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Titan Knight series.

Season 1. Demon

Episode 1) Feelings

Five of the Teen Titans have fallen. In order to find the killer, the Titans turn to an unlikely source to find the answers. A mysterious warrior named Drake Daniels with the unusual ability to change himself into a fire breathing dragon, and the current King of Demon's, Landon. Once they have the backup, the question then becomes, what does the killer want? And can they stop him?(Re-write in progress)

Episode 2) Temptation

The Teen Titans attempt to move past the events that took place just a few days ago. After a meeting of all the remaining Titans to adjust teams, Beast Boy begins seeing horrible images that begin to drive him insane. Meanwhile Raven is tempted to act on her demonic nature, especially when someone uses the right bait. Is Raven possessed? Hypnotized? Is her rage taking over? Or is it just...Raven...? (Complete)

Episode 3) Slumber Party

Raven's "Dark side" continues to show it's ugly head, so much in fact that she must lose her powers along with the Dragon Knight, Drake Daniels. Without them she is now able to feel and express emotions, this being the case she asks her closest girl-friend to host a slumber party for the lady titans. Meanwhile Beast Boy, Cyborg, Robin and Drake find an old friend of Robin's to help in their war against the dark forces that surround them. Everything goes fine until they are greeted by a unwelcomed guest that is as old as time itself and forces Drake to face his past and see if he can move on towards the future. And now that Raven can feel, what does that mean for her and a certain changeling? (Complete)

Episode 4) The Dark Deal

After the events of "Slumber Party" one of the Titans clings to life, causing her friends to frantically search for a way to save her, or risk her joining their five fallen friends. Help comes from unexpected sources as Robin is met with an old friend from his time with "The Team" who seeks justice for the death of Aqualad. Zatanna meets the charming Constantine who wishes to help using his own brand of antics to assist the Titans, while Beast Boy is faced with the darkness that lies deep within him, and only Raven can help him to control it. As for Drake, he finally admits to himself that he is ready to leave his past behind and move forward, finding companionship in the sweet and innocent Kole, but with Dr. Light on the loose, will she stay innocent? (Complete)

Episode 5) Being Evil has a Price

How did the Titans become Titans? This we already know, but where did Kole get her powers from? Where did Drake come from? How did Landon become a demon, how did he and a noble warrior become brothers, and why is he the king of hell? What happens to Robin when he is called to the bedside of an old friend who was injured by the most hated villain in Gotham, and how will he handle it, especially when he meets another who was supposed to be dead? Can Starfire be there for him, and will he let her? Why was Raven's mother able to carry the child of Trigon the terrible, his gem, his portal, the end for mankind? Is there more to the story she was never told before, and can Beast Boy help her find the answers? And is there anyone who could ever love a Cyborg? Hearts will be broken, relationships tested and formed, with the answers be found? (Complete)

Episode 6) Can't Run Forever

It has all led up to this. After the shattering events that have just taken place, and broken and battered team of heroes fight to stop the second apocalypse from occurring as the children of Trigon fight to free their father. Help comes in an unexpected form, from both below and above the battle field. In the end, all that matters are those that are willing to not only fight with you, but die for you. (Complete)

Season 2. Marker (subject to change)

Episode 1) Aftermath (part 1) set in the Young Justice Universe.

Unaware of the events that took place six months ago in Jump City, life moves on as normal for the secret covert ops team of the Justice League, led by Tim Drake and consisting of Blue Beetle, Superboy, Miss Martian, Kaldur’ahm, and the new Batgirl, Cassandra Cain. The team gets sent to the mountains of Swizterland where Klarion the witch boy is rumored to be attempting to summon a demon to act as an inforcer of the Light. During the battle both sides were attacked by a creature who isn’t of Hell, Heaven or Earth and couldn’t be killed, something Cassandra found out first hand. The new Batgirl and the beast fell into a fast flowing river that leads to the ocean and eventually to an island filled with beings able to change from human to Dragons. Are they friend or foe? (Complete)

Episode 2) Aftermath (part 2) Back with the Titans:

The Titans West of Jump City attempt to move on from the incident that still plague their city and the individual members to varying degrees, but with the guilt consuming her, Raven turns herself in to the Justice League. Now The Titan must travel to the Watchtower for a hearing that will decide her fate, and even with John Constantine and the Batman on their side, will it be enough to earn her freedom. Or would she even want it? (Complete)

