23/06: Greetings from college!

9/25/07: I'm back! and I'm going to get back to work on some of my works.

11/21/07: And only now I realize I've been a member of this site for 2 years. facepalms

1/8/08: Happy New Year everyone, and a happy birthday to myself. I'm not sure what this year will hold for me writing wise but I hope to finally get chapter 5 done.

2/16/08: I finally got the monster know as chapter five done. It probably could have been a little better but I can always go back and edit. Now for chapter six...

3/14/09: Yeah...about chapter 6...I dunno if I'm going to get back to the story but if I do I may just rewrite some of the previous chapters to make them better or just fix some mistakes.

3/29/10: Yeah, I'm rewriting some of the older chapters at the moment. Not sure about if I'll continue Through my Eyes. I might, I've played FFT again not too long ago, so there may still be some ideas left for this story yet.


Stargem the Hedgehog:

Chapters: 2, Rated T, General. (Sonic the Hedgehog)

Currently discontinued. I think with this I was trying to write something beyond my current abilities.

Mirror Madness:

Chapters: 1, Rated T, Humor/General. (Sonic the Hedgehog)

Currently discontinued. Same as above.

Through My Eyes:

Chapters: 5, Rated T, Action/Adventure/General. (Final Fantasy Tactics)

On hold.

People who have reviewed:

Julin Mizumi, shon , Ice Fox priestess ,Recollection , Shotgunnova , random , Ilvinaeda , Kamimaia , ChaoticRetribution , Bladedwind , and SerialRavist.

What it Means to be...:

Chapters: 8, Rated T, Poetry/General (Final Fantasy Tactics)

This is a series of short poems about the different classes of FFT. (on hold)

Classes done so far: Squire, Chemist, Dancer, Knight, Archer, White Mage, Black Mage, Bard, Mime


Chapters: 1, Rated K, Poetry/General (Tetris)-Complete

A short poem about Tetris.


Chapters: 1, Rated T, General (Final Fantasy Tactics)-Complete

A look into a moment between two of Ramza's former companions.

This was done for the FFT Writing Circle. Even though it is complete I may end up continuing it sometime. I've having ideas that won't leave me alone, but who knows.

For the Love of Adventure :

Chapters: 1, Rated T, General/Action/Adventure (Final Fantasy Tactics)-Complete

Two friends who enjoy exploring get a little more than they bargined for.

This was done for the FFT Writing Circle (2nd challenge).

Serenade :

Chapters: 1, Rated T, Romance/General (Final Fantasy Tactics)-Complete

A black mage accepts a request from her dancer friend, but ends up getting something she wasn't expecting.

This was done for the FFT Writing Circle (3rd challenge).

Past and Present :

Chapters: 1, Rated T, Friendship/General (Final Fantasy Tactics)-Complete

The past catches up to two of Ramza's group as the result of a battle.

This was done for the FFT Writing Circle (5th challenge).

P.A.: Potions Anonymous:

In the works. Rated T, Humor. (Diablo)

Have you ever accidentally drunk more than one potion? What if your character found themselves likin' the taste a bit too much? I love when ideas like this go through my mind. : ) (Still just a dream)

Favorite words, phrases, & quotes:

"Now that is a big mushroom!" (Sorcerer-Rogue-Warrior) Diablo. I just love how the Sorcerer talks.

"I can't be you and I can't use mind control." (Myself, my dad and any one of mine or borrowed characters.)

"And who then will save you from yourself?" (Again myself and my papa. We can make the funniest pair sometimes.)

"Danger, danger, danger!" (Steve Irwin, Crocodile Hunter)

Acquiesce- To accept without arguing.

Ad nauseam- To the point of nausea. (Latin)

Au contraire- On the contrary. (French)

Entre nous- (Just) between us. (French)

Fleurs du mal- Flowers of evil. (French)

Inter nos- (Just) between us (Latin)

In extremis- Near death. (Latin)

Xerampelinae- Red clothes. (FF8) May use this as a name most of the time.

"It tastes just like an Almond Joy, except with out the almonds...wait...that's a Mounds. Oops, nevermind." (Me commenting on the taste of a coconut macaroon with chocolate)

Characters (Ask me if you want to use them please.):

Yuka the Hedgehog (F):

Light gray color with white steaks and light blue eyes. Wears a light pink t-shirt and pink jeans. Also wears white gloves and pink shoes. She is serious and smart. She does enjoy a good laugh every once in a while. Yuka sometimes doubts herself and her powers. Her powers come natural to her, but are mostly 'star' based. ‘Burning Star Inferno' is an example.

