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Rust - ChubbyBuddy

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Dust - Insanity 101

Dusty: Well...if you thought I was insane before...wait till you see what we do in our free time! MUHAHAHAHA!

Rusty: She wouldn't be insane if she'd take the proper dosage of medicine -shakes head- I'll have to moniter her supply more closely. -sneaks some into pocket-

Dusty: I don't need the little white pills...they taste funny :( Anyway, don't moniter anything about me, I don't like being watched. -glances around corners furtively-

Rusty: I'm tired -falls asleep-

Dusty: -sigh- And I'm the one that needs to have my dosage monitered. Anywho, this is all just nonsense, complete and utter insanity. It's basically all the things I don't dare put on my serious acount...Now before we go on, let's just clarify one fact: no matter what Rusty says, I am the leader.

Rusty: -mutters in sleep- Whatever you say can be the Queen of England if you put your mind to it.

Dusty: -sigh- My mind was lost long ago. I keep looking, hoping it will turn up some day...I've checked under the bed, in the closet, in my sock drawer...but nothing. Anyway, we've written a couple very odd things...suppose we could tell you about them, since we can't upload for three days.

Rusty: Can I go home now head hurts...bad tea.

Dusty: Well then stop drinking tea and smoking insense, you fruit cake! Well, since my dear friend is busy playing Game Cube, I guess I'll ramble on about our stories for a bit. A while ago Rusty, her older sister and I started doing a sort-of online role playing know, I had a character, Rusty had a character, etc. We came out with some...very...interesting stuff, well maybe interesting isn't the right word...anyway, so that's basically what the stories will be like. Terrifying. To fill up our required English journal, we started a story...well actually it's just a culmination of letters between Robin and Raven. We're planning on putting it up...eventually.

Rusty: Yeah...what Dusty and yeah...that...-mutters about killing English teacher- so...does anyone know a good assassin?

Dusty: Yeah, I do, as a matter of fact. Last name's Wilson...he's supposed to be the best in the business. You might want to make sure you can pay up, though...cuz I hear he gets extremely violent. So...should we tell the good people about some of our favorite things, or be paranoid about the Mafia and remain stubbornly silent?

Rusty: I like eggs...actually, I don't. They are sulferic and should be placed in the pit like to be wierd with my friends.

Dusty: -shakes head- Oh dear...and she says I need medication. I like annoying people, being obsessive, etc. My interests? I am interested in you not asking me about my interests! MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS! Wait a sec...why do you want to know? -glares suspiciously- All right, TALK! WHO ARE YOU WORKING FOR?

Rusty: Dusty's nuts! Yup...she's a whacko...but don't tell herI told you..Uh-oh! SHE'S HERE! RUN FOR YOU LIFE...Hi Dusty ;) Your my pal!

Dusty: -raises eyebrow- I am not insane...well I am insane, but...I'm not a wacko...except Monday-Thursday, 9-5. -sigh- My closest friend betrays me, and people wonder why I'm hmm...what do people generally put on profiles? favorite song...the one I've liked the longest is More Than Words, by Extreme. How bout you Rusty?

Rusty: Rusty likes Enjoy the Silence by Depeche Mode...or however their scary name is spelled.

Dusty: O.o...referring to yourself in the third person...Interesting, I think those songs are both from the 80's. Favorite books? I do believe we like all the same I guess I'll list them and Rusty can give her approval (or disapproval as the case may be). Harry Potter, Artemis Fowl, A Series of Unfortunate Events, Protector of the Small series...gah I know there's more, but my brain went blank all the sudden. It happens quite frequently. Hm...I guess we might as well explain our names while we're jabbering on and on. Rusty came from the first two letters of her name, and well I was on a sugar high.Now about mine...Well a little while after Haunted came out, Rusty made a joke about me being covered in dust or something to that affect, so then it became this big funny about how I saw Slade in the dark, etc., and then her older sister came up with the nickname Dusty, and it just stuck. Yeah I know I'm boring. Can you think of any other books Rust?

Rusty: Uhm...Yeah...LOTR! WAHOOO! In your face dude! and maybe I can do it like Wheel of Time... KIKI this is fun...I like...rats...forgot the name of the series...and then there's Fairie Wars (fanks dustman) and you also speak The Boggart, and The Boggart and the Monster...then there is the Little Mermaid series...YUCK! BWAHAHAHA I'm crazy.

Dusty: O.O the little mermaid series? SAVE ME! -chokes on the cheese of the very thought- Hmm...favorite movies...Harry Potter (uh...duh), lotr (duh again), potc (HELLO! HOW COULD YOU NOT LIKE THAT MOVIE?), The Incredibles...GAH! RUSTY I AM GOING TO KILL YOUR KEYBOARD! -fumes, mutters about machine guns- Why in the world would someone design a keyboard like this? It's just all screwed up...funky beyond all reason! Wait a haven't even finished reading The Lord of the Rings trilogy! How can it be one of your favorite books if you haven't even read it fully yet?

Rusty: How can HP be one of your favorites if it isn't fully written:P I lurve my keyboard, don't hurt it..just love it.

Dusty: Uh...that is hardly the same. Where is your logic? Oh're just harassing me again. -sigh- It's sad how easily you can play with my mind. You's twisted, just like you. It depends on how you define love. Ok this is quite long...anything else you'd like to add, Rust?

Rusty: I wasn't harrassing you I was serious ;) KISSES! LOL i'm scary.

Dusty: Well...I guess we're done then. The Light burn me for bringing over Super Smash Brothers Melee! Peace y'all, and remember, don't drink and drive!

Rusty: Pleasant Hallucinations everybody!

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