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Author has written 10 stories for Artemis Fowl, Harry Potter, Charmed, Star Wars, Final Fantasy X-2, Smallville, Inheritance Cycle, Final Fantasy VII, and Kingdom Hearts.

Updated: 7.7.07

Oh wow, It's 7.7.07!

So I came back from a very long writer's block! New chapter of Group Hug is up!

Fav Shows: Friends, Charmed, 8 Simple Rules, Boy Meets World, Smallville, Joey, America's Next Top Model

Movies: Don't even get me started...

Fav Bands: Green Day, Linkin Park, Sugarcult, Blink 182, The Killers, My Chemical Romance, H.I.M, Anberlin and Gwen Stefani are awesome.

Fav Books: Artemis Fowl, Harry Potter, Eragon, Eldest, Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith by Matthew Stover, The Joy Luck Club, Chinese Cinderella and loads more that I can't think of...

Video Games: Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy X, and X-2 was horrible hoenstly! I havn't played the others ones yet, but I want too! I LOVE FFVIII's storyline and FF7 AC is uber good too! Otherwise like DDR is pretty cool! And Soul Calibur II and Guilty Gear X. KH is stupid, but addicteing yet annoying.

BTW: I Co-Write on Kandie Spirit Dragon, so would you like to check out the fics there=D

Story Stats:

Hey, we all love reviews right? hehe well I do @ least! So it'd b nice if u drop me a review once in a while, I'm not forcing you too or anything, jsut I need to know what my readers are thinking and stuff, it really helps =)

Oh yeah, btw, this isn't my best writing, jsut thought I'd like to let you know =D I can do so much better than this, just if u go all professional in humor stories it kind of murders the humor a little...

Anyways here are my story stats so far...

Dude, Where's my Charmed: On Hitarus, I have no inspiration to continue this

Switched: I know that loads of you guys like it and all...but I'm in no mood to continue it however, I might update it someday but just not now due to lack of inspiration

The Will of the Force: Also on Hitarus, I forgot some stuff about Star Wars and I'm currently stuck kind of...I think I'll update and continue it someday, just not right now =( Just have to get into Star Wars again...

Vacation Time: Hiatus...

The Truth About Lois: Completed. Part of this story's credit goes to My uberly awesome friend, Emy

Fate: This was a one shot, it's it's completed!

Mary Sue's Short Adventure in Ireland: completed! It was one chapter anyways XD

The Laws of Gravity: A FF7 fic, random and stuff, Completed! yay!

Driver's Ed: Reno teaches Yufie how to Drive...FINISHED! Please Read and Review! Reffie fic

Group Hug! Ok, maybe not...: This is my new fic. Yeah, um...Chp 4 is up! And Zexy gets his own chapter next! Ideas and suggestions are welcomed. Um...the next chapter will discuss some...slash pairings, so don't read if you don't like those! (I dont' write slash yaoi or whatever htough)

To my Reviewers and any one else that Added me Their Favs/Author Alerts

What can I say besides, THANK YOU SO MUCH!-hugs- It means SO MUCH to me that you actually took the time to read/review/and add my fics and me and all! Thank you! YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!

Feel free to E-mail me @

Favorite Cureent Pairings

Final Fantasy VII:

Reno/Yuffie: I LOVE Reffie fics! They make great couple and stuff. Reno can kind of be anyone at anytime and Yuffie's the obnoxious brat. Gotta love it.

Cloud/Yuffie: There are some moments in the game that can lead to this pairing...I think they're pretty cute

Elena/Reno: Yeah. That would be interesting...

Rufus/Yuffie: Not one of my fav's, but I guess a few of them are pretty ok fics.

Rufus/Elena: Ok, if you think about it, it would work.

Final Fantasy VIII: Selphie/Irvin, Selphie/Squall

Final Fantasy X: Tidus/Rikku

Final Fantasy X-2: Rikku/Gippal or Yuna/Tidus or Paine/Baralai

Final Fantasy XII: Balthier/Penelo, SO many hints in the game...

Kingdom Hearts: Omg. I HATE this game, it's FUSTRATING! But it's so addicting! T_T But pairings for this fandom...

Leon/Yuffie: There are hints all over the game...I think it's cute.

Cloud/Yuffie: I find this one to be pretty amusing too

Namine/Marluxia: I have no idea why, but I find this pairing ot be really interesting too. IT's kind of dark sometimes, but I like it.

Larxene/Zexion, Axel, or Marluxia : Don't know why...

Usually I luv the humor (good humor) and like ation adventure stories too, so feel free to message me or recomend a few fics!


UPDATE 2009: Wow, looking back at this, I can not believe how much my writing tle has changed. I started this account when I was 12 year old, so a you can tell, the writing style has dratically been different! Unfortunately, the ideas don't come as easily anymore and procraination is still at it's worse. I want to thank all of you for sticking with me in the past years. It has meant so much, and it has help me grow so much a a writer and a person. Thank you so much for your support all these years

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