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Hey this is Stardog3434! You may know me as the author of My Stranger and Locked Up...for those who don't know me I insist you read my stories.

I do have a myspace and if you want to check it out here's the url.

June 13,2009

Hey everyone. My gosh it's been a LONG LONG time since being on here. I missed it. I want to continue writing stories and get my story the recognition it deserves. =)

July 31st 2007

Well good news to My Stranger fans and such. I'm now working on the new chapter and it'll probably be up in some days. I might have lost the magic that I had before when I wrote it...but at least it's returning!

June 24th 2007's seriously been a long time. I've kinda stopped going on this site and also stopped writing the next chapter to My Stranger. I have a lot of writer's block. I'll try to get back to that. I'm glad I'm still getting review. Thanks to my dear fans! Buh-bye!

October 5th 2006

It's been awhile since I've been on. I'm really writing the continuance to My Stranger Chapter Thirteen. I'm on Fall Break so I think I can have time to do it. Lucky me! Well bye!

August 24th 2006

I'm back! It's been three months since I've been on here and I got to say that I've missed it. I got one review for my latest chapter on My Stranger. I'll try to continue it when I get the chance. Thanks to all my fans who have stuck by me for the long run! See ya!

April 21st 2006

Oh man! I feel so upset that I didn't get any reviews though I did notice that people are adding My Stranger to their favorites list or author alerts list. Please if you read the story, leave a review! I like reviews. They help me continue my story. Well that's it!

April 19th 2006

Coool! I haven't been on this site for almost five months. Well I'm going to break that now. I've noticed that I'm still getting reviews for my stories. Those reviews have inspired me to come back to this site. I'm going to continue my stories including Locked Up. It's hard to do. You know, writer's block lol! I hope you will stay tuned for my stories soon! Well I finally updated My Stranger. The new chapter is up and waiting to be read! I hope you all review! Also like it! LoL! Well see ya!

November 14th 2005

Wow! I haven't been on in soooo long! I am now currently working on a new fic called The Clique about Starfire. I hope you all will like it!

September 5 2005

I finally got Chapter Eleven up on My Stranger! I hope everyone likes it. It's a very good chapter. There's alot of BBRAE Fluff in this one! I just hope I get ten reviews for this one! I think I will though. It's just so darn cute:D I love that chapter! Well new stories will be updated sooner or later. I'm just so busy these days. Well I'm out!

August 25th 2005

I'm back! I've been at school and was too busy to update my stories. Sorry about the wait people! My Stranger will be continuing and so is Locked Up. Locked Up is taking a very long time to write because I'm writing other stories. So it'll be up soon enough. Well that's all!

August 12th 2005

Today is my birthday! I'm finally 15! YAHOO! I'm a teenager! stops I mean, I already was but you get what I mean. I'm so glad that people like my story My Stranger. Chapter Eleven is so hard. I'm having problems trying to write it. WRITER'S BLOCK...yet again. Ugh. Oh well...I'll keep going for the sake of my fans. Peace!

July 23rd 2005

YaY! I'm back on! Chapter ten is on the works and I just hope my fans will like it. I did for sure. Well I'm still working on Dare to Love. I can't think of anything for Locked Up. I hate writer's block. I get it too much. It might just pass soon enough. Well bye!

July 10th 2005

I got alot of reviews on Chapter nine! I knew the people would like it. Someone wrote me this review saying that they hated Stranger because he was ruining the Beastboy and Raven couple. That was funny. Phew! I'll be starting to write chapter ten. That will be better! Sadly, I'm having BAD writer's block! That's sux...Oh well.

July 5th 2005

I finally updated My Stranger. I hope I end up getting at least three or more reviews. That would make my day complete...really. I'm thinking of getting Chapter Nine of My Stranger up soon. Not today that I know of. Maybe two days from now. I know my fans want to find out who her admirer is but I can't tell them...yet that is. Chapter nine IS my favorite chapter so far. I just hope THEY enjoy it.