Episode 3) Marker:

The Titans have met plenty of enimies, friends, or those whom they would rather not meet again, such is the case when Val-Yor returns, but now is only half the alien hero he used to be. Emaciated, sickly, and utterly mad he manages to mutter two words in his current and permanent state. "Titan. Troq." Upon further investigation it is discovered in his ships journey log that he had just returned from the Moons of Jupiter, prompting the Titans to voyage on another intergalactic journey to find out what he means. Little do they know that they will stumble upon horrors that none of them will be prepared for. (In progress)

Episode 5) Frost

Episode 6) Dragon of the East:

The Titans continue the search for one of their missing teammates, which becomes all the more dire when another goes missing. Meanwhile in Steele city after the murder of the mayors daughter points the Titans East to a Savage Beast, they discover a young man with the ability to become a dragon, but does he need to be stopped? Or helped?

Episode 7) Home:

Kole comes to Raven desperately seeking her help when Joseph, Jericho, Wilson has become possessed by a being who claims to be a powerful sorcerer from Raven’s homeworld. The destroyed Azarath. After a frightening confrontation, it becomes clear that the Titans have to literally rebuild Raven’s former home, but the only way to accomplish that is to find a text once owned by Drake’s uncle. A book that is far beneath the ruins of the one place he swore never to return to. His own home.


I use Original Characters in my stories. Here are character bios for the main ones.

Drake Daniels(Dragon knight)

He is our main protagonist in these stories. He has a very laid back, relaxed attitude with a sharp sarcastic smart ass wit to boot. He is often compared to Raven in this aspect, which doesn't bother him in the slightest. He hates going on missions with the Titans and can't stand the banter the villains have with them. His powers are unique to say the least. With the help of a teal ruby necklace with a silver dragon wrapping around it, he is able to change into a fire breathing dragon. Unlike Beast boy, Drake needs the necklace to keep the dragon spirit inside him under control, with it they work in tandem. He is more vulnerable in his human form though especially to iron which renders him powerless. In his human when he "borrows" power from his dragon side he takes the dragon energy, the more he takes the weaker his dragon side is. The weaker the dragon is the less chance he has to change into the dragon, which is difficult to gauge in battle. If he borrows to much mid battle but needs to change he wont be able to. However his five senses are enhanced in his human form without having to borrow energy, along with super strength. Drake usually has to borrow energy for healing or shooting fire from his eyes. His dragon form however is a perfect weapon of destruction. Covered in scales thick as iron, massive wings span for flight, and armor covering his head down his neck to his tail, his chest, upper thighs and forearms. In the armor of his forearms lays a sword that extend and retract at will. His ability to breathe fire tops off his dragon form.

Drake wont go into his dragon form often since as a warrior he would have an unfair advantage. He only uses it when the time calls for it, which rarely happens when he is with the Teen Titans. That doesn't mean he hasn't used it on a few occasion. He is highly intelligent and a skilled fighter in both hand to hand and sword fighting. When he became a Titan Robin got him a uniform with consists of a belt that houses the necessary weapons against ghost, monsters and demons. Salt, silver, holy water, and the like. He uses a broken blade that was forged from the blood of an angel and can kill anything, along with a turquoise sword made from the stone of the oceans of his home. He is six feet tall just under Cyborg with brown hair and bright hazel eyes. Along with a black coat that falls to his knees and cinches at the neck the neo from the Matrix. His coat is made from a special fabric that cant be cut or slashed. He may be laid back, but he will always fight for those in need and less fortunate them him, because simply "it is the right thing to do for a man that can do what he can do."

Landon(King of Demons)

Landon is the current king of demons after Trigon and a close personal friend of Drake's. Those in hell and on earth all share the same skepticism about the two to the extent that Landon doesn't get a lot of respect from his followers. Landon doesn't care since those who do not follow him end up dead or tortured soon after, its these activities were Drake has a "don't ask don't tell policy." Even with things like this though Drake trusts Landon and that's all he says when the Titans or others question their relationship. Landon prefers what he calls "organized chaos" meaning he likes to have a handle on things at all times and in all places when it comes to his subjects being on earth, which leads to the conflict he has when his demons escape. Landon has a very business like mentality when it comes to being king which is another reason why not many demons like him as king. Landon however justifies his actions saying order is what will keep hell going, and not chaos. Landon believes friendships to be the best and most important thing someone has to offer because you never know when you'll need a favor from someone with a specific skillset. This belief leads Landon to have many acquaintances who either owe him favors or he owes them which further helps Drake and the Titans battle the demons that have escaped.

