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All my love to my tired friends, the ones who fell, the ones who tried. To them I wish happiness for the love we had for that world will always be with us, even when our world was burned away in front of our eyes...

It's not like I wanted to fall, it just happened, and I could not ask for help...


Anyway, to people who tell me to update, and update quickly. I will do my best to do that. but enjoy, I'm doing the best I can because I hate people being disappointed.

And if you're looking for me, you can find me here:

Deviant Art - Nightwingstar

Or just PM me, I like PM's they make me happy. (Psst, I like PM's over emails)

My Email: [email protected]

Things to know about me:

I Support All Parings, Slash or other parings less desirable than others. I do not write the ones I don't desire but I support in reading them none the less.

I tend to think on the dark side. I can't help it, my mind just kind of drifts there. That and what if's. But I'm really a chipper person. At least, I think I am. But I was kinda raised to never see anything onesided. Take multiple views, even if it means taking four thousand. But yeah, most of my stories, if you haven't noticed, have to deal with loneliness. I guess it's because it's the feeling I'm most familiar with.

Name's that I have: Nightwing, Tukii (Don't you dare call me that Jaqq or anyone else! that name got WAY too annoying after a while. I feel like a flipping tucan with it), Ducky Lucky (girl scout name, never wears out).

My age is between birth and death, but my birthday is 2/7

What do you think about naming a plant Gerald? or Julio?

Have you ever gotten self conscious about your nose? I'm just wondering...

The other night I dreamed of a red rose with a green stem and red leaves, it had no thorns, for it was given only to the royalty, the soon to be Kings and Queens. The rose, it's red leaves intrigue me the most. What plant so beautiful has red leaves and given to the Royalty? Only the red rose from my dream, it was so beautiful to hold in my hands...

I did have a dream like that... it was very vivid, like I was living that dream.

Coming Soon!
(As in a few days to a few weeks)


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Favorite quotes (always fun!)

"Doom, Impending Doom, Impending Doom is scarier, like Barney trying to shank you for money" ~ Sam, Wild Candy Sex

“And Danny Fenton will always make goofy faces, if only to see Ms. Manson smile.” ~ Mr. Lancer, Constants

"You see that cloud?" Polk, band director at marching band camp, "That's our impending doom heading our way and we ain't gonna stop for it."

"Uh, a week isnt a long time."Tucker pointed out. "Sam and Danny kissing in the school, k.i.s.s..." Tucker chanted "Sam beating Tucker under the tree, b.e.a.t.i.n.g. First comes the punch then a kick in the ass," Sam mocked.
"And next comes Danny with an ecto-blast." Danny finished her rhyme." Danny, Sam, and Tucker, Sam Wait

"HEY GET BACK HERE WITH THAT STAPLER! SANTA WON'T GET ME A NEW ONE UNTIL CHRISTMAS!" Mrs. Hutcheson, Wild Candy Sex, weird thing is, is that she actually shouted that during a test.

"We'll always have Schlotsky's!" Some random gay guy in my Dad's radiology class (Gay people rock :D)

"It's all your fault! You just had to be the fastest sperm!" Sam, Wild Candy Sex (coming soon in later chapters)

"'I've done you before haven't I?'" Me reading a random line out of Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. ( I was bored so I opened it up and read a random line)

"Yep," Tucker smiled, "They've only been secretly dating for like ten years...they've been so secretive about it, they've kept it a secret from themselves." Tucker talking to Val about Sam and Danny, Links in the Chain

"Ok, lets run through this again. When the Principal come by what do you do?"
"Spaz out and blame the invisible monkeys!" Trying to avoid trouble during lunch.

"So why did they tape the tree?"
"To make it look better."
"How does covering the biggest tree in the courtyard with Duct Tape making it look better?"
"Everything's better with Duct Tape!" There was an art project to cover our tree with tape, really weird stuff.

"Have you Hugged your Fruitloop Today?"
"I heart my Fruitloop" Me and Jaqq planning on making a Fruitloop shirt (may have Vlad on it)

"You Cut off my arm!"
"Ha! I cut your face off!" Me and a bunch of flutes pretending Pom Poms are swords while the band was at a movie shoot. We got in trouble with out band director. T.T He doesn't know the meaning of fun.

"You know what? Go play in traffic!" Panda/Don/Future Pope (XD)/ Future President. In other words he can be anything. Yay Panda!


"It's a roket 'schip! Maybea ist filwed wif chtotcholate chip cookies! An' see d'that? 'S'it's da roket buoostwers! An' den, we can go wound the mwoon and go WEEEEEE!" Goofing off while settting a set in marching band. Our set was shaped like a rocket. So I turned into a three year old boy XD

"Now lets set the odd shaped egg." band director
"Avacodo." - few flutes
"A REALLY odd shaped egg."
"IT'S AN AVACADO!" yeah... she couldn't see that our set for marching band was an avacado... not a stupid looking egg.

"Give me an A!"
"Give me a K!"
"Give me an I!"
"Give me an N!"
"Give me an S!"
"What does that spell?"
"The other side!" Heh, idiocy during football games

"Shoe Fondle!" Don't ask, just don't ask.

"How do you grope an eye?" - Me, Eve thought I said something about groping an eye.

"I can't wait to get back on the bus and get some bawls." - Cale
"It's ok Cale, we all know you need more." -Me
"Well I got two here right now, wanna see?" - Cale AHHH! Cale was being perverted with me, it sounded like balls but you spell it like that XP.