July 4th 2005

I'm surprised I haven't been on for a while. My computer started to mess up so I'm sorry for people who have been trying to contact me. I was shocked to find out that I had reviews for Locked up waiting. WOW! Don't worry people, I'm still continuing Locked up. I'm currently writing the second chapter. I have a bad case of writer's block at the moment. While my comp was frozen, I've been writing new chaps for My Stranger. So look out for the new ones. Chapter eight is coming tommorrow. Wahoo! (Maybe) I wrote like two chapters of it. I know you'll like it. Well I gots to go.

June 8th 2005

Finally, I'm releasing the first chapter of Locked Up. It won't be up until tommorrow though...bummer. I've been thinking of writing more stories...which u can probably tell that I'm suffering from writer's block. When you write alot of stories it means you are. I'm having MAJOR writer's block for My Stranger on Chapter eight. I'm havin' so much trouble on it but I'll get through. It's not at the climax yet! Well, talk to you later!

Here's a little info about me: (Updated)

Name: Lea

Favorite foods: Philippina food

Favorite shows: Kids Next Door, Teen Titans, Inuyasha, Spongebob, That's So Raven, The Real World, Boy Meets World, Tokyo Mew Mew, Hacked, Fear Factor, Zachbell, Full Metal Alchemist, Paranoia Agent, S-cry-ed, Wolf's Rain, Naruto, Bleach, Ghost in The Shell, Eureka Seven, Chobits, Ouran High School Host Club, Lucky Star, Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Deathnote, Neon Genesis Evangelion, and Fruits Basket

Favorite characters: Numbuh Four and Numbuh Three from KND, Raven and Beastboy from TT, Slade from Teen Titans (Okay that must be weird having a favorite character with a bad villain but he's too awesome. His lines are the best!) Spongebob from ya know, Edward Elric and Al Elric from Full Metal Alchemist (Edward is HOT and Al is very SWEET!),and Inuyasha, Kagome, Koga, Miroku, Kirara, and Sango from Inuyasha. (love almost all the characters from Inuyasha except the villains), Rukia Kuchiki, and Ichigo Kurosaki. Oh I almost forgot Inuyasha's older brother, Naruto, Sasuke, and Hinata.

Nicknames: Lei-Lei or Lee

From: Manila, Philippines

Born: August 12th

Favorite couples: Numbuh Four and Numbuh Three(of course!), Kagome and Inuyasha(4eva!), Robin and Starfire(The CUTEST!), Beastboy and Raven (Luv it!), Miroku and Sango (They're SO cute 2gether!), Kim and Ron (Yeah!), Danny and Sam (Perfect!)Numbuh Two and Numbuh Five(These two are cute!), Inuyasha and Kikyo (Don't hate me because I said that, they are.), Sasuke and Sakura (YES I LOVE THIS COUPLE!), Naruto and Hinata(These two are perfect for each other even though Naruto is too dense to notice), Ichigo and Rukia (I find their relationship to be really funny), and Numbuh one and Lizzie (Isn't it obvious?)

Couples I detest: Beastboy and Terra(ugh...hate Terra) and Kikyo and Inuyasha (eeek)

Characters I hate: Terra (Isn't it ironic how she turns to a rock? Her powers always involved rocks and now she is one. That's pretty ironic.), Naraku (Always hated him...not gonna change), Gizmo (He is so annoying!) Kikyo (well I don't hate her. She's pretty okay in my book.), and Numbuh one (His baldness upsets me. Lol. J/k!)

That's it! Well, in case people don't know, Philippines is in Asia next to Japan and China. It's the small island on the bottom of Japan and it's right next to Malaysia.

I love anime! It's one of the most beautiful animations I've seen in my life but that's just my opinion. Everyone has their own beliefs. Oh and those who want to contact me about my story just e-mail me at! That's really my lil' sister's email address. My real email address is! Well, I'll see you!

Quotes From Teen Titans!

Fear Itself:
When you split up, the monster hunts you down one at a time, starting
with the good-looking comic relief guy, ME!

Cyborg: Look y'all big scary monkey, hahaha.
Beast Boy: Yeah Raven you should've seen the look on your face.
Raven: You mean THIS LOOK!
Beast Boy:/ No thats more angry than scared..
Raven: I already told you, I dont-get-scared.

Raven: (Sarcastically) A couch potato with a souped-up remote...
I'm petrified...
Control Freak: Oh but you will be... you WILL be!

