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I am almost 18.

AIM: Aliaschickita47
Yahoo (But I don't really use it as much unless I need to get tutored in math): Meltaway14
Follow me!: @TheSoUnknown

Feel free to email me, or instant message me. I enjoy random stalkers from random places who I don't even know. (Seriously, I do.) I'm probably on more than anybody else in the world, it's quite sad. I'm on MSN most. I get bored a lot so feel free! Seriously.


Television: One Tree Hill, ALIAS!! BLACK SASH! I can't believe they canceled it!! (But I watched Black Sash instead of Alias, but Alias is what got it canceled! Oh the irony!) Charmed, LOST (I love Claire!), South Of Nowhere, Tru Calling, The OC (Ryan/Ben is so smexy with short hair. I LOVE TAYLOR TOWNSEND!! she makes me laugh at any given moment!) CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Crossing Jordan (That was the lamest series finale.) Gilmore Girls, Friends (I wish I could bring up random quips like on GG and Friends), Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, What Not To Wear (Trinny/Susannah style. I'm convinced they're lesbians.), Heroes (NIKI IS ALIVE!), Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Veronica Mars, Whistler (I heart Canada) Degrassi, Smallville, In A Heartbeat. And probably much much more.


Music: Jack's Mannequin, Something Corporate, Taking Back Sunday, No Doubt, Dashboard Confessional, Copeland, Tegan and Sara, The Beatles, Michael Giacchino (possibly the best composer of our time and an amazing scorer. Check out Alias, Lost, MI:3, Ratatouille, The Incredibles) Brad Paisley, Weezer, Catlow, Coldplay, Bayside, Bright Eyes, Secondhand Serenade, Fall Out Boy (not really, but I've heard few songs on Pandora and I like the songs.) What's Pete Wentz's problem? And many more. I am open to every genre, person, style, lyricist, and any kind of music.

Movies: The Sound of Music (I'm obsessed.) Year of the Dog (Molly Shannon rules: ( poor pencil.) Superstar (great movie to watch when you're hyper. Edward Scissorhands (I don't know why people hate that movie.), Out Cold, National Treasure (I don't know why I like that movie so much), Mean Girls (I might know every line to that movie and recite it often, I incorporate quotes from Mean Girls way too much in life). John Tucker Must Die isn't a very good movie, but I still watch it often. Kill Bill.

Actors/Actresses: (actresses?) Jennifer Garner (amazing.), Molly Shannon & Tina Fey (funny funny people! make me laugh.), Lizzy Caplan (she is so beautiful. ask my sister she'll tell you I'm in love with her, I believe otherwise.), JJ Abrams (I know he's not an actor, but he's an amazing writer and producer and all that).

Ambitions: I'd like to write a book. I'd like to act. I'd like my baby to be the cure of cancer. I want to major in something scientific or English. I'd like to be a musician. I'd like to be an inventor of something.

I play the piano. I play the guitar. I play the drums. I suck at all three of them, but I like to think I can "play" them. I love playing Nancy Drew on the computer. I love being a detective in those games. I like You Tube. I love listening to . I love winter and autumn. I dislike summer. I want an Australian accent. I can do a British accent and a southern accent, southern is not hard. But when I attempt Australian accents, they seem to come out Southern. I love One Tree Hill. I love cheese. My drinks are drugged daily. I love all acoustic versions of songs. I love cheese. Cheese and crackers, cheese on chips dipped in salsa, cheese out of the box. I have nicknames for everything. My neighbors are crazy. I'm half Vietnamese. I'm convinced my neighbor has been murdered, I'm going to make a movie/book/tv show out of it. I love watching TV on DVDs, I call Box Sets, late at night in a row. Summer of '07 I stayed up until 8AM watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer everyday for two weeks watching the whole series. I'm not a big fan of MTV. I love art. I'm a vegetarian. I hate feet; they're disgusting. I hate my feet. I will never be barefoot in any situation. I love animals. I usually put people before myself, or I try to. I don't hate anybody except Rachael Ray and Hannah Montana. I don't believe anybody is ugly. I believe everything and everyone is beautiful. I don't have any tattoos. I got my ears pierced when I was seven. I cannot remember my 2nd grade year at all. I am convinced my friend whom I celebrate Beyonce Day with (see below) kept me in a closet and drugged me and the Haitian took away my memory. I like track. I like soccer. I like basketball. I like volleyball. I don't participate in P.E. History is my best subject for some reason. I'm the biggest nerd forever. I will not create You Tube videos for the sole fact it might make me INTERNET famous which will hurt my being famous by music or photography or television or movies. I love photography and taking pictures. I'ma Mr. Fix It. I fix many things, or I try to. I will not stop until I do. I read way too much for my own good. I get in trouble for it in class. I go on Myspace way too much for my own health. I love thinking that we're all connected in this world. Seven Degrees of Kevin Bacon. I write poems and songs that I never share with anybody. I recite quotes from movies like Molly Shannon in Superstar when she says, quote "I feel my feelings would be best expressed in a monologue" end quote. I quote movies in my every day life. I sing random songs. I dance anywhere and everywhere. I have one sister she's 20. I believe she's in love with her co-worker, Nancy. She denies it. I have one brother, he's 23. My parents are crazy. I've never jumped off a roof. People annoy me constantly. Especially in class when they ask me stupid questions. I love my math teacher. I love my art teacher. I don't have many friends for all these reasons alone. People believe I am crazy, I can't really argue with them. I don't like hugs. I don't like physical contact with people. I like Gingerboy Cookies. Oranges make me throw up--Used to. I love Mangoes. I have way too many inside jokes. I cannot wait to graduate. I cannot wait to move. I am infatuated with Lizzy Caplan and cannot help it. At all. Is that enough about me?


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