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Author has written 7 stories for Phantom of the Opera, and Frankenstein.

Time for an update on the personal side….

I have a myriad of interests—just not enough time for all of them. I’m a reader, now a writer, I love Anime and Animation, music, history, and art. My favorite Anime series have been Cowboy Beebop, Inuyasha, Ghost in the Shell and Witch Hunter Robin. I’m also laughing it up at The Venture Brothers. I love cinema, but like my ‘books to read’ stack, I’m falling behind. Life interferes!

I’ve written in two categories: Frankenstein and Phantom of the Opera

My stories are based on some familiar characters and a whole lot of new ones. I find most of the themes have be done (some too death), so I like to explore. If you are an adventurer, come on along. That said, I do enjoy reading a wide range of fanfics. Never turn up your nose, for you will run across ‘that story’ which will change your mind. Enjoy the stories and the characters. If you can’t find it in you to, then stop reading and go in search of what pleases you more.

For anyone who thinks this is easy—write your own darn stories! I have a great group of people who read/review and help sweep my errors under the carpet. If you find any, please let me know. I personally enjoy hearing from readers.

One a side note: I and a few people have started a forum where we hang out and recommend stories, books, help critique work in progress and post the 'Risque' versions of chapters as well. If you would be interested in stopping by, email me and I'll send you a link. We aren't 'exclusive', I'd just like to keep out possible spammers and protect works in progress for other authors. :)

New Phantom Anthology Coming this Summer

We of The Write Stuff (my forum) would also like to announce the publication of a new Phantom of the Opera anthology this summer – Phantom Variations: Tales from the World of the Opera Ghost. It will include stories by some of your favorite authors on , as well as some new authors. All proceeds will go to the Porphyria Foundation.

I'll be posting details along the way including some hints at the authors featured. Our target date is July 1, 2008.


Phantom of the Opera

The Sorcerer of Rouen--My first effort grew from the idea of post movie Erik, how would he be able to flee Paris? The idea of the canal boats came to me, and possible small stories about how he reenters the world. Then, a funny thing happened. The story started writing itself. Whew! and does he get angry when he doesn't get in one of the chapters--the man really does have an ego.

The second installment of Sorcerer continues as The Shell Game, which is now complete. The third part is in the works.

As background for Sorcerer, I have two stories posted and complete. One about Erik and Javier entitled The Golden Lotus. And the second from Agnes Bardou, Lightning In A Jar.

Matchmaker--A little of Leroux and Kay mixed up with a nod to the romantic screwball comedies of the 1930-40's. It's been a year since Erik let Christine go, after his recovery Nadir has convinced him to try a matchmaker. The story unfolds following Erik's first successful date and a man learning that there is a lot more to women than he had thought.

For those of you who enjoy the ‘M’ rated version chapters, check out my web site: Masters of Night You will find them accessible through the Fiction page. (The web site is temporarily down--my server died, so I will be uploading elsewhere.)

For pictures of the rail car I used for Erik and Mirielle, visit http:///pass/101ely/101ely.htm.


Storm Born-- characters based upon Mary W. Shelley's Frankenstein. Told from the POV of Victor, The Demon, and Therese the mate. Rated M for violence, death, sex, etc. Victor has created a mate, no she must decide who has her best intentions at heart.

Frankenstein is one of those sadly missed classics that is much more than the Karloff grunting monster story. Visit my Forum--Frankenfic! Drop in and let us hear from you. Any and all topics will be entertained. Maybe we can persuade some other authors to drop in and talk about their work.

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The spiderweb curtain comes down, and off come the stockings at the conclusion of "Music of the Night." (2004 movie)
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Matchmaker II: Perfect Pitch reviews
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