Beast Boy: This movie is going to freak-you-out.
Raven: Whatever..

(Raven wakes up with a gasp and looks around her
room and sees the dark, scary shadows)
Raven: Maybe I should get to the redecorating...

Beast Boy: This movie is cursed. All those who watch it,
strange things happen to them. MWA-HAHAHAAHAHA!
Raven: Just start the movie.

Beast Boy: Is it over?
Starfire: I dare not open my eyes to find out.
Cyborg: Now I'm really sick to my stomach.
Robin: I've fought psychotic villians, robot commandoes and
giant oozing monsters but that was the scariest thing I've
EVER seen.

(Cyborg, Raven, and Star are going into the basement)
Starfire: Well, it appears they are not here, so why do we not leave...
Cyborg: No; we're not leaving till we get to the bottom of this.
Starfire: You mean this unpleasant room is not the bottom?

Starfire: Eeek! Someone's claws are on my grebnax!
Beast Boy: Heh.. My bad..
Cyborg: There was a monster here right?
Robin: But where did it go?
Starfire: And from where did it come?
Beast Boy: HELLO! Isn't it obvious? The movie's cursed!
Watching it opened a portal to another dimension!
The monster came through the portal, now it's gonna
hunt us down and eat us! AND I'M PROBABLY DELICIOUS!

Date With Destiny
Starfire: (Slapping Kitten) This PROM is some kind of duel, yes?
If so, Robin gladly accepts!
Robin: It's not a duel, Star. It's a date.
Starfire: Robin MUST NOT accept! Do you hear me?

Kitten: Pucker up! (Starts making kissy faces at Robin)
(Robin blocks her mouth with his hand)
Robin: Not even if you paid me.

Beast Boy: You know, now that nobody's making
them on mutating, these little guys might actually
make good pets.
Raven: Don't even think about it.

Kitten: Come on, Robie-poo. You've never ever danced before?
Robin: Tried it once, didn't like it.
Kitten: Fine, then I can have the whole city destroyed
or we can skip straight to the kissing.
Robin: Wanna dance?

Kitten: Kiss me...
Robin: Sorry. I don't like you that way.
Matter of fact, I just don't like you.

Kitten: Would it kill you to smile?
(Robin tries to smile)
Robin: Maybe.

Beast Boy: (Seeing Raven with different colored robe) And
where have you been? Shopping for robes?
(Sad Raven starts to cry)
Beast Boy: Whoah! Easy there. I didn't mean it!

Beast Boy: Raven? How did-? Where are-? What just-?
(Notices her attire) Why are you wearing pink?'
Pink Raven: (Laughs) 'Cause... it's my favorite color!
Beast Boy: It is?
Cyborg: Look, I'd love to talk fashion, but would you
know a way out of here?
Pink Raven: The forbidden door. It's the only way out.
But you don't wanna go there... not yet.
Beast Boy & Cyborg: (Short pause) Uh... yeah we do.
Pink Raven: Kay, but don't say I didn't warn you.
(Runs off making airplane noises)
Cyborg: Have you ever seen her this happy?
Beast Boy: Dude, I didn't know Raven could DO happy...

Cyborg: Hey, I know where we are! We're in that place
that I didn't know where we were before.

Raven: Thanks... friends.
Beast Boy: So we really are friends?
Raven: Hmmm... (Nods yes)
Beast Boy: Do you think I'm funny?
Raven: ... Don't push it.

Sad Raven: I can show you the way, but
when we reach the end you won't like me anymore.
(Points to Beast Boy)
Sad Raven: He already doesn't like me.

Robin: Where have you guys been?
Cyborg: Just getting to know each other...
Starfire: Come friends. We shall prepare a new breakfast
Beast Boy: It's a little late for breakfast, Star. How
about some herbel tea?
Raven: Actually, breakfast sounds... nice.
Beast Boy: (eyes sparkle) Breakfast for dinner, comin' up!
(Runs down the hall)
Cyborg: (Chasing after Beast Boy) Oh, no, I'm
cookin' this time. We're havin' real eggs!