As a demon he has no emotion and thinks logically, making an decision based on what will be best for self preservation. He can kill demons and humans with just a flick of his wrist. He commands power over the darkness, much like Raven, and can teleport himself and others. He is a master of spell casting, possession and torture. He has a very witty and flirtatious personality which makes those around him very uncomfortable. He often makes insensitive comments since he doesn't have feelings to filter them. Landon is also one of the few demons who doesn't need to possess a human host but instead has his own form, but still has the ability of possession. He is also one of the few that remembers life as a human. While one on one with Raven he says that as a human he sold his soul and was sent to hell after the contract was up. When she asks what he sold his soul for all he says is "the only thing worth selling a soul for".

Carnus Valogneus(Demon)

Is the main villain of this series, and is responsible for the deaths of Aqualad, Argent, Hotspot, the Herald and Jericho, but also killed off a few members of the Justice League as well. These actions put him on the radar of not only the heroes but a few villains as well, even the warden of the infamous Belle Reve, Amanda Waller. Carnus escaped from the Prison Dimension of Hell right after the defeat of Trigon once Slade opened the gate to get his soul back. Since then he had been reeking havoc on earth like a human serial killer.

Carnus is a demon whose eyes flash white instead of black or red, making him a very powerful demon but has no desire to rule or even be in Hell when he has more fun being on earth. He isn't that tall, about six feet, with black receding hair, aged face, a signature wicked smile, and square chin (refer to the cover photo of feelings). He has all the powers of a demon, such as shadow manipulation, teleportation, nether manipulation, and can make him self intangible. However he only uses his powers as more of a self defense, or a last resort preferring to use mental manipulation on his opponents. His body is heavily scared but came from his human life instead of his time as a demon. Carnus is one of the few demons who can materialize his own form without the need to possess a vessel though he still has the power of possession, and can possess multiple people at once, but this action significantly weakens him. He is also one of the few that remembers his human life.

Like all demons he had no emotion or feelings and makes his decisions based on logic, even if his actions aren't seen as logical. He makes them to feel something, and the only time he feels anything is when he tortures or kills. Another aspect of Carnus that makes him very frightening is his curiosity. He finds humans to be boring, but he is interested in these super heroes, with gifts and yet help people instead of themselves. Carnus is also rumored to be the only one Trigon has ever feared, though that has never been proven.

Best Landon quotes. Season 1

“I’m sorry, Trigon the terrible is not in right now. Would you like to leave a message?” Temptation chpt. 1

“He's a virgo, enjoys long walks on the beach, candle lit dinners and the sweet soothing sounds of the backstreet boys. Ladies and genltmen please welcome, Slade Wilson." Temptation chpt. 1

“May I ask you a direct question? Have you ever had intercourse with Raven?” Temptation chpt. 5

“Why’s my Dragon off his rocker?” Slumber party chpt. 4

Drake: “What I wanted to tell you. The short version is that we came back from a trip and the Titan girls are trying to seduce us."

Landon: "...And that's aweful becauuuuuuuuuse?” Slumber Party chpt. 9

Drake: “Yeah after holding me captive, and torturing me for a month."

Landon: “Oh I do that to everyone I know, you're not special." Being Evil has a Price chpt. 4

“Wait, wait, did the conversation go like this, ‘oh Elsa, as much as my heart yerns for you, we are destined to be friends alone. Now if you need me I'll be over here brooding'." Being Evil has a Price chpt. 5

Upcoming quotes.

“This isn’t Disney, this is HELL, and we have a little something called integrity.”

”Let’s see how brightly heaven shines when every soul belongs to me.”

“No I like the rock for he pretty scribbles.”

“Since . . . What’s today? Since . . Mind your own damn business.”

tumblr account: bearhow2

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