"What you do is set your food down, hitch up your bib and sit your ass down so you don't rip your pants like Diaz did!"
"That was only TWO times! TWO!" - Explaining how to sit down in your bib XD

"It's not everyday you see a dancing trombone."- watching bands at BOA, there was a dancing trombone! It was awesome!

"You don't have to be very ninja like to trip her." - Eve telling Cale to trip me. Meany!

"Yup, here in band, your about as subtle as a falling Sousaphone." - Me, poking fun at when I almost got impaled by a flute that and tripping on pit equipment...

"YOU can't say anything! I just pissed in my shako." - mello player in the bathroom at the westlake competition.

"SHOW ME THE BUNNIES!" Don't ask... please, don't ask (Band rehearsal, don't ask)

"They X-Rayed my cocoa puffs!" Airport time XD

"It looks like a sperm." Recieves a look.
"What? It does. I was thinking it, you were thinking it, we were ALL thinking it." At BOA indianapolis. We got twelveth in the nation!

"RIVERDANCE, JG! RIVERDANCE I SAY!" My sister making fun of our friend JG as he played DDR.

"Hey Diaz, where does the tampon go?" Lunch discussions... need I say more?

"Oh My God, I just got bit by a dead rabid squirrel! I have rabies!" Some random guy on the bus.

"It's not disgusting! I mean if I ripped my face off and prepared myself of an autopsy, you wouldn't be disgusted!" Me

"Ok now, pick up your body parts and put them away." Spanish teacher
"I wanna throw mine in a ditch!" Me, learning about body parts in Spanish

"It's Whales! You know like a whale! Ngh!" Eve flapping her arms like a bird.

"JESUS WAS A CHEMIST!" Chemistry class... need I say more?

"Should I start screaming now?" My Dad

"Well, back in my day, we didn't have swords. We cut off heads with trunks. You kids and your crazy axes and fancy guillotines." History class... learning about the Comstock Lode?

"Texting was not created with formality in mind." Edward... my Edward, not Twilight Edward.

Future Story Ideas

There and Back Again



A foreign hand extended to her and she knew she had to go. "I'll be just beyond the moon." She said with a laugh. Who ever thought she'd be the one to fly through the stars.

Keep Me Here



Iggy's always just one of the flock. He will never be important. He's just a blind kid. Iggy's not the leader and not second in command. No one really needs Iggy. Can Max prove him wrong?

Mirror Memories


(K+ -T)

The best ghost hunters said that there are some ghosts that are just memories. They can only relive the same moment over and over, like a broken CD or Film. They can't interact with you, they can only relive that one moment. But it's not true right? You can't be a broken film, right?


Sam pressed her hand on the cool glass of the mirror, she couldn't feel it. she could touch it but not feel it. Was that odd? They had wished her to become a ghost of memories. Sam turned around to face Danny, a somber look on his face. "Danny, we'll find a way to fix this." Sam smiled sadly placing her hand on his cheek only for her hand to glide right through his face. He didn't flinch as it passed through.

"If there's a way." Danny replied, his voice depressed like his expression. He didn't feel the cold feeling everyone gets from a ghost. It was as if she were just a trick of light.

"There is a way, I know it." Her determined voice made Danny smile slightly. There was his Sam. His eyes grew hard and determined, nodding at what Sam had just said.

"There is a way and I'm going to find it. I'm going to turn you back to normal." He looked at her in determination. He wanted to grasp her hand but his fell through Sam's hand. He stared at his own with the determination burned into his mind.

Beneath the Strawberries


Before Angel was kidnapped, those strawberries were the best thing in the world.


Run Away With Me

In Order of Appearance

1. Driving Away - Holiday Parade
2. All Hail The Heartbreaker - The Spill Canvas
3. Beautiful - Flickerstick
4. Walking By - Holiday Parade
5. On Top of The World - Boys Like Girls
6. My Only One - Plain White T's
7. Coffee Shop Soundtrack - All Time Low
8. Sunsets and Car Crashes - The Spill Canvas
9. Hero/Heroine - Boys Like Girls
10. Brighter - Paramore (not included in story)
11. Do You Remember - The Summer Obsession (not included in story)
12. (not included in story)
13. (not included in story)


Create A Chain

1. My Heart - Paramore
2. Stop - Plain White T's
3. Corrosive - The Summer Obsession
4. Skeptics And True Believers - The Academy Is...
5. The First Single - The Format
6. Self Conclusion - The Spill Canvas

More to Come...

Quote from a confused mind:
If I asked you to love me, will you please say no?"


Carpe Diem


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No one says goodbye anymore. Was there a rule saying you could no longer say goodbye? Why didn't he say goodbye? Rain pattered on the window, distracting a figure's thoughts. Fingers stretched away from the keyboard, it was a distraction the figure needed
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Her lilac eyes that used to hold emotion seemed hollow. This world, Sam looked at the roof tops of Amity Park, didn’t need anyone’s existence. It makes people feel lonely. The world we live in, it makes us feel that way, how… sad.
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Kagome comes back to the fuedal time for a meeting with Inuyasha late at night. She tells him what has been on her mind for three long years. The thing is, Inuyasha's not really listening and Kagome's feeling more alone now than ever.
Inuyasha - Rated: K - English - Romance/Tragedy - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,060 - Reviews: 3 - Favs: 2 - Follows: 1 - Published: 3/28/2006 - Kagome H., Inuyasha - Complete
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