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Thanks to all REVIEWERS!

Animebookworm44's answers to some questions:

1) The picture I started Pneumonia off of can be found at a site called the "Case Closed Anime Agency" (this can be found by any search engine) and the picture is, I'm sure, on many other sites too, this is just the one I found it on. Once there, scroll down to the tabs. One will say Image gallery. In there, click on Doujinshi Detective Conan images. It's the third picture. This particular site has good Detective Conan images, so if you go there, I suggest you stay a while and look at some of the other's they've got. They've also got more on other anime shows.

2) The kitten Jack that I used in Treehouse was the kitten we saw Ed trying to save in Fullmetal vs. Flame.

Animebookworm44's Announcments

1) If you'd like me to incorporate a story you have in your head into The Case Files of Jimmy Kudo, email me and tell me. Please DO NOT SUBMIT IDEAS IN REVIEWS. It spoils the fun. Plus, I'll have a pen-pal for a while!

2) Sorry, guys. I had to take down the Memory. I do hope to eventually get it back up, but for now... It's better off down.

I pretty much like all things anime, so here are my pairings:

Shaman King-
Yoh x Anna!
Len (Ren) x Pilica (Pirika)
Trey (Horohoro) x Tamora (Tamao)
Hao x Anna x Yoh (I don't particularly like this triangle, but it is good for dramatic effect)

Joey x Mai
Yugi (not Yami) x Rebecca

Yu-Gi-Oh GX
Jadan x Alexis

Megaman NT Warrior
Lan (Netto) x Maylu (Mayl/Meiru)
Megaman (Rockman) x Roll

Mew Mew Power (Tokyo Mew Mew)
Zoey (Ichigo) x Mark (Masaya)
Zoey (Ichigo) x Dren (Kish)

Mushrambo x Yakumo

Ash (Satoshi) x Misty (Kasumi)

Duel Masters-
Shobu x Mimi

Rave Master
Haru x Elie

Rei x Mariah
Tyson x Hillary

Teen Titans
Robin x Starfire

Case Closed/ Detective Conan
Jimmy (Shinichi) x Rachel (Ran)
Harley (Heiji) x Kazuha
Richard (Kogoro) x Eva (Eri)

Card Captor Sakura/ Tsubasa Chronicles
Sakura x Syaoran

Tai (Taichi) x Sora
Kari x TK (Takeru)
Rika x Rio
Takuya x Zoe (Izumi)

Jet x Puffy

Full Metal Alchemist
Ed x Winry
Roy x Riza

Inuyasha x Kagome
Sango x Miroku

Sasuke (because he's awesome) x Sakura

Eureka 7
Rentin x Eureka

Zatch Bell
Kiyo x Megumi

Yes, I know,... but I only get Dubs! I live in the U.S.! Whaddya expect!

Oh, and in the universal world of Harry Potter, I am RONxHERMIONE!

Anime I watch/ read, but don't have favorite pairings in:

Yami no Matsui- Descendents of Darkness
There are too many pairings in this manga/ anime for me to even begin to fathom a favorite.
Between Tsuzuki X: Hisoka, Tatsumi, the Count, and Muraki (WHY CAN'T HE JUST DIE!) there's too much to choose. And this is only covering the non-straight relationships in the series.
Oh! And! WATARI is the best... ever.

Death Note
This is just a WEIRD anime. With phychos and geniuses and everything. But it's cool, and has shinigami. And I'm not quite sure about the love interest, since I think the 2nd Kira is a little weird...

Synopses about the shows I write Fics on:

Detective Conan/ Case Closed (Cartoon Network channel 60- Adult Swim- 5:30am every day except Saturdays)
Jimmy Kudo is a famous high-school detective. Then, on a relaxing trip to the amusement park with his "friend" Rachel Moore, he's caught spying on a deal made with two guys in Black. These guys then force-feed him a poison that is designed to kill with no trace. But instead of killing him, the pill, called APTX-4690, shrinks him! Now he has to solve crimes as a seven-year-old while trying to get his real body back!

