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Hi! Thanks for stopping by. Hm... what to put here? Maa... it doesn't matter. As a warning - I write mostly yaoi. You probably already know that though. It's just so gratifying to fangirl over the boyonboy goodness, ne?

I love comments, and constructive critizism is nice from writers with more experience than I have. A interesting note on flames: they're intriguing, especially the ones that have enough anger pent up to leave two paragraphs. Scroll down for The Corner!

I peruse for several series, but only write for a few.

Boats I captain (get it, get it? Ships I sail, boats I captain? No? Okay. )

Fruits Basket (Yuki x Kyo) -- Quite a few Yukikyo ficlets... and Thoughts Pending. o_O

Gravitation (Yuki x Shuichi)

Kingdom Hearts (Riku x Sora, Axel x Roxas, Cloud x Leon)

Naruto (Kakashi x Iruka, Sasuke x Naruto, Genma x Raidoh) -- most of my stories on are from Naruto.

Prince of Tennis (Fuji x Ryoma, Momoshiro x Kaidoh)

Saiyuki! (5 x 8, 3 x 9)

Samurai Champloo (Jin x Mugen) -- so much love for the JinMugen-ness

And ReBoot is an old favorite that shall never die... because... my penname is Andraia. Because I'm a nerd like that.

Flame Aia Corner!

Recently educated Flame Aia Corner.

I ranked number one on some guy's fucktarded list and found it interesting that there are different levels of flamers (with their own dictionaries!). Ya learn something new about the interwebs and it's lifeless crowd every day, no?

So there are Trollers that are pointless flamers and there are Respectable Flamers. So these weren't real flamers apparently. Even so, they were bothering me. So I effectively put a stop to the Trollers. Even if they're not real flamers, we'll call them nuisances. And these nuisances have stopped their trolling on me, and a few others that have used this method of bringing out the Trollers. I don't mind so much the people that leave two paragraphs of rage because seriously, if it's that built up, let it out, honey.

Here's where my edju-muh-cation came from:

The Extremely Fucktarded List:

Lotus Aia:

- This person bashes Flamers, but what she doesn't realize is that what she was replying to in her profile were simply Troll Flamers and not Respectable Flamers. Not to mention, she stated that she had her "fans" (a.k.a brainless groupies) help her tear a former flamer apart, but I'm sure all they did was spam them until they had to relent. She's also obnoxiously arrogant because in the end, "Sarah" wasn't a real flamer.

I think he meant Serene, but we'll ignore that and get to the point. He called you brainless groupies. Are you gonna stand for that? Kidding. I just wanted to mull over his words. Yes, I bash flamers. Nope, didn't realize there were levels of Flaming. Thank you for the information, good sir. My 'fans' (ye who be brainless groupies) aren't my fans. They're fans of the stories. Lastly, they couldn't message her because she did not leave penname or link, merely a non-log-in name. Not even I could spam her had I the desire. She came back to my profile on her own accord. Lastly... obnoxiously arrogant... hmm... Maybe you and I are meant for each other then? Kisses Ghosty. And it was an honor to rank top on your list (now that was obnoxiously arrogant).

The 'Annoy' Aia Corner (since I've been informed they aren't flames)


Mission Sex, anon.

That was stupid...

Well 'Cat-san' (what an original name by the way, oh-so creative) The fact you have an opinion is wonderful, because I fully support everyone having their own opinion. But I must grieve your lack of balls for not letting me reply to you. You must have been neutered as a kitten. I'd send you an 'enjoy being sexless' note, but I can't. Because you fear a little ol' pervert fanfictionwriter. How sad, ne?


Kayla Hill
Internet Perdition, anon.

Fuck This story!

Well Kayla Hill of sailromoon, I appreciate the fake email address to 'throw me off' in a sad attempt at being brazen. It was enjoyable to laugh at. And such naughty language! I should turn you over my knee, force you to watch two men have sex, then wash your mouth out with soap! And if you'd like to take your poor capitalization skills and fuck my yaoi story so much, you go right ahead. I know it makes you horny just thinking about jacking on your motherboard. So get humpin'. And what's this? You flamed the same story twice!


Kayla Hill
Internet Perdition (yet again!), anon.

This is bull! Naruto and Hinata belong together and gays so stay away form that! Even though I'm on the wrong chapter...

Hm, well, considering I'm on chapter five of this fan fiction, it is relatively hard to "stay away from it", so to speak. And I have all kinds of warnings in the summary, so I can only assume you clicked the link to protest my protest. And (gasp!) you decided to read the SAME EXACT STORY YOU FLAMED LAST TIME! Do I get that much of a rise out of you just by existing?

You have an opinion that offends 99 percent of my readers... go away before your mauled by the yaoi fangirls and fanboys.

So shove your bull in your philly and congratulations on being a moron.



Okay. I get it. I understand that I ticked you and your loyal fans off
and I'm sorry. I really didn't mean to offend you and your fans. Your a
good writer and your stories are excellent, even if they orbit around
Yaoi couples I don't particulary like. I realised that my comment wasn't
exactly the nicest one in the world, and I apologize. I mean it. I hope
you and your fans find it in your hearts to forgive me.

Previously, I had Serene's original review posted here. Apparently I, and all ye wonderful fans who railed in your reviews about the flame, convinced her to apologize. It is a heart felt apology, so I've taken down the flame and my nasty response. Thank you, Serene, and I accept your apology. Again, thank you, for addressing me and the fans. That means a lot.


And to everyone who flames yaoi couples, or even stories in general, flames are mean. A lot of writers on this site are new, have their own opinions, and are trying to write stories for the betterment of self. Constructive criticism is a wonderful tool, much like a teacher to student method of learning. But downright rude comments about ability, opinion, and content, are by far cowardly and childish, not to mention hurtful. (as we can all see, Andraia wasn’t hurt at all. In fact she quite enjoys getting flames) So if ANYONE out there gets a flame, remember what I’ve said about childish and cowardly. Don’t be a flamer, and don’t let flames get you down!

As a side note... I stopped getting those 'troller' flames after posting this little corner. Thanks again Ghosty for the info on levels of flamers. But now that you tell me they weren't real flames... that kinda bursts my bubble. Probably take them down after a while... but if I get more Trollers it's going RIGHT back up.




Lotus Aia (Andraia): Burning homophobic eyes since 2005.

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