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Okay so here's a little about me - finally decided to do this..

Real Name - Andy Brehony

Nationality - Irish

I absolutely adore wrestling and soccer - fave team is the Gooners - Arsenal to those who don't know their nickname...

Favourite Wrestlers

John Cena


Randy Orton

Jeff Hardy


Fave Era

The Attitude one of course!

For all of you who read my fanfic - here's a description of my own character, who I own - Indy Trice.

Trice is about 5'10/11, with short brown hair, shaved at the sides - with huge shoulders like a football player and rippling muscles. He has worked the Independent circuit for about three years, before he was spotted on by WWE scouts and signed to OVW - where he won the heavyweight title within the first six months of him joining - after which he was called up to the main roster - he is currently on the ECW brand, and has competed in quite a few high profile matches in his fledgling career - including main eventing his first RAW against Monty Brown, and ECW Rules Match against Batista at No Mercy... and there's more to come! If people are interested I may in time write a short story - exclusive to fanfiction - documenting Trice's rise from the indy circuit to the WWE. If you want - let me know!!

Trademark Moves:

The Bull's Rush - To begin, Trice leapfrogs the running opponent, before turning around and clotheslining them to the outside - after which he spears them on the outside from the ring through the second rope

The Decimator: A crushing, high impact DDT from the top rope where Trice is standing on the second turnbuckle and the opponent is sitting on the top turnbuckle - the angle jars their neck and is generally used to finish off his opponent.

Death Valley Driver

Big Boot - This is generally performed just before the Decimator - The opponent is standing in the corner and Trice simply boots them straight in the jaw - generally with devastating consequences.

As I always say in my fic - reviews and flames are both welcomed equally. I like to hear an honest opinion from you guys of how you all think the story is going - and how you would change things. I may not agree, but I take all advice under advisement and hopefully improve my story as regards to it. Personally I haven's planned on doing a fic which involves pairing of characters - but I am open to the possibility in the future - just NOT for A Whole New Ballgame - it just wouldn't go with my story!!!

I've decided to add a new feature for some of the fans of A Whole New Ballgame, a complete history of the Pay Per Views I have currently done and their results:

No Mercy:

Extreme Rules Match: Indy Trice VS Batista Winner: Batista

US Championship: Rob Van Dam VS Kevin Thorn Winner: Kevin Thorn

WWE Tag Team Titles: Chris Masters and Johnny Nitro(MNM) VS The Hardy Boyz Winners: The Hardyz - New Champs!

Cruiserweight Battle Royal: Winner: Jimmy Wang Yang

Cross Brand Street Fight: Randy Orton VS Monty Brown Winner: Monty Brown

World Heavyweight Championship Triple Threat Match: Umaga VS John Cena VS CM Punk Winner: John Cena - New Champ!

Cyber Sunday

Intercontinental Title Fatal Four Way Match - Lashley VS Shelton Benjamin VS Ric Flair VS Carlito Winner: Lashley - Retains Title!

Boiler Room Brawl: Deranged VS Mankind Winner: Deranged

Tag Team Title Unification Ladder Match: Cryme Tyme VS The Hardy Boyz VS Masters and Nitro Winners: MNM - First Ever Undisputed Tag Champs!

Loser Is Fired Match: Big Show VS Triple H Special Guest Ref: Stone Cold Steve Austin Winner: Triple H

Six-Man Tag: Finlay, Shawn Michaels and Chris Benoit(NWO) VS John Cena, Batista and Indy Trice Winners: NWO

WWE Title Six Pack Challenge Match: Randy Orton VS Booker T VS Mr. Kennedy VS Edge VS Kane VS The Undertaker Special Enforcer: Monty Brown Winner: Randy Orton - New Champ!!

Survivor Series

Elimination Match - Team RAW VS Team Smackdown:

Team RAW: Cryme Tyme, Bobby Lashley, Kenny Dykstra, Mr. Kennedy

Team Smackdown: Johnny Nitro, Chris Masters, Kevin Thorn, Monty Brown, The Boogeyman

Winners: Team RAW - Lashley the sole survivor

Umaga VS Deranged Winner: Deranged

Cruiserweight Championship: Gregory Helms VS Jimmy Wang Yang Winner: Gregory Helms - Retains Title!

Street Fight: Shane McMahon VS Tazz Winner: Shane McMahon

WWE Title Triple Threat: Randy Orton VS Edge VS Booker T Winner: Randy Orton - Retains Title!

Three Stages Of Hell (Career VS Career) Triple H VS Stone Cold Steve Austin Winner: Triple H - 2 falls to 1

'Winner Takes All' Team ECW/Smackdown VS Team NWO - for control of ECW

Team ECW/Smackdown: The Hardy Boyz, CM Punk, Indy Trice, Batista

Team NWO: Shawn Michaels, John Cena, Rob Van Dam, Finlay, Chris Benoit

Winners: Team NWO - Shawn Michaels and RVD survive!


Four Corners Undisputed Tag Team Title Match: Cryme Tyme VS Finlay and Paul Burchill(NWO) VS Paul London and Brian Kendrick VS The Hardy Boyz Winners: Finlay and Paul Burchill - New Champs!

Chris Masters VS Joey Mercury Special Guest Ref: Johnny Nitro Winner: Joey Mercury

Flaming Tables Match: Deranged VS Sandman, Chavo Guerrero and Gang Leader(NWO) Winner: Deranged

NWO Championship, NWO Rules - Shawn Michaels VS Rob Van Dam Winner: Rob Van Dam - New Champ!

Fatal Four Way Number One Contender's Match: Batista VS Monty Brown VS Umaga VS CM Punk Winner: CM Punk

No Holds Barred World Heavyweight Championship Match: John Cena VS Indy Trice Winner: No Contest

New Year's Revolution

Intercontinental Champonship: Bobby Lashley VS Kenny Dykstra Winner: Kenny Dykstra - New Champ!

Biker Chain Match: Gang Leader VS Deranged Winner: Deranged

Undisputed Tag Team Championships: Finlay and Paul Burchill(NWO) VS Ric Flair and Indy Trice Winners: Ric Flair and Indy Trice - New Tag Champs!

World Heavyweight Championship: Edge VS Chris Jericho Winner: Chris Jericho by DQ - Edge retains title!

Last Man Standing: Sting VS Triple H Winner: Sting

WWE Championship: Randy Orton w/Kane VS The Undertaker Winner: The Undertaker - New Champ!

There it is so far, an up to date view of the results for all of my fic's pay per views.. hope you guys enjoy!!

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