Shaman King (4KIDSTV channel 13- 11:00am Saturdays SERIES FINALLY FINISHED!)
Yoh Asakura comes from a long family of Shaman, people who can combine with ghosts/spirits and fight other shamans with them. Every Shaman's dram is to become the Shaman King (no explanation needed). To become this King, the shaman community holds a tournament every 500 years, the winner of which combines with the"King of Spirits" and becomes Shaman King. Zeke (Hao) Asakura was a shaman that mastered the five points of the unity starand learned the secret of reincarnation. Since then, he had grown power-hungry, and decided to take the King of Spirits for himself.But during that tournament, an Asakura stopped him. He has proceeded to reincarnate two times, once every 500 years,to try and once again take the King of Spirits so, this time it is up to Yoh (ironically, Zeke's Twin) to stop him with the help of his fiancee, Anna, and fellow shamans Len (Ren), Trey (Horohoro), Choko (Chocolove), Faust,and Rio (Ryu); as well as Len's sister Jun, Trey's sister Pilica (Pirika), and a human named Morty (Manta).

Tsubasa Chronicals (Manga by Clamp-- soon to be a movie/series out in 2005 in Japan and will probably make it to the U.S. at some point...maybe)
Sakura is a princess of the kingdom of Clow. Syaoran is her childhood friend, who's father is an architect. One day, a magical power (while at the ancient ruins) took Sakura's memories, transformed them into feathers,and scattered them about different worlds. In an effort to get her memories back, Syaoran visits a witch, who pairs himup with two other travellers, Fai and Kurogane. She gives them a animal called Mokona Modoki, who will help them travel from world to world as they search for Sakura's memories.

Full Metal Alchemist (Cartoon Network Channel 60- 12:00 AM + 4:00 AM weekdays except Monday, 12:00 PM on Sundays... although it fluxuates)

Humankind cannot gain anything without giving something in return. That is Alchemy's first Law of Equivalent Exchange...

Edward and Alphonse Elric are two brothers immersed in the world of Alchemy. The magical science is based on the Law of Equivalent Exchange. But one day, Equivalent Exchange takes too much. The day their mother died was the day Ed and Al decided to leave their home Resembool, leaving along with it their childhood friend Winry and her grandmother Pinako, and go out in search of Alchemy training. Their goal: to bring their mother back. Human transmutation is a forbidden science, and when Ed and Al finally try it on their mother, Equivalent Exchange strikes again, taking Ed's left leg, and Al's whole body. Edward sacrifices his arm to get his brother back, but only ends up with Al's soul, which he's tied to a suit of armor. Al then brings Ed to Winry and Pinako's where he undergos automail surgery. Stuck now with two metal limbs and a hunk of armor for a brother, Ed vowed to get his brother's body and his organic limbs back. They burned down their house on the day they left to pursue the title of "State Alchemist", leaving all of Resembool in wonder.

Some ideas for new fics: (NOTE: Content originally stated in these summaries may change due to storyline problems... and some I may not even decide to post) And, at this point, I have more ideas for stories than I can handle.

Tsubasa Chronicles- The Last Feather
(S&S) Syaoran has been successful in getting back all of Sakura's feathers and returning her to the Kingdom of Clow. All except one, that is: the one that holds her memories of him. What lengths will Sakura go to just to know who the man is that she feels for so much in her memories? Yukito decides to help her in this matter by sending her to the same witch that made Syaoran give her memories of him up in the first place. But what will she demand as a price for Sakura's last memories?

DC/CC- Masquerade Murder
(JimmyxRachel, HarleyxKazuha) When Jimmy and the gang are invited to attend a masquerade ball in honor of the birthday of one Arianna Bucksworth, they get more than just your usual party. Medieval clothes and costumes are part of the decor, not to mention the ballroom dancing! But Jimmy and Harley are stunned at the midnight murder of Robert Bucksworth, Arianna's father. Everyone seems to have an alibi, too. The maid, cook, and advisor were all in the kitchen, with Jimmy and Arianna. The butler, Rachel, Harley, and Kazuha were all sleeping. Who actually plunged the knife into Robert Bucksworth's chest, dealing him the fatal blow?

FMA- Anatomy
(EdxWinry) When Ed and Winry were little, they couldn't help but be curious. They would take baths together, while Trisha cared for Alphonse, and couldn't help but notice the difference between their bodies. So what happens when you leave them alone? Exploration.

FMA- Soul Gate
(EdxWinry) Ed's been having weird dreams in Germany. After Alphonse found his way over, things have been a little strange. Back in the other world, alchemy has completely stopped. No one, not even the Flame alchemist, is able to use it. Does this have something to do with the destruction of the Gate? You bet it does!

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