Stargem the Hedgehog (F):

Lavender color with light pink eyes. Wears a light blue blouse with matching pants. She also wears white gloves and white shoes with lavender trim. Stargem likes to help her friends and is kind and generous. She has a sad side that she keeps locked up. Others see her as content and easily amused. Her power comes from a copy of a Chaos Emerald.

Nerak the Hedgehog (M):

Light blue with hazel eyes. Sometimes he wears a lavender t-shirt and blue jeans when he feels like it, but he always wears white gloves and black shoes. He is dark and somewhat twisted. Has problems trusting people, but loyal to those he do. You do not want to get on his bad side or on his list. His powers can differ between chaos power and elemental power (depends on the story).

Rosada the Hedgehog (F):

Light pink with light purple eyes. She prefers to wear black most of the time. She has a balance between seriousness and playfulness. Rosada likes to help and be around people. Sometimes called Rosa for short. She is also quite fond of parties, but she and alcohol do not mix well. Her powers are based off of her emotions and the emotions of others.

Name: Marcella Ulti
Age: 20
Gender: Female

Looks: Light blue eyes, long light purple hair drawn into a ponytail in the back, 5'7", and wears a purple blouse and jeans.

Abilities: Healing, and black magic (Fire, lightning, and mostly ice).

Info: She was left in a village by her parents when she was only one year old. The people of the village raised her to together and taught her magic. One day when she was 17 weird things started to happen to her village and after about a month the people of the village thought she was behind it and exiled her. She has been wandering ever since.

Faves (about time I got around to this and in no particular order):


Yu-Gi-Oh, Yu Yu Hakusho, Rurouni Kenshin, Sailor Moon, Dragonball, DBZ, One Piece, Samurai Champloo, Tenchi Muyo, Revolutionary Girl Utena, Witch Hunter Robin, Lupin III, Inuyasha, Beyblade, Big O, Card Captor Sakura, Cowboy Bebop, Digimon, Full Metal Alchemist, Trigun, Outlaw Star, Cyborg 009, and a few others...


Final Fantasy Tactics,8,9,10,12, Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit, Twisted Metal 1,2,3,4,Small Brawl, Black, Tetris, Tekken 1,2,3,4,5 Diablo, Diablo 2, Sonic games, Crash Bandicoot 1,2,Warped,Bash,Team Racing, Driver, and a few others...


I tried to put a list together but there were too many to name. I like a lot of characters.

2sidez: Hi everyone. I'm 2sidez. My personality is most like Stargem. Samecoin and I will appear from time to time at the beginning or end of stories.

Samecoin: Yeah, yeah. What's up people? My name is Samecoin. I guess my personality is most like Yuka's. I just hope I can keep her, points at 2sidez, from getting on your nerves.

2sidez: Sooo mean! Anyway, we represent the two sides of the authoress. Pssst. (Coin has a crush on Shadow the Hedgehog.)

Samecoin: What did you just say?

2sidez: Nothing... ;)

2sidez: So Coin what are we going to do for the New Year?

Samecoin: How about you stop acting so hyper and we start being better muses?

2sidez: Who says I'm being hyper? It's not like I had 10 candy bars or something.

Samecoin: No you didn't; you just had 2 spoonfuls of frosting, 1 sucker, a pack of Now& Laters (no own), and hot chocolate. I think that amounts to about 8.5 candy bars.

2sidez: Yeah, right, sure it does. You just don't know how to loosen up.

Samecoin: Oh please, you have enough fun for the both of us.

2sidez: No I don't... I have enough fun for myself only.

Samecoin: What am I gonna do with you?

Luna: We've got names now! Isn't this exciting!

Mai: Yes. Now we can consider ourselves true muses.

Luna: I can't believe that it has been a year already. Time sure does fly.

Mai: You can say that again. Now we really need to pick up the pace and gather some ideas.

Luna: Why?

Mai: sigh-For chapter 5 of Through My Eyes, remember?

Luna: Right, right. Maybe doing the poems on each of the classes in FFT will help.

Mai: What? When did this happen?

Luna: I gave her the idea when she was half sleep. She wanted to have something ready for our 1 year anniversary and she knew that chapter 5 wouldn't be done in time.

Mai: But without me?

Luna: Sorry.

Mai:-heavy sigh- It's all right. Hopefully we can help her get chapter five done by the middle of next month.

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