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Well i seem to be on here a lot more often soI thought it was time to make a profile

call me Vass, everyone does.

I live in scotland in the uk, and must say i feel very outnumbered by all the americans on this site, so if there are any fellow brits let me know...

i read lord of the rings when i was 8 years old, before the films and hooha and fuss and orlanado bloom came on the scene. and i have loved them ever since, so most of the work i produce will be lord of the rings, although i dont like to fuck around too much with the core story or characters, i just worry i wouldn't be able to do it justice y'know. i am a fan of the movies, but whenver i write i still use the middle earth of my own imagination from when i read the books.

claim to fame: saw the lotr crew when i was in new zealand back in...god six years ago or so now. they were doing scenic shots in milford sound. at this time i lived in a yellow van with my mum and brother and we were trying to find a campsite before they all closed so drove right past them. gutted

also JK Rowling came to my school when i was about seven years old before she published "Chamber" and read the first chapter to my class. this was obviously before she hit the big time, and i am so thankful because is she hadn't come i probably still would pronounce Hermione as hermineee.

i'm a very...individualistic person, i dress like a nutter, being mainly outfitted at vintage and charity shops (hidden gems galore), i have had (recently) peroxide, purple, peacock green, blue, purple, red, auburn,bright orange and black hair,blue being my favourite, not what you would call your typical teenage girl i guess. most of my friends are guys, i dont wear makeup or have long flowing locks (my hair is a pixie crop which i cut myself)or even have much cleavge to pop out at oppourtune momets, and i have spent the majority of my school years smoking behind the bikesheds, drinking beer and genrally being a shirker (although my grades aint bad). things are pretty much the same at the moment . but through all this i have kept up my love of reading and writing(sigh)

i also, shock, horror, disgust dont fancy( thats scotland speak for have the hots for)legolas, orlando bloom, chad michael whats his face or whoever else you care to mention...i'm not a dyke...just not my thing

carreer: at the moment i am a lifeguard saving uo to pay off my plane tickets, and afeterthat i shall be off, living in a van again, travellling around the world

Music: random stuff like rilo kiley, dresden dolls, coco rosie, massie attack, blur, nouvelle vague,ok go, damien rice,white stripes, 65 days of static,be your own pet is one of my new favourites, and a lot of old stuff, the clash,bowie, pink floyd, t-rex, thin lizzy, led zepplin, and old school jazz.

Movies: very high standards, big fan of burton and tarantino obviousy. i think anime is underated, it's not just for geeks, it's for stoners too haha. ghost in the shell is immense, true romance, leon,fight club, sin ity, dancer in the dark,fear and loathing in las vegas, the python movies (and flying circus for that matter), trainspoting, girl interupted, good kung fu movies,

Theatre: does anyone remember theatre? i am still a devotee, maybe it because i am british. i love shakespeare, passionatley, ardently, but only when its done right, because lets be honest, lack of copyright on old shakey means any two bit ct can go and get a script and put on R and J. however, shakespreare performed by the Royal Shakespeare Company...there are no words to convey my utmost, sincere worship of their work. forget the west end, go to stratford upon avon for the ultimate. favourite shakespeare play is probably Titus Andronicus, because it's so bloody twisted. this is also the same reason i love Sarah Kane's work, her plays are on all over the country at the moment, look out for it, and go see.

books: LotR, earths children, george orwell, irvine welsh, jack kerouc...thats just this week


word: pie or c..t

umm, i am putting my work on fan fiction because i would like to get some feedback on my be a doll pal and reveiw

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