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Hi. I have no idea what could make you interested in my humble person, but thank you for visiting my profile page.

If you're a Hey Arnold fan I recommend you to visit the articles I have written / contributed to:

Wikipedia: List of Hey Arnold!_characters, contains more than 180 characters, including 5 ghosts.
Conworld Wikia: San Lorenzo, an article about the fictional country.

You can visit my gallery on DeviantART with Hey Arnold! fanart.

I'm the main contributor to Hey Arnold Wiki — the free encyclopedia about Hey Arnold!. I'm desperate to gather all the information HA!-related information in one place. If you know something interesting concerning Hey Arnold!, please tell me. Any help will be very appreciated.

My "full screen name" is Hellerick Cleham Ferlibay. HELLERICK is tribute to my favorite cartoon character Helga G. Pataki; it's supposed to be masculine variant of her name. (Actually, the masculine variants of "Helga" are Swedish "Helge" and Russian "Oleg" — but that would be to lame to use.) The name "Hellerick" was invented by me and it comes from the two Old Norse words: heiligr (holy, whole, healthy) and rikr (rich), and therefore it means something like "rich of health". The name was modified to look more like modern English. CLEHAM looks like a name derived from a last name derived from a place name. It has the stem "ham" (small village) in it, like in "Birmingham". But this etymology is wrong — in fact "Cleham" means "clever, handsome and modest" :-) "Hellerick" and "Cleham" proved to be real English last names; I wonder where they really came from. FERLIBAY comes from Manx expression Fer lhee bagh (Horse doctor), which is the literal translation of my real last name. (Manx is the language of the Isle of Man in the Irish Sea; it's considered a dialect of the Scottish Gaelic by some linguists.)

As you could guess I'm a linguistics freak, even though the only language I can speak is my native Russian. I have studied German but I don't know it well enough to make a simplest conversation. But still I like to practise reading in foreign languages very much. Now I can read stories in English, Spanish, German, Portuguese, and Czech (in that order; besides Russian of course). And judging by Wikipedia I can understand articles in nearly every Germanic, Romance, or Slavic language. Sometimes I invent new languages and writing systems. E.g. you may look at Holiland script and Xektugesque language if you like.

I wish I could write stories myself, alas I have no talent at all. So, I'm mostly reviewing. I have so many ideas, but when I'm trying to incarnate them I feel myself like a cripple...

If you want me to like your story you should include into it: romance (I'm sucker for romance!), or some original idea (especially something about SF and fantasy — it's very important not to overdose it though). I value very much good language/grammar, erudition, and systematizing approach (go figure...) On the other hand I can't help but admire immature stories by some young authors. Also I'm very interested in children characters and family relationships.

If you want me to hate your story you should include into it: slash, religion, coarse language, alcohol/smoking/drugs, explicit scenes.

Things I consider boring (and therefore I consider the story boring when it doesn't contain anything else): fighting, traveling.

My reading likes/dislikes:

The author I won't ever recommend to anybody: William Somerset Maugham
The authors I wish all the world knew about: Marina and Sergey Dyachenko
The book I respect: The Lord of the Rings
The book I despise: The Chronicles of Narnia
The book I'm afraid of: Harry Potter
The book I consider over-appreciated: The Bible
The book I consider under-appreciated: History of the Kings of Britain by Geoffrey of Monmouth
The book I like to quote: The Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy
The book whose popularity I can't understand: The Catcher in the Rye
The book I consider the best in the history of mankind: Alice in Wonderland

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Так поступает Арнольд reviews
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