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This is supposed to be the bit where I tell you about me... yikes! - so much easier hiding behind a name...

Ok - so, what can I tell you that is remotely interesting.

I am an Aussie! - and live in sunny (most of the time) North Queensland, born and bred. I work as a Bookkeeper which to some might make you think I'm a Librarian, but no, nothing so nice, I work in the field of accounting stuff, mostly computerised - nothing too interesting but it's a day job. I have two of the most beautiful Border Collies that spin myworld... "Gyp" istwelve and my absolute shadow especially when I am at my desk which is a lot because I work from home. " Willow" - yep, named right out of Buffy is my almost five year old bitch, and as adventurous as they get!. She has been known to wake me in the wee small hours just to be let "out" because there is a thunderstorm coming and she sooooo loves watching the rain, and then of course getting into her favourite hole which will have converted to a swimming pool by then!

As a kid I grew up on an Island where there was no television signal so the local library and comic books was our main entertainment. It's not as bad as it sounds really, and it has given me a huge love of reading. I love movies and TV shows, generally things like all the Stargate stuff, Star Trek (all the genres), Batman (cancel all the rest, "Batman Begins" totally rox) basically anything SciFi, horror or a damn good thriller. Throw in anything medical - ER, Grey's Anatomy and a lot more that will date me way too well and you'll understand my love of whumping.

But, like everyone else after a good movie that sounded great from the get-go, when the ending doesn't deliver, orTPTB raced through the plot too fast, I get left with the old imagination working overtime. That's when I discovered Fan Fiction, and have enjoyed endless hours of reading on my favourites since then.

I bow to the talent and inspiration of"Espiritu" here - Without you Laurie, I wouldn't have had a go ever. It was through yourkind words and support that I did and for that Ican't thank you enough. You've given me a completely new world to play in, one I would never have tried otherwise. I love your work so very much, "Entrapment" will always bemy sentimental favorite. You are a true inspiration, a great friend and I am still keeping a spot on my bookshelf for your first published novel!

I've read a lot of fan fic in my time and I am very much humbled by the fact that there are people out there that not only take a minute to read what I write but to actually send me a review! - and I can't even begin to tell you how nice the reviews have been - you guys are awesome at self-esteem building!

I have met so many nice peoplebehind the Pen Names we use,I can't encourage any "Lurkers" out there enough that you should have a go! - write something! - it doesn't have to be perfect, there is no perfect, right or wrong, just put it out there and feel the immense pleasure of creating something.! - You never know, you might just get bitten by the bug too!

On the go at the moment:

In The Still of The Night

My first (and until now unfinished baby)

For those that know “In The Still of the Night” from the first go round, it’s almost done, all 26 chapters.


A tag to “Instinct”

New Years Daze (In conjunction with the Incomparable: Titan5)

Still a WIP, but will be finished right after the first two in this list.

Coming up:

Cave In

A sequel to a previous story “The Vigil”

By the Book

Atlantis has an unannounced visit by TPTB who are hell bent on deposing John Sheppard as Military Commander and want to see Colonel Caldwell in his place.

New Year's Daze reviews
This is a sequel to Christmas in the Infimary by Titan5 and is very very proudly presented as the first collaboration of Titan5 and Rogue1503 Warnings for Whumping and SheppardWeir stuff...
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