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Name: Sasuke’s Cherry blossom Angel or “cherry angel”

Nickname: Mi-chan!

Age: Kinse…

Nationality: Filipino, and I am proud to be one_ PINOY ROCKS! _

Gender: Female

Favorite Anime’s:

Card Captor Sakura


Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle (Wings: Reservoir Chronicle) (Yes tsubasa already has an anime! But it’s not dubbed yet into Filipino, sana makuha ng ABS-CBN)

Battle doll: Angelic Layer

KareKano or His & Her Circumstances

Fruits Basket


Mythical Detective Loki

Super Gals

Magic Knights Rayearth

Akazukin Cha-Cha



Ultra Maniac

Gate Keepers

Ayashino Ceres

Fushigi Yuugi

Hana Yori Dango


Tokyo mew mew

Shaman king

Gundam SEED

Samurai Deeper kyo


And etcetera




Sasuke + Sakura Only_

Naruto + Hinata

Neji + Ten-Ten

Shikamaru + Ino

Shikamaru + Temari

Chouji + Ino

Chouji + Temari

Kakashi + Ayame (the Ichiraku girl)

Kakashi + Kurenai

Asuma + Kurenai

Tsunade + Jiraiya


Syaoran + Sakura_


Misaki + Oujiro_


Souchiro + Yuki!

Tsubasa + Mike!

Maho + Hideki!

Tsubasa’s Dad a.k.a. Mr. Shibahime+ Me! Joke!… Mike’s mom!


Yuki + Tohru_

Hiro + Kisa_


Yamato “Matt” + Mimi = MIMATO! MIMATO! MIMATO_

Taichi + Sora

Takeru + Hikari

Kiyo or Miyo + Ken_

Zoe + I forgot the guys name, hehehehe _


Haru + Elie

Siegehart + Resha _

Musica + Melodia

Musica + Reina


Loki + Mayura

Super Gals:

Rei + Aya_

Magic Knights Rayearth:

Lantis + Hikaru

Zagato + Emeraude

Ascot + Umi

Ferrio + Fuu

Akazukin Cha-Cha:

Riiya (Is that his name? I forgot) + Cha-Cha

Cha-Cha’s mentor + Dorothy


Katie/ Minami Kaede + Dylan (I forgot his Japanese name)


Hiroshi (Is that his name I haven’t really watch it) + Chii

Ultra Maniac;


Gate Keepers:

Shun + Ruriko

Ayashino Ceres:

Touya/Toya + Aya

Yuuhi + Chidori_

Mikage + Ceres

Fushigi Yuugi:

Miaka + Tamahome

Hana Yori Dango:

Makino Tsukushi + Ryu (I forgot his name, he is Hua Ze Lei in meteor Garden)

Hunter X Hunter:

Killua(Not gay) + Kurapika (Female not Gay) (I believe that KurapiKa is female, I don’t know why I keep on believing that she’s a girl even though one of my friends insist she’s a boy, maybe because of this picture that I have, in those picture Kurapika is a girl, she kinda looks like Chinese in one of them, while the other one has a picture of kurapika and then at the background is a picture of a girl cutting her long hair with a dagger, that’s why I believe that kurapika is a girl, who knows he might have done something to change his sex, for example using magical items?)

Kuroro + Kurapika (Female)

Gon + Killua’s sister

Kurapika (Not gay) + Neon


Ryu + Ichigo

Blue Knight + Mew Ichigo


Yoh + Anna


Athrun + Lacus + Kira

Kira + Lacus

Athrun + Lacus

Athrun + Cagalli

Tolle+ Miri + Dearka

Sai + Flay

Favorite Characters on Naruto:


Haruno Sakura ( I love Cherry-chan! She’s so pretty and cute_)

Hyuuga Hinata (Hina-chan is so cute and really looks cute when she blushes like a ripe cherry_)

Ten Ten (Ten-chan is also cute_)

Yamanaka Ino (Ino-chan is also cute_)








All girls are cute!

I like all female characters even female Naruto!


Uchiha Sasuke (I love Sasuke-kun! Ang guwapo ng pagkakadub sa kanya_)

Fafa Hatake Kakashi (I love Kakashi-kun! ang guwapo rin ng pagkakadub sa kanya_)

Yondaime! (I think that Naruto’s dad is really handsome not to mention cute_)

Haku (Why does he have to die! He’s too young and not to mention too cute to die! I love Haku-kun_)

Uzumaki Naruto (Naru-chan is also cute! He makes me all soft_ And gives me determination! Bagay yung boses na nag dub sa kanya sa personality nya!)

Sabaku Gaara (Gaara-kun is also cute! And ang gwapo rin ng pagkakadub sa kanya_)

Hyuuga Neji (Neji-kun is also cute!)


Aburame Shino (Shino-kun is also cute!)

Nara Shikamaru



Udon (He kind a looks cute if only he will stop sniveling , and he also has the same birthday as Sasuke!)

