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My name is Jess, I'm 18, I live in Lyndonville Vt. (A lot of people ask me what state Vermont is in! IT IS A STATE!) I go to Lyndon Institute. (It is not a mental institution. Though a lot of people think I belong in one.) I ahve too many friends to name off so not even gonna bother with that. (I'm just so popular. Hmmmmm RIGHT.) I live with my brother and my mom. (Yeah I'm a loser, but my bro is 21 and still lives at home so maybe I'm not so much of a loser. Hmmmm) I'm single and not really looking for a guy right now. But that could be just because me and mine broke up just yesterday. I'm female in case you wonder about some of the stuff I right. I ahve a girlfriend also since I'm on the topic of the sexual prefrence.

Fav Music

ICP, (JUGGALO FAMILY FOR LIFE BABY! SHOUT OUT TO ALL MY JUGGALOS AND JUGGALETTES!)Dark Lotus, Twiztid, (It's spelled right) Pretty Ricky, Zug Island, (Not really that popular yet) John Cena (ALL THE WAY BABY! CHAIN GANG FOR LIFE! EAST SIDE! Hehehe)

Fav Shows

Buffy The Vampire Slayer (Spike is SO HOTT!)

Angel (Angel, Connor, Gunn, Wesley, and now Spike Do-able)

Charmed (Cole is So HOTT!)

Law & Order / Law & Order SVU

Dead Like Me (MASON)

Fav Raw Males

Kane (Just needs a little lovin, don't give up on him)

John Cena ( You can't help but fall for a guy that can wrestle and rap.)

Mick Foley ( I watched him when I was younger. He'll always be a fav in my book.)

The Rock (Always had a crush on him!)

Austin (He always interested me)

Fav Smackdown Males

Batista (Not many words describe Batista, No scratch that, you can't put how fine he is into words.)

Randy Orton (So Hott Isweat just watchinghim.)

Christian (He'scocky, but he's been in the industry for awhile. He knows what he's doing!)

TAKER (He catches my eye every time I watch wrestling. I used to have the biggest crush on him back in the 90's.When the whole Ministry Of Darkness thing was going on.)

Fav Divas

Lita (High flying action. Plus she's hott.)

Victoria ( The whole crazy thing, it's kinda sexy when you think about it.)

Stacy ( The long legs and the pretty face. What I don't understand is how she went from Test, to Stiener, to ORTON, to The Hurricane. If some one knows why she went to the Hurricane, please inform me.)

Christy ( She has so much spunk. And she's so energetic, like me!)

Fav Matches

Batista&Any woman

Randy&Any woman



Fav Movies

Pitch Black

C.O.R (Chronicles of Riddick)

Big Money Hu$tla$

Perfect Strom

The Big Hit

The Ring

Anacondas uno and dos


Boiler Room

Gone In Sixty Seconds

Resident Evil uno and dos

Dawn of the Dead

Fav Lines

'She ain't movin' now' Resident Evil uno

'I ain't dead yet'

'Not sure I deserved that' Jack Sparrow

'You mean there's some big snake orgy out there in the jungle?' Anacondas Hunt for the Blood Orchid

'You mean we're going toward the head hunters not away?'

'Kyra...Kyra ...GET THAT ASS MOVING!' C.O.R

'You're not afraid of the dark are you?'

(I like the way these two mesh) 'One rule, stay in the light.' 'One rule, saty out of the light'

Favors For Love by wrestlenascargirl reviews
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