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Author has written 5 stories for Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy I-VI, Tales of Symphonia, and Tales of the Abyss.

So... there isn't much about me, other than I go by Sheila, Dranzer, blue, Eiri, Eirina... take your pick. Updated as of 07/26/11

Name: Sheila

Gender: Female

Country: Canada


What you will find me doing if not writing fanfiction: Either talking to a few friends, playing FFXI Online, reading FMLs, or at college.

What I like:
Reading and writing fanfiction.
Reading a book.
Playing videogames.
Listening to music.
Talking on MSN.
Rainy days.
Shiny things.
Final Fantasy XI
Hot bishes.
Shouting at the TV when I kick a villan's ass.

What I hate:
When I procrastinate and don't update for months on end (happens ALL THE TIME! D:)
My computer somehow loosing all my hard worked chapters, making updates even rarer.
Jerks, preps, stalkers, perverts, sickos, etc.
People that make me go swimming with them.
When my dog farts.
When my sister farts.
When ANYONE farts.
Many other things which escape me at the moment.

Story Status:

Silver Wishes and Golden Dreams: Discontinued. Wrote it when I was at the tender age of 13 or so, and over 7 years, your writing style tends to change. Might continue it one day, but no plans of as now.

Dreams of Reality: Well, it's bascially Silver Wishes and Golden Dreams, but... more current, revised, redone, rethought, etc. I know I haven't gotten an update like I said I would. Creativity went out the window... but I will do it, one day. EVENTUALLY.

A Flame Burns in Dispair: I'm still working on it, it's just... somewhere around the bottom of the list. I've got to replay Final Fantasy I before I even start chapter 11. I've lost a few of my brainstorms, so... I don't know what I'll do.

Tales of the Forgotten One: Lorelei's Daughter: Chapter 3 is up, I've got parts of Chapter 4 Written, so I'm trying to get that one together... it's right up there after on the list after Dreams of Reality. I'm thinking of rewriting it too, there's just too many things floating around in my mind that will clash with certian plot points :/

Destined One: Well, it's near the bottom of that list of things to do...I will rewrite it one day, but not right now.

Favorite parings:

Fire Emblem:



Final Fantasy:

KainxCecilxRosa (or some sort of it.)





ZidanexDagger (Garnet)








HeroinexElazul (Legend of Mana)
FaytxMaria (Star Ocean: Til the End of Time)


Fire Emblem










Final Fantasy
















HeroinexEscad (Legend of Mana)

GohanxVidel (Dragon Ball Z/GT)

PanxTrunks (Dragon Ball Z/GT)

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