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It's finally here.


Go read it, or someone will cry.

July 26,2007 - CB Writes Orignal Fiction!

Who knew? I'm posting non-anime/manga-related stuff over at deviantart, for lack of a better place. The current story is The Blinds. Ana Karada is bitter, vindictive and blind. Jenna Sango is bitter, vindictive, and can see just fine. Go meet the Blinds!

June 2, 2007 - Team Glitter Glue Commemorative Statue Vote!

Commander Mai over at deviantart has done a picture of a statue for Team Glitter Glue... and the game isn't even over yet! It's far too glittersome for words. You will have to see it to believe it. Tee hee hee!

April 30, 2007 - TEAM SPARKLE VOTE!

Crystal Remnant has crafted an exceptional chibi-portrayal of Kougaiji, Pirate Hat on head, and sparkles at the ready. I love this picture. You, too, will love this picture. Go see~!

+Don't Forget to Check Out the Fan Art for When Chibis Attack+

Scroll down. It's all there.

Feel free to submit your own... email me, with 'Chibis' somewhere in the subject line

February 1, 2006 - A curse on you, and all your chocolate!

My bathroom is still covered in goddamn sparkles. Wherever I go, people say, "Sparkle on your nose!", "Sparkle in your hair!", "Sparkle on your socks!". Curse you, sparkly chocolate monster! Curse you to bits!

January 10,2006 - Yeah... that's cool. In it's own way...
I think I just read a fic that was actually a fanfic of my fanfic... you know, When Chibis Attack! It was a little weird, as a feeling. It's pretty much my fic, minus the alcoholic, plus a self-insert. It was an odd feeling, reading it.

Usually my response to people using fanworks, like fanart by me or my colorizations of manga panels is to smile and call it flattering. I mean, hey, if my coloring looks good enough that people confuse it with minekura's real stuff, that's a feather in my cap. I have a precedent set there.

Still, it felt weird to see someone take a situation that came out of my head, and write what they would do in it... On the other hand, it's flattering that the idea was so much fun that they want to play with it themselves. And the characters aren't mine to begin with, neither is the state of chibiness, so how could I have any rights to the situations that sprang from their use? So, yeah... it's fine with me. But if you read my fic and then feel like writing a fic that's actually supposed to be this particular type of chibis in this particular invasion scenario, you could alway give me props. You know, have a nameless drunk stumble through. You don't have to, but it would be cool.

December 23, 2005 - You'll never believe me...
Last night I was putting things away in my bathroom, and I started sorting out my stage-makeup kit. I put a few containers on the counter, and one of them tipped over.

I had an accident. Involving sparkles.

Now there are sparkles all over my bathroom, in my hair, on my socks, everywhere.

I keep turning around quickly to make sure no one's trying to hug me.

And if you haven't read Fight Club by now... get thee to a library!
It's the same flavor as Saiyuki, if you're into eating books. And you'll probably get more of the jokes... and why the Chibi narrator has no name. By Chuck Palahniuk.

Frequently Asked Question
This is the only question reviewers have asked that hasn't or won't be answered in the narrative:

How do you write the Chibi story?
It's easy. I drink. The hard part is deciphering the drunken scrawl and removing all the references to "rain hats". Sometimes I miss a few.

+Illustrations for When Chibis Attack+


Renegade Kitsune, who I can't seem to find a page for, has sent in her vote for Team Glitter Glue! It is gorgeous! You must see it!

February 12, 2007 - NEW TEAM GLITTER GLUE ART

Caligatio-Umbra over at deviantart has sent me the first pictures as votes for Team Glitter Glue! Here's Sanzo with Acute Hugosis! And here's the Saccharine Cup Promo Poster! I love this poster! Brought to you by Muffykins!

I'm laughing so hard, I can't stop crying...

January 22, 2007 - NEW TEAM SPARKLE ART!

Rexha, also known as Jirikira over at deviantart has put in a vote for Team Sparkle... and such a lovely vote! Go see the Bling! The Sparkles! The Chibis!

December 2, 2006 - NEW FAN ART! Sanzo's Kitten Jammies!

K.Mail over at sent in the first Kitten Jammies Sanzo! He is gorgeous! Check out the rest of her gallery while you're there. There is much cuteness.

December 3, 2006 - New Illustration.

By me. But it's darn cute. Chibi Youkai Hakkai. He is fiendishly adorable.

August 21, 2006 - New Art. A Message from Kougaiji!

Kougaiji left you a message. Go see what he has to say.

August 21, 2006 - NEW FAN ART!

Caligatio-Umbra from Deviantart did some lovely Chibi fanart, including a page or two of the first chapter as a manga, and a pic of Kougaiji's parka. So cute!

May 24, 2006 - NEW CHIBI FANART!

Gorgeous piece of fan art from Rexha. It's Kougaiji, with the Infamous Apple... go, bask in its glorious cuteness! This is Rexha's account, under the name of Jirikira. Love it!

May 1, 2006 -Chibi Art and Thanks!
Here's my "Big Frickin' Thank You!- Sanzo-style" to you all. When Chibis Attack! has recieved 300 reviews, and 11,000 hits, which is more than I ever even dreamed of. In fact, I started this piece when I had 10,000 hits, and before I finished, here we are at 11. Wheeee!

And, should you want to print it out, and color it with crayons, here's the B&W line art.

Remember... he loves you. He's just shy.

September 4, 2005 - Proof! Sanzo loves Kittens~!


October 10, 2005 - Shiny New Fan Art! New Artist!
Teh1337kw33n over at the otaku sent in this lovely peice of fan art. Gojyo needs a hug!


September 4, 2005 - Brand New Fan Art!
Lou Blue has come out with another beautiful peice based on Ch.15 of When Chibis Attack! It's so cute! Hakkai would approve...


July 26, 2005 -- More Art By Me...

A new Illustration, this time for Chapter 11... How could anyone work with that thing staring at them...?


July 8, 2005 -- More New Art! Link Finally Working!


This is bloody hilarious: a scene from Chapter 7: In Which There is Gum, done by LouBlue. Beautiful art... and it scares me that it's based on my mental hairball... Love you guys!

Pre-July 8, 2005:

And Brand New Art from Summoner Rekka over at the otaku... she rocks. Fixed the link!


My first fan-submitted art! Feel free to send me links to chibi drawings based on this stuff... I love it!

By me:

The Discovery of Chibi Sanzo:


Way Too Much Chibi Kougaiji:


Anyway, if you want to see what I actually do WELL, as opposed to what I'm a bit of a hack at...


I make wallpaper for theotaku. It's mainly Saiyuki stuff, but there's the spurious GWing and Gankutsuou stuff.

Oh. I like kittens, too.

Doesn't everyone?

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