Akimichi Chouji





Rock Lee

The cute little boy on Sakura’s childhood years who kind of looks like Sasuke but it isn’t Sasuke because the boy has brown hair and green eyes and he has a band-aid over the bridge of his nose. He can be seen on the episode when Sakura had cut her hair and when Ino recalled her memory of friendship of her & Sakura, It’s the part where little Sakura said to her friends that she has met a cute boy named Sasuke, The cute boy is one of her friends, umm… do you have a picture of that kid?Can I have it? I think he’s really cute! I’m not pedophile or anything I just think that he’s Cute_

Could that boy be Shikamaru? Or Chouji? Nah, impossible… because the boy is too cute too be one of them, but who knows… _

Inuzuka Kiba

Maito Gai



And etcetera

I like all male Characters. Even Orochimaru , I’m not sure about Kisame though but I guess I’ll include him too… _

Oh My Gosh! I had placed too much detail about my fave stuff and it’s not even the complete list yet_

Things I don’t like:

Yaoi & Yuri fics or pairings

Character bashing, especially Sasuke & Sakura bashing & even Orochimaru, Itachi & Flay bashing! & Ino bashing (They’re not that bad! Right? Well I’m not sure about Orochimaru & Itachi (I meant here is evil deeds) but still… I don’t think it’s nice to bash characters _

I’m not trying to look all goody-goody I’m just speaking my mind, I hate Flay back then but I changed my mind (Flays not the reason) and believed that it’s not nice to bash characters even if they are mean, I mean if it’s not for them who would make the story more interesting? Admit it people, villains make the story more interesting (Sakura, Sasuke & Ino are not villains they sometimes can be irritating but they are not that bad) _

Pairings I slightly don’t like (I don’t hate them or like them that much):

Sasuke + Hinata (Sasuke is better off with Sakura, Hinata is better off with Naruto)

Lee + Sakura pairing (I don’t hate lee or think that his ugly, because I believe in the saying Don’t judge a book by It’s cover, I just think that they are better off as friends plus he’s one of my fave characters! So I don’t hate him! I just think his better off with an OC or another female character)

Lee + Ten Ten (Kind a looks cute, but I think that their better off as friends and Ten ten is better off with Neji)

Sasuke + Ino (I think Sasuke is better off with Sakura and while Ino is better off with Shikamaru or Chouji)

Kiba + Hina (Hina and Kiba looks kind a cute but I really think that Hina is better off with Naruto)

Shino + Hina (Shino + Hina kinda looks cute, but the same reason I wrote for Kiba + Hina)

Matt + Sora – Matt should have end up with MIMI! And Sora with Tai!

Yuta + Maya

Yuta + Aya

Few Things ‘bout me:

I like fics that have a love triangle about Sakura at almost any male character on the Anime Naruto even an OC but I prefer Sakura ending up with Sasuke, about my fics I don’t know if Sasuke or Sakura would end up together because I just get this crazy Idea to make her end up with someone else but I haven’t done that so far… _ Because I’m just starting to write a fic_

So there’s no guarantee that Sakura-chan would end up with Sasuke-kun…

She could end up with:






May be Naruto?

May be Kiba?

May be Itachi?

May be Neji?


I also slightly like, Naruto + Sakura pairing, but I don’t like Sasuke to end up with Ino, I don’t hate Ino or anything, I like her and she’s on my Fave characters, I just like Ino to end up with Shika-kun and I just feel kind of sad for Hina-chan so I prefer Naruto to end up with her, but It’s different when I write a fic, I think I’m starting to go crazy…. _

My fave Naruto eposode is when Sakura had cut her hair and the other one where Sasuke said that “ Sakura sino ang pangahas na gumawa niyan sayo, sabihin mo” nang mapanood ko ang episode na to muntil na kong himatayin dahil ang cute ng episode na to! At yung part na yinakap ni Sakura si Sasuke at tapos biglang nawalan pansamantala ang effect ng curse seal kay Sasuke nung nakiusap si Sakura na tumigil na siya! Yun ang favorite kong SASUSAKU moment! Sana na record ko, at araw araw panonoorin ko yon_

I was planning on making a fic based on the anime His & her circumstances but I changed my mind, anyway here are the complete summary of my fics & upcoming ones!

Dragon’s Fire

By Sasuke’s-Cherry Blossom Angel

Sakura was chosen to be the vessel of a Demonic Dragon. Because of that she was ignored and is also considered weak because she is a ‘girl’. To prove that they are wrong she disguised her self as a boy… Pairings: unknown

Kc d x pra sau…

By Cherry angel

“Noon kla q Pgmhal m 1 tao Kht mrming Hdlang Kkyanin mo Mkuha lng Ang mhal mo! Pro ngaun Mskit plang Tngapin n… Kya pla mrming Hdlang…. Kc d x pra sau…”

The game called: LOVE

By cherry angel

AU. HS heartthrob, pretty boy Uchiha Sasuke, who lost in a game, was dared to date & make the unpopular, nerd, ugly wide fore head girl named Haruno Sakura to be popular, and can he do that? Because they totally hate each other! First one to fall in love loses! Or is it the other way around? Pairings: Unknown…

Coincidence? Or Fated?

By: Sasuke’s Cherry Blossom Angel

Haruno Sakura a normal teenage girl had accidentally transported to the past! And meets a guy, who looks like her worst enemy Uchiha Sasuke! What happens if she falls in love? Who will he choose the past or the present? And the big question is will she ever return to the present? No I think the former one is the big question…um…no…wait… uh… forget it! And when will ABS-CBN air Chobits? Uhh wrong question, heheheheh

I found really cool sites and all of them has really cool Naruto wallpapers! So check them out!

(This site has really cool wallpapers on almost all anime’s! even Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles! TRC wallpapers here are very cool! And so are the Naruto wallpapers!)

Quote from rory07

all new memebers are in and be sure to watch ep 133 and 134 at and right click then save target as remember if 134 doesnt work on that site go to or

Doujinshi with a little bit of SasuSaku or SasuSaku :) has nice drawings so check em out!

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Naruto - Rated: T - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,461 - Reviews: 11 - Favs: 7 - Follows: 12 - Published: 6/4/2005
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