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it has recently come to my attention by a series of rather unconnected, yet poignant events, that... i want to write.
i dont want to... just... write to keep my head from exploding, when i am sexually frustrated, or emotionally frustrated. i want to REALLY write, thoughts and feelings and ideas, characters of my own, people i see inside of myself, inside my own heart. people that are just as real to me as the people i see at work and around my house and on the computer every day.
i want to do something. i have... just about given up on my dreams because of the hardships of life, because of the angles and twists and turns it has taken, but this passion has boiled up within me again, and it will not be sated. i have to really write.
so i am going to continue to post here... but my previous work has been removed. i want people... to read what i have to say now... and to be honest, im not sure if i will write alot of fanfiction. i dunno, maybe it is so grounded in me that i wont be able to stop! ^_^ but... i want to write original stuff now. i am gonna continue with my short stories, and my lemons, and yaoi of course. but.. i dunno, maybe you will meet some people you have now known before in my stiries, and... i dont know. maybe you'll like them. but i hafta try. i am also working on some large projects, and i will post those here as well, as they come.
please dont stop emailing me... i miss everyone. so much.