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I used to write much more than I do now. One day soon, I hope to finish these stories. ...

~UPDATE~ 21/03/2006... I have thought long and hard and have finally taken the decision to remove 'Heroes', my sequel to 'Prisoner' from this site. I had hoped to finish writing it some day, but after a 5 year hiatus, that seems unlikely any time soon. I deemed it better to remove it completely, than attempt to change the spirit of what was already written.

~UPDATE~ 13/02/2008 I am curently up to my eyes running my own mask-making business, and I don't have time to write very much any more. Labyrinth marked my life, as it did the lives of many others, inspiring a lot of my creations. Indeed, I probably would never have become a professional mask-maker if it hadn't been for this film.

Thank you all for your continued reviews. You inspire me. ~hugs~

The _Hooded_Crow.

p.s. I know my pen name says 'Fraggin'Aarvark, these days, but I am still The Hooded Crow elsewhere. :)

~UPDATE~ 14/04/2008 ~PLEASE READ!~

I'm a bit annoyed at myself. A few years ago, I changed my user name from The Hooded Crow to Fraggin'Aardvark. I had good reasons for doing so at the time, and perhaps naively I never thought that anyone else would use my original id and attempt to masquerade as me.

This has happened, however. I received a couple of private messages telling me that this was the case. (Thank you all - you know who you are!) Someone has taken my old user name. That's out of my hands; I appreciate that I gave it up and therefore it was available. That in itself isn't an issue. However - this same person apparently posted some of my stories - direct copy and paste jobs as far as I can tell. It's been resolved - the stories have been taken down, but the user name remains to confuse people who knew me as The Hooded Crow before.

So.. Just to clarify things for those of you who might be confused. TheHoodedCrow on is NOT me. I am the original 'The Hooded Crow, and you can reach me on live_journal and on Deviant Art under that user id. I write here under the user name Fraggin'Aardvark - however, I do have Labyrinth fiction published on other sites as 'The Hooded Crow'.

Hmm. I'm not sure that clarifies things at all, but it made sense in my head. I'm not the best writer in the world by a long chalk, so why on earth anyone else would want to be me is quite beyond me.

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