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Many people hear voices when no-one is there. Some of them are called mad and are shut up on rooms where they stare at the walls all day. Others are called writers and they do pretty much the same thing. — Meg Chittenden

What is written without effort is in general read without pleasure. -Samuel Johnson

You don't write because you want to say something; you write because you've got something to say. -Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald

Disclaimer: I don't own anything!

I do this here because I will forget to do them in the chapters...sometimes.

I don't demand that you review my story. Again, it's nice and I do love hearing from you. I do responed to every reviewer, though. Unless I have no way of doing so...

Things I won't do:

1. Sit on a chapter for reviews. None of that 'I want 10 reviews for the next chapter' crap. As long as someone in the world of fanfiction is reviewing I will update.

2. Ignore a reviewer. If you ask a question or have a complaint, I will address it as soon as possible. If it's a stupid flame, then I ignore it. But if it is an honest complaint, I will PM the reviewer or fine a way to contact them to fix the problem.

3. Give you anything that is truly unedited. I do read through all of my work at least a few times before updating, but I am a horrible speller and probably won't notice if something is wrong. I do most of my work at night when I'm tired, so there are a lot of mistakes (not just spelling) throughout my stories. If you want to, feel free to point them out. I might reward you with a sneak peak at the next chapter or something!

If you catch me doing anything of those things, please call me on it. Again, I reward people who catch my mistakes! Or at least try to...depending on what they want.

Writing/story pet-peeves!!

1.When your reading a story and it's in something like 3rd pov, and then suddenly there's So and So's P.O.V. -I think that blah, blah blah was wrong because blah blah blah...

Back to Normal P.O.V.

You see were I'm going with this? It's stupid and it annoys me to NO end. Just put down he is so wrong, so and so thought, I know it! It's so much easier. Really, try it. Just once. You'll see. I don't mind alternating POV between chapters, though. It's just in the middle of a chapter for no reason.

2. Another thing that I really hate is when people don't use punctuation. And it's not just incorrect punctuation, because I do that too. All the time. It's something I can deal with. But when a moron completely ignores periods all together? It's...arggggg! This is writing, people, USING PUNCTUATION IS THE LEAST YOU CAN DO! And don't give me that crap about how you're just here to have fun, not make a career or anything. That's fine. I'm right there with you. But still, for the other readers, respect what you've learn in English. Periods are useful...so are commas.

3. Alright is actually all right. Not one word...kinda like alot and a lot.

4. When writing dialogue, and a character is addressing another character, you put a comma in front of their name.

example: "I've got to fight, John." Not, "I've got to fight John."

Notice how in the first one, it sounds like the character is addressing John, where as the second one sounds as if they're going to fight John.

5. Then, there's always when people flame, then leave like nothing but "ew!" Seriously? This is your moment to help the author; help them with their own writing, and all you can say is "ew"? Not even "Ew! could have been better"? That's real helpful, genius. At least say what was wrong. I know my grammar and tense suck, and people have told me(my spelling, too. Can't you tell?). And I'm thankful. Just say something other than "ew!" and give a reason, for crying out loud.

NEW: 6. When writing summaries, never put "I can't write summaries" in your summary. You've got two lines to sell me on reading, and you waste space basically telling me that you have no idea what you're story is about, but you want me to read it. Just tell what's going on with your character. Are they going on a long journy and face many problems along the way? Tell me that! Tell me the love interest or their main problem. Don't ever tell me that you can't explain to me the basic idea of you're own story.

There's more, but you don't want to hear about those, do you.

This site, which was designed (I believe) by one of our own, is a great help. It helped me a lot. Now let's see if I can actually remember to use it.

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So, I’ve see it going around that a lot of people aren’t reviewing, or leaving simple reviews, because they “don’t know what to say.”

While “I love it! Please update” is great and encouraging to an author, it’s a known fact that they really really love the long reviews. I know I do. And it’s not that I don’t value the shorter reviews, but it’s easier to get to know the audience when you get their honest reaction to your work. It’s a relationship that’s forming between the author and reader, and it only works if the author actually knows what the reader is thinking.

And just like you have a favorite stories or authors list, authors have favorite reviewers list. Sad and unfair, but true. At least it is for me.

So, do you want to be the reviewer that the author waits to hear from? The one that leaves the author glowing with pride or seriously thinking about what they write?

Of course you do.

