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Author has written 4 stories for Ranma, Misc. Books, Sailor Moon, I My Me! Strawberry Eggs, and Absolute Boyfriend.

Hi, hi~! My name is Anchoku 安直 . I started writing fanfiction with my goofy Strawberry Eggs crossover idea. I hope you have as much fun reading it as I have writing. Feel free to e-mail me suggestions. I'm trying to keep the story as close to cannon as I can but it's really hard because there aren't any cool manga drawings to show you what I'm thinking. Wish me luck! Ganbarimasu!

Project Updates: August 31, 2011

Spamfic P0wned by Jupiter was developed from the many stories using planetary moon warriors and guardians and a background check into the mythology associated with the heavenly bodies. It occurred to me there are some substantial connections that might be drawn between mythology and the Ranma universe.

I, My, Me, 1/2 Strawberry Blond is on hold (obviously) until my large story is complete. Several IMMHSB chapters are outlined with a few scenes already sketched out. Look for a rewrite and restart summer 2011?To be honest, I still do not intend to abandon this story. There is so much of it already laid out beyond Ranma's terribly-awful, very-bad day where he has to actually study and be female at school. This was my first real effort and the writing shows its technical immaturity even if I became side-tracked by, first my Sailor Moon and Fruits Basket crossover, and then the Absolute Boyfriend crossover. The scene I truly itch to write is a martial-arts-cheerleading brawl in support of a brutal volleyball match while Aino Minako and her friends scout the Nerima division finals. *sigh* I hope I can get to writing this although there are several angsty scenes where Ranma learns why she should not imitate her father's teaching style; particulary as a swimming instructor. "Ha, ha, you swim like a boat anchor!" is generaly not very motivating and could get you voted off the island.

Ranma no Zettai Kareshi is a crossover idea derived from Absolute Boyfriend. I thought it was an interesting angle for a Mary Sue story; especially if Mary Sue keeps getting broken and ends up further confusing Ranma and his ball of tangled relationships. Unfortunately for me, I introduced yet another character to replace Kronos Heaven's love android when his time ran out. Now, it's an Absolute Boyfriend-flavored Futaba-kun Change crossover. I have a lot of editing to do on the last chapter. The hardest part is deciding what, out of the tea ceremony, contributes to the story as humor, irony, education and parody, and what is simply excessive. Cutting seemed like it would not be a problem, at first. Looking closer, I find it harder to untangle the messy threads without being a total Dexter about it and just knifing the story. Oh, well, it was supposed to be an educational chapter for me, anyway, where I would stretch my lame capabilities. Ranma moves back in with the Tendo family in the latest chapter but the decision point is looming ominously. Life is changing drastically for the Saotome heir and there is no going back. (Sorry for the abrupt chapter end but I decided to cut it and save the rest for later. I've been saving and editing this for way too long.)

For those readers who hope I can separate the Zettai Kareshi (Absolute Boyfriend) and Futaba-kun Change arcs into two separate books, I am sorry to say, "Muri desu," or, maybe, "Shimatta." The two arcs are both about his absolute boyfriend and Kyouya was just a tool and, life-changing as he may have been, Kyouya was not the cause of Ranma's interest in men. Neither did Kyouya preclude Ranma's interest in women. That's just how complicated poor Ranma's life is.

I received several interesting, and often quite heart-felt, messages regarding the characters and how I was handling the story. Whether kind, or blasting, they are all precious to me. Just being able to stir a few readers to leaving a review or sending a PM means there is thought-provoking or emotional content. As fervent a fan of Takahashi Rumiko and so many other talented manga-ka as I am, the real reason I am writing is to exercise my own writing skills. Being able to touch someone's heart or stir their critical thinking is the highest praise I could ever hope for. Thank you, all.

Chapter 19, called Monday Madness, is no longer a short chapter, as I once claimed. I have not written much at all but the outline continues to propagate, leaving me wondering if I really want to finish the story. The answer, of course, is yes. However, the last chapter for me will be the first chapter for your own imagination. It will seem abrupt in its finale, perhaps cavalierly so, but I hope to set the last stone in Ranma's path as a foundation each reader may leap from in whatever direction she, or he, may choose.

In the works is a much larger story proceeding at a snail's pace. (Not proceeding at all, at the moment.) Stay tuned for Fruits and NUTS, a Nerima Unlimited Trans-something Story where Saotome Ranma becomes a Sailor Senshi and a lot of other stuff happens; 290K words. This story continues to call to me, especially as I have quite a bit done and only a few rough scenes remain... perhaps only 100k words given the way I seem to make mountains out of mole hills. (-_-) Orz.

To those dear readers who actually enjoy these silly crossovers, thank you very much for your feedback! I do not usually respond to reviews though I do read them avidly to find out what is liked and disliked about the story in the hope I may one day become a better writer. My fickies are not action stories but tend more toward sit-com like dramas so don't expect an appearance by the Dragon Ball or Konoha cast. I also like to start with canon characters and canon-like plots to maintain some of the original creators' style and intent so SI, fusion, and AU get the ban-stick. Divergences are so-so and continuations get two thumbs up and a scoop of green tea ice cream. Shoujo crossovers get a cherry on top.

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