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Hi all!

I know it's been like forever since I logged in, but I've come to say that I'm gone for good.

Some good news though, I've passed the torch on to another author, RoGambit. As you can tell, RoGambit is also a ROMY lover and the first fic should be posted soon. I've already previewed part of it and it is kickass! Hope you enjoy those works as much as you did mine.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to read and (hopefully) enjoyed my fics and a special thanks to all those who took the time to review. I really appreciated it.

Now go give some of that love to RoGambit!


Remy and Rogue C2

Includes fics from Movie, Evo, and Comics. It's a General C2 to allow multiple categories. I've added RoGambit as staff, so hopefully there will be even more additions in the future.

If you would like to help grow the Romyness, please contact RoGambit to be added as one of the staff. The more the merrier and more good ROMY to go around!


The Fix and Duckie (and Turtle Turtle)

Ever wonder what's up with the Fix and Duckie (and TurtleTurtle)I keep talking about?

One day, the sugar high that is my muse/Romy obsession grew into more than just a hyper attitude. Suddenly, a big, green, gelatinous silicon based goo that looks like the blob in Andromdeda Strain came to existence out of the mounds of sugar. And just like any silicon based lifeform, it quickly grew.

When reading Blood Connections, Guarded Secrets had so many interesting points that the Fix became sentient! It had thoughts! And with thoughts came an urge to be Fed. With more angst, the craving became stronger and the Fix wasn't satisfied until good Romy won out.

Then, WolvGambit Le Diable Blanc made it worse! All of WolvGambit's stuff is fluffy and the Fix discovered all fluff was way better than angst with a fluffy ending. There was this giant rumbling and the Fix turned into this Killer Tomato/Incredible Hulk/King Kong climbing the Empire State Building monstrosity. It thought I had been lying to it about there not being such a thing as pure fluff! How was I supposed to know? I still think I got the worst end of that rampage.

As for Duckie, well you can thank Prexistence for that one. In The Prince and Princess of Thieves(a partner fic with WolvGambit), Lapin has a dream about ducks, and well, one thing led to another and the Fix decided it wanted a pet. I had to take it shopping and not just any duck would do. No, we had to have a duck of a different color! Who would have thought a duck would appease the Fix more than Romy? Since the Fix is just a big, hulking, gelatinous goo, you can imagine it's not too smart. Thus, Duckie's name.

As for Turtle Turtle, well he also came out of The Prince and Princess of ThievesAnd since Duckie has flown South for the Winter, Turtle Turtle has taken his place. Who would have thought that in the middle of a big city the Fix would be able to find a holler and a turtle! As you can imagine, the Fix's high intellect also came up with his name. Or rather, theincessant shoutingof "TURTLE-TURTLE-TURTLE" until the chapter was over and it could run off to said holler. Well, at least Turtle Turtle is cute in his little, itty, bitty kind of way.

For now, the Fix and Duckie (and Turtle Turtle) have been quite satisfied, but don't give it any questions. It might rampage on you next! Then you'll have to Feed the Fix and Duckie (and Turtle Turtle)...

And this has nothing to do with the 32 oz. of Rockstar I drink daily. I swear. :p

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