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Author has written 6 stories for Teen Titans, and Negima! Magister Negi Magi/魔法先生ネギま!.

I live in Australia, which is a great place to live IMO, despite receiving a lot things later than in the US or Europe. I've been writing stories for ages, though it's mostly been complete and utter crap, and still is, though I like to think I've gotten at least a little better (my first foray into fanfiction was the rather abominable Teen Titans fic 'Darkest Green' and I'm not going to mention the stuff that nobody but me has ever seen).

I'm always open to PMs or chatting, so drop me a line if you ever want to. For those (terribly few) people wondering, I'm also open to one-shot requests - I always enjoy writing something a little different.

Story Information


Shounen Ai - This a humour fic about Negi and Kotaro being homosexual. It's not a pairing I support (though both characters are good), but I had fun writing this so look forward to a sequel.

Tanbi - Sequel to Shounen Ai. Asuna's still flipping out about Negi and Kotarou; Negi's been shanghaied into a date with Nodoka; Kotarou's chucking a jealous fit; Haruna's found out about their little relationship - chaos all around.

Sacrifices - A cute little NodokaxNegi fic. Done for a request.

You Don't Know What You've Got Till It's Gone - An AsunaxNegi story that was written in response to a request. I used it as an experiment to see how well I could write more serious and depressing fics - something I don't think I'm very good at.


- A KotaxKaede story I'm writing in response to a request.


Lost His Way Redux

Summary: In some sad twist of fate, Negi found himself being blamed for Chao's actions at MahoraFest, and escaped persecution. Now, three years after his exile, Negi is putting his plan into motion - and he will see things righted.
Extended Synopsis: Negi was arrested shortly after MahoraFest, when the Megalomesenbrian Council (the Northern Coalition) assigned an investigative team to the school to apportion blame (word got to them that Konoemon couldn’t stifle). The team was led by Inquisitor Karas Tor, a man with an intense hatred and envy of Nagi Springfield, and as such he leapt upon evidence that pointed towards Negi and piled all the blame on him. Knowing that any charges laid on Negi would be dismissed as the crisis had also been averted by his actions, Karas used deceit to convince Negi to leave Mahora immediately and thus avoid persecution. Karas then slew his retinue and blamed Negi – although Konoemon knew the truth, testimony from an Inquisitor couldn’t be dismissed and the Council ordered for Negi to be brought in for questioning regarding the incident. Negi found out about his wanted status and fell into despair, knowing he would be forever unable to become a Magister Magi. After a short time moping, Negi began to form a plan. Now, three years after his exile, Negi is setting the plan into motion – and he will see things righted.
Commentary: The original 'Lost His Way' was the first story I wrote that wasn't utter crap - unfortunately, things got worse in the second act when I started to suffer writer's block and my lack of detailed notes began to bite me in the arse. Deciding that it wasn't worth the effort trying to salvage the story, I figured to redo it - and cut out of lot of the excess garbage at the same time. The plan's for longer chapters that'll appear less often and will cover only major events, rather than everything. Also, the plan is less convoluted, and there's no stupid side plots to show how twisted Negi is (that was more or less the original second act).
ETA: Mid-late July.


Lost His Way

Discontinued as I hit writer's block and kept writing - thus the whole of the second act was shit (not that the first act was much better). I owe this mostly to trying to stick to a schedule (which I failedat anyway) and thus rushed a fair bit of writing. Also, I tried to write stuff I was horrible at, which is stupid in a longer story. Of course, for those people who liked the story, I will be doing a Redux of it.

Darkest Green

Discontinued due to disinterest in fandom.

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