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What's up! My name is Vincent Yan and my pen name is Envincebal. Some of you may know my roomnmate JP Yochim, but you may know him by his pen name: CidGregor. I am currently working on my first fic onJade Empire,which is titled "Desecrated Empire."Hope you guys will at least check it out.

Also, I am just starting my first Teen Titans fic, titled "Beginning of Eternity." It mostly focuses on my favorite character, Raven but I gives the other Titans some focus too. Warning: This fic is rated M forsome graphic violence and disturbing images.

A little about myself: I love writing obviously. I enjoy criticism about my work as much as I enjoy praise. Though I like a balance between the two. Do NOT bombard me with pointless flaming, otherwise I'll think you're ignorant. I have virtually no ego so if you tell me that something in my fic is dumb or not working, chances are I'll agree with you, so long as you can back your claim with good reason. I am a sophomore at the University of Oregon studying Political Science in good ol' tree hugging, ultra liberal, hippy plagued Eugene, Oregon. As you can tell from my sarcasm that I am out of place in this town because I'm pretty conservative, but I am NOT a Republican! NOT! Do NOT confuse the two. I think the two party system is flawed. But enough about politics, I don't want angry radicals to send me death threats or hate mail.

Other interests: video games, shooting pool, hockey, eating chicken or lobster, gangster movies, martial arts movies, politics, hip hop music, dreaming of playing the perfect villian in amovie, bowling, planning day and night in hopes that one day I will take over the world, making people laugh, laughing AT people, stand up comedy, watching 24 (aka visual crack), sleeping, enjoying the sound of breaking glass, playing cards etc.

Dislikes/Pet Peeves: Rock music, racism, people who stop listening when i'm talking to them, crappy fanfics, cliches, frat boys, poorly made hot and spicy soup, celebrity news (honestly, who cares if so-and-so movie star got caught smoking a cigarette? people smoke everyday!), eggs, fanboys etc.

Anyways, I hope you'll read my fics. Thanks and God Bless.

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