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Annyung, konnichiwa, and bonjour!

October 22, 2005 Update

A little bit about me, but not that much so don't get your hopes up. Note: This profile contains a few references to Catholicism, just a note to those who practice another religion or none at all.

Age: 14, has been since July 21.
Gender: Boy.
Nationality: South Korea, has been living in the United States since the age of 2.
Breathing Role Models: Mark Hart (The Bible Geek), Kanthia-san, Digitaldreamer-san.

Favorite Quotes

Mark Hart:
"I have always believed that the greatest gift that we can give one another as human beings is to force the next person to think."
"Just remember to never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never say never when you're talking about God or dealing with God..."
"Only God can make a rainbow. (Sorry, Skittles.)"
"Catholicism is not a spectator sport. Get in the game today."
"The Bible tells us the final score of the game. Thanks to Jesus, we win, God wins, and the devil loses. That's why he's called Lose-ifer."
"Remember the two eternal truths:
1. There is a God.
2. You're not Him."
"Superman got his powers from the sun. What a coincidence. I get my power from the Son, too."
"Try the real "MasterCard." You're preapproved, and the benefits are out of this world."
"Oh, and remember one more thing when you're working on your computer: Jesus saves."
"There's a little boy (who has apparently eaten a lot of sugar) running around in circles. He has those shoes that light up every time he steps. "Thy word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path." (Ps 119:105)."

"Wow! My very own an idiot!"
"Awwww, OOC romance~! Doesn't it just make you want to puke?"

October 9, 2005 Update

Thank you, those who enjoy my fanfic "Destroy the Company", although I barely ever update it. Now here's a present for all of you and whoever else feels like receiving it:

Now for an explanation. These two links lead to a forum-style roleplay, which I am part of. Our current plot (Which I made) is somewhat like the plot in Destroy the Company, although it's actually very, very, very, very, far from it. Okay, the only things they have in common is that the Straw Hats are captured by Grim Kraken, who owns a large company serving pirates. But here, Kraken is that arrogant type of villain again, and Dendes is actually called Desdes, who has not appeared since the first um, entry, but it's a fantastic story anyway,written by many different participants. If you know Digitaldreamer (author of Tangled Web), Kanthia (author of Raftel), and Redpirate (new ff.net member who has written several romance fanfics), THEY'RE IN HERE! Of course, you may register on the forum and join as well, if you want, but you'll have to wait for the next plot, because we've gone too far in this one.

Anyway, the top link will take you to the applications thread (The thread where people ask to join), and the bottom link will take you to the actual rp. You may want to read the applications thread first, since the character profiles are there.

Also, you will notice that the rp is incomplete, that it doesn't have a beginning. Well you see, the rp began on this other forum called www.4kids.tv, but the place sucked, so the rp was moved to the new invisionfree OP site. The thread is but to read through all that will probably be a waste of time, since there is a bunch of garbage among it, and other stuff.

End Update

Oversame Chasm

(Same, pronounced Sah-meh is Japanese for shark.)

Everything that used to be down here doesn't matter anymore!
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