Here’s some helpful tips:

1. It’s always best to start off on a positive note, so tell the author what’s working in the story/chapter, such as the theme, dialogue between characters, action, writing style, believability of events and characters. What part did you really like? Don’t make it complicated; a sentence or two will work.

2. Next, focus on what you felt was missing from the story/chapter. This is the usually where everyone comes up with a blank. Either their afraid of bothering or pissing off the author, or they just don’t know what they disliked or how to say it. But no writer is perfect! Here are some questions to answer:

Were descriptions of the characters or their actions vague? Did the dialogue feel too stiff or wooden? How was the setting? Did you as a reader feel grounded in the setting, able to picture everything from the character to how a room was set up, or were you kind of just floating around a space trying to image what was happening?

Did the point of view switch around? Did switching from one scene to a next feel jarring or unnatural?

Were the characters believable? This is not referring to an OOC (but it could if it’s important to you), but what they do and say. We don’t talk in complete sentences, so there’s no reason a character should. Does the dialogue reveal the personality of the character or does the author have to state everything the character is thinking and feeling? Are their voices distinctive, or do all the characters sound alike?

Did the character act and feel fully developed or more flat? When you were reading, did feel something for the character or were they just kind of there. Characters should be vivid and defined. It’s okay if you hate the character, as long as they make you feel. Ever read a story and just think “I don’t really care about what happens to this person.”

Was the author’s writing consistent? Was it flowery in one place but not in another? Was a sentence or a passage unclear?

Did the plot even make sense? Did some parts seem too far-fetched? Is there still missing information that’s needed to understand what happened?

3. Then, end the review on another positive note. This will be the part where you ask for an update (or beg, if that’s what you do). Unless you’re actually pissed and won’t read anymore. Of course, then you’ll just piss off the author they will forever hate you.

Let’s not make this a community of hate.

4. AGAIN!! Don’t make it complicated. Do you have to answer every single one of these questions every time you review? NO! Ask them to yourself. Thing is, no matter how much we try, authors aren’t perfect and neither are our story/chapters. If we focus too much on dialogue, we forget description. Focus on description, and we inturrupt action and the reader their place. Some times we put so much into a story that it becomes unbelievable (and not in the good way). There’s something always wrong with the story/chapter. Maybe something is inconsistent from previous released information.

So, again, you don’t have answer all of it. Just pick out one thing you felt the story/chapter could have used. Give us you’re thought’s on the characters, their actions or hidden motives. What do you think is going to happen next? It's called a review/response sandwich:

Good, positive comment
Helpful comment
Good, positive

Authors love that stuff. And we value every review! So, please don’t stop reviewing no matter what. Even if all you leave are the short reviews. Above I said that I will never demand that you review my story. That's up to. I just figured if you're having problems coming up with something to say for any story, this might help.

Story updates:

I'm Listening: For two years, Hilary has been known as "The Listener." She is told the deepest secrets of those around her, but what no one else knows is that she holds the darkest one of them all. Can Kai convince her to tell him what it is, even if it means risking everything? KxH, rated: T (Finished)

It's being beta'd by zulka, so be sure to give her your thanks and love. She's doing an amazing job! You wouldn't believe how many things would be confusing if she didn't go "yeah...this sounds weird."

Cover for I'm Listening. I recently got permission from Someone2003 to use the banner that she made for I'm Listening as the cover you now see. Please go to the website below to see the banner in it's full and intended glory. It's amazing and I'm so happy and impressed that she took the time to do it.

Bad Math: Ray's the school's golden boy...and struggles with math. Mariah is the school's weirdo...and just happens to excel in math. With this cliche plot of tutoring leads to love and a whole bunch of teenage drama, can these two be convinced that they just don't add up?

Might have to take it down for re-write, but be assured that I haven't given up on it yet!

The Red Drop: Sunako has always wanted vampires and the like to be real, so when she finds a "Blood Drop" and the story of a heart-broken vampire to go with it, she's over the moon. However, that didn't mean she wanted three vampires to break into her house repeatedly and demand the drop back...or maybe it did. With all of the leverage in her hands, she's sure that she can convince them to change her (or else) and show them how to a real vampire, because they need a lot of work...

February 5, 2015 update: I've just posted a one-shot without the single idea why. Am I back? Probably not. It's not that I've lost my love of fanfiction or reading, really I've lost the time to dedicate to it. I might post something here or there, but please don't be on the look out for me. I've love all the support this site, you readers, have given from me. I truly appreciate it. Please be good to one another.

mylittlesubtleties.tumblr.com/ -another place you can find me. I'm there more often.

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