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Table of Contents

1. Page introduction

2. Update history/Mood report

3. Proper Introduction

4. Attention!

5. My Stories

6. OC Meme

7. My Reviews

8. Rants

9. Other

Welcome to this profile. Amazing that you'd decide to drop in.

As for the avatar, I feel obligated to tell you that is Jack from the game Little Fighter 2. I believe it fits me well. Generic; no need to be unique.

2. Update History/Mood report

Update 12-02-2015: You know, I think I might have finally gotten rid of my writer's block. It makes me feel... happy.

Update 11-06-2015: Not quite expecting anything special, y'know.

Update 08-02-2015: Removed some stuff from the profile. Mostly uninteresting stuff.

Update 04-26-2015: So today is my 10 year anniversary. Ten years on this site and I only have these small, meaningless accomplishments. Can't really say I'm too proud of myself. To think that I would actually still stick around after such time. I feel old. Old enough to long for the good ol' days. But maybe I'll try to determinate a little more...

Update 04-11-2015: Sometimes, you know, it's times like these that just make me want to lie down and cry. I try, I really do. Sometimes I think I didn't try enough, and it all comes down to wasted time and effort. Maybe I am actually better than the rest of you? Maybe even the best? I was always the hidden gem in this site? And that is what makes me better. I am the one deviating. I am the one with the originality. I am the one who never had to cheat. I am the one who played by the rules. I am what the rest of you little people cannot become.

The best.

Update 09-07-2014: You know, I am starting to feel like an old dog on this here site. Soon it's been ten years. Maybe I should plan to retire soon, I dunno. To be honest, this site (or at least the pokemon section) has gone down the crapper. So much spam, SYOC crap, some idiot spamming chapters as individual stories, attention wh... demanders reposting their stories over and over again, and meme filled crap that's on the current bandwagon. You will never be noticed if you're a new face on this site unless you get lucky.

As for me, all I will say is that "Third time is the charm". And if that holds true, I might consider an earlier retirement because frankly, this site isn't worth it.

3. Introduction

I have no idea how to actually write. I am for some reason unable to improve.

As it is stated, I am EkaSwede, and it should be to no one's surprise I am from Sweden, a country in the north of Europe. I'm not the guy to give out long biographies and all that, so let's skip that. Looking at my join date alone should show I am quite the veteran of this site, as I have been around years before I made an account as well (due to limitations within my knowledge of the English language).

I used be very ambitious in writing when I first joined, but things I might not mention happened, a lot of my enthusiasm has been lost. And I can assure you it's not because of "flamers" because I never really got any from what I can see. Sure, I got some silly reviews, but I hardly regard them as flames. Flames is an overused word used by people who are unable to take criticism.

But enough ranting about that subject. I am for some reason regarded as a nice guy apparently, and due to how the internet works, personalities become warped in it. It truly is a strange place indeed. Then again, people confuse "opinion entitlement" with "hate" and think "Slander" equals "Free Speech".

Do we really have free speech? If so, why do I have to PAY for my phone calls, eh? EH?

I'm quite interested in politics, but I make sure to keep that subject out of my stories. I'm not an "Agenda Author" out to push my beliefs on other people. That is just bad. Wait, was that just a contradiction right there? Eh, whatever. Expect more contradictions.

4. Attention!

I have tendencies to be quite bipolar on this site. One day I can be your friend, another day I can detest you and become your enemy. It often has to do with several factors that sets me off. Although it's not always definite, but I can be a bit unpredictable if you think you can deal with me.

Flattery seldom works on me. It has a tendency to have an opposite effect. And should I suspect the flattery is just empty words, my respect for you may just go away. I might just pretend you don't exist, or I will probably be quiet for an extended period of time before I return to see if the attitude of yours have shaped up.

Whenever I sense someone is putting him/herself above others, I get hostile. I do not accept behaviour like this. I often take ages into consideration, though, so I won't hound authors that are too young on purpose.