Moody Raven: And remember the time I called
you both immature pinheads? I'm sorry for that too.
And also -
Beast Boy: For the hundreth, millionth time -
Beast Boy & Cyborg: WE FORGIVE YOU.

(Beast Boy is standing outside Raven's room, reluctant
to go in and apoligize to her. He knocks once and very quietly)
Beast Boy: Oh, well. Nobody's home.
(Starts walking away whistling, and runs into Cyborg)
Cyborg: You might want to knock a little louder.
(Cyborg bangs on Raven's door, causing it to fall down)
Beast Boy: Now we both have to apoligize.

Robin: Morning, Raven! Want breakfast?
Beast Boy: (Holds up a plate and runs up to Raven)
It's good! Wakey wakey, tofu eggs and bakey...
Raven: Herbal... tea...
Beast Boy: Come on, just one little taste? You could
use some food after the way you cooked Dr. Light ...
Raven: (Angered) NOOOOOO!
(The eggs on Beast Boy's plate explode in his face)

Robin: Thanks for making us breakfast, Beast Boy.
Starfire: On my planet, breakfast was a meal of marriages.
Tell me, to whom are you engaged?
Beast Boy: WAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH! (Backs away)

Cyborg: (Points to each Raven) Happy, timid, brave.
Different sides of Raven's personality. We're not in
Raven's home.
Beast Boy: We're in her head.
Raven: And I want you out. (Jumps down into the mirror)
The mirror you found is for meditation, it's a portal into
Beast Boy: Heh, heh, my bad.
(Birds start flying away.)
Raven: You have to go, now.
Cyborg: Hold up, what's goin' on here?
Raven: Last night, something in my mind got loose...
something BAD.
Beast Boy: Oh, no you don't! I've had it with this mystery
girl routine! I wanna know exactly what you're talking about!
(Trigon appears)
Raven: Let's just say, I had issues with my father...

Beast Boy: You know, not once has Raven laughed at my jokes!
Cyborg: At least she listens. I just tune you out.

Raven: I thought you didn't like me.
Beast Boy: I thought you didn't like me.
(Raven grins)
Cyborg: Hey, I like the both of you! Now get your
butts over here!

(Beast Boy and Cyborg are in Raven's happy place in her mind.)
Beast Boy: I think this might be where air fresheners are from.
Pink Raven: (Laughes) Good one!
Cyborg: You're laughing... ?
Beast Boy: At one of MY jokes?
Pink Raven: Sure! I always though you were funny,
B.B. But hey, looks aren't everything! (Walks away laughing.)
(Beast Boy and Cyborg stare at each other weirdly)

Beast Boy: What is your deal? First, you nuke breakfast,
then you finally laugh at my joke, then you get all weepy,
and now you're a marine? Make up your mind! WHO ARE YOU?
(All the Ravens appear)
Ravens: I'm Raven!
(Beast Boy faints)
Cyborg: (Pointing to each one) Happy, Timid, and Brave...
Pink Raven: (Points to Beast Boy) You forgot Dopey!

End of Quotes from Teen Titans

More Quotes Soon!

This is my New Stories for Teen Titans Section!

NEW! Locked Up- The Teen Titans are well-known for out beating the villians and saving Jump City from the clutches of evil. Until one day, the titans wake to find that they're locked in their own tower by their toughest villain, Slade. He tells the titans that if any of the titans escape the tower, a detonantor(Sry spelled wrong)will launch and destroy the whole world. But if the titans stay in the tower, the bomb from within their tower will explode and kill them. They have until three weeks to choose-save the world or save their own lives? What will you choose if you were in this situation?

NEW! Dare to Love- Beastboy finally realizes that he's in love with Raven but is too afraid to tell her. When Robin and Cyborg find out about his "crush" they dare him to try to become Raven's boyfriend for a month.To intend thathe does it,they offer a brand new moped if he does it.Problem is, Raven doesn't love him or even cares about him. So will Beastboy have time to make the girl of his dreams fall madly for him or will he end up losing his moped?

NEW! The Clique- This is a story about Starfire meeting up with a bunch of preps and joins them. Ever since she joined, Starfire seems to be mean, snooty, and also seems to dislike Robin! What's going on with our beloved Starfire? More on the summary...soon!

End Of New Teen Titans Section!

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