5. My stories

Well, I really can't say much other than I am probably the slowest writer out there. Something just killed me. I guess they're average at best, although Acrophobic got a mention on TVTropes on no merit of my own, and I kinda think that hurts in a way. But I guess that's just me being greedy wanting some other story on there. Oh well.

I've done the generic stuff mostly, though, and my current project is a PMD1 Novelization with some "twists" into it. Probably somethnig about tit that doesn't draw attention though. Imagine it was started when PMD1 was out before the sequels came out. I kinda liked i because the story seemed kinda "eh" at first, it also opened up for own variations rather than having the story written out for you.

I also currently have an idea for ANOTHER PMD fic, but that one's still in the works and is more likely to be shorter. And that one won't be posted until it's actually finished. I'm going for something different there, and considering how slow I can get, I wouldn't want to leave people hanging.

Ongoing projects

I'm currently working on up to three stories as I'm typing this. My workspeed might not be the fastest, I'm afraid.

Mystery Dungeon: Naïve Amnesia - I suppose this is my main story of interest that is still going on. Taking the storyline of the first PMD game, I tried putting some twists into it by trying to add stuff. A Machop with speech impediments and a kleptomaniac Charmander. To be fair, I haven't gotten the kleptomaniac aspect much into the later chapters...

Due to fear of it becoming short and bland, I accidentally made it stupidly long. At least I hope it does come to interest with some people, though. Think of it as a novelization that strayed too far off.

The smeargle community - This one's a bit weird. I can only work on this if I'm at a certain moods. It's a jab at this whole site, essentially, and different kinds of difficulties a writer suffers from time to time. It's also written in a bit of a "2deep4u" attitude.

Mystery Dungeon: Separated (working title) - Not posted yet. I plan to finish this one before I post it on this site. Rescue and Exploration teams are just that. Teams. But what happens should the team get separated during a mission?

7. My Reviews

I rarely review nowadays. This is something you should probably be happy about. I can't really consider myself a good reviewer, although I try to point out flaws and whatnot as much as I can. But there is something that just feels... basic in them. No flair, no recognition. I can have a bit of a swingy mood, and if a story catches me on a bad mood, it will more likely than not become a nasty review. Especially if said story is going on about that SYOC stuff. It's not allowed, get the #%& over it.

I won't review if what I was going to say has already been said. What use is ther to point out amistake if it's already pointed out? When I do review, I try to give out long detailed reviews, because I know that an author loves getting them, as it proves the reviewer has really takin his/her time reading the story and really looking into it. I'm not the kind of guy who reviews for the sole reason to get a review in return, that is just bad. Really. I want people to review on their own accord.

Granted, getting a review opens up the possibility of an author checking the reviewer's profile out of curiosity, which may lead to that author reviewing in return. That act is entirely voluntary and I have no problem with it. As long as the review doesn't contain hints of "please continue reviewing my story too/please keep reading my story" there is no problem with this. We all have different tastes.

8. Rants

Don't like it, don't read it

This sentence is idiotic. How is a person supposed to know how a written story is before they read it? And you can go on and on about "Don't keep reading it" as an equally stupid argument. Do you know why someone would "keep reading a bad story"? It's to see if they actually improve, and they will let you know if you do or don't.

What that sentence literally translates into is the following: "I don't want your opinion despite that I posted this on a public site. I don't want you to say anything unless it's positive". It's even more hilarious when fans are spouting this line.

It is only the reader who can decide whether they will continue to read it or not, not the writer.

This goes for YouTube videos as well, except the phrase is "Don't like, don't watch". On the other hand, YouTube (especially this high sub ones) consists of a lot of whores. And it's not meant in a derogatory term against women. The word "Whore" originally meant "to crave for attention". The more you know.

But seriously, stop sayin "Don't like it, don't read". Just stop.


9. Other

Mandatory lists of mandatory.

I dunno, people like lists, so I suppose I shall list them.

Music I like

Good music

Music I don't like

Bad music

Movies I like

Good movies

Movies I don't like

Bad movies

Meh, this list thing is boring.

Now, go out there and have fun, I suppose.


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