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Author has written 2 stories for Kingdom Hearts, and Soul Calibur.


Announcement: I'm back! And I have the new and improved version of Shadow Soul AND Kingdom Hearts Talent up! Go me!

Announcement #2: I'm now an authoress on Fictionpress.com! You can find me under the same penname.

Age: Why do you care?

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Light blue

Gender: Female, if you must know

Personality: Let's see. I'm usually calm and level headed, and I try my hardest to be nice to everyone. Also I love to make people laugh. But, I'm slightly insane.

Favorite T.V. shows: Inuyasha, Fairly Oddparents, Survivor, Big Brother, the Amazing Race, American Idol, So you think you can dance, Endurance, Planet's Funniest Animals, America's Funniest Home Videos.

Least Favorite T.V. shows: Pokemon (used to like it, but not anymore),anycop/murder shows, any hospital shows (ick),AnimalCops.

Favorite Movies: Harry Potter movies, Shrek, Shrek 2, Shark Tale, Finding Nemo, Confessions of a Teenage DramaQueen, Mean Girls, Pirates of the Carribean, Miss Congeniality (1& 2),The sisterhood of the traveling pants,Bend it like Beckam, Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children,and Charlie's Angels (Go Girl Power!).

Pets: 2. One cat and one dog.

Favorite(real) Authors: J.R.R Tolken, J.K. Rowling, Tamora Pierce, Cornelia Funke, and Agatha Christie. If you haven't read any of Agatha Christie's books, shame on you.

Favorite Books: The Harry Potter series, All of the Tamora Pierce books, the Lord of the Rings series, the Chronicals of Narnia series (yes, I know, all series, up until here) Eragon,Eldest, Dragon Rider, Inkheart, Inkspell, Peter and the Star Catchers, the Wanderer, Dragonology (its a book, but no chapters), and Egyptology (its also abook, but no chapters) His Dark Materials Series, And Then There Were None, Murder on the Orient Express.

Favorite Sports: Swimming, volleyball, basketball, fencing, and now, as I found out, field hockey! (Found everywhere in the world except the U.S.A. East Coast not included)

Least favorite sports: Football, gymnastics (I'm too tall to do it and probably the most unflexable person on Earth:p),ice hockey.

Favorite Video Games: Final Fantasys VII, IX, X, and X-2, Kingdom Hearts (All three rock!), Legend of Zelda (I like 'em all), Soul Calibur 1,2, &3, Super Smash Brothers Meele, Spyro the Dragon, Dragon's Rage, Dance Dance Revolution, Sonic the Hedgehog.

Other stuff about me: When I was six, I was hanging upside down on some monkeybars, fell off, and landed on my head...on rocks. That explains a lot. (Sorry, h890, I couldn't help myself. Its true, though.)

I LOOOOVE to fence! (yes, it is a sport. Stop looking at me like I'm crazy! I already know that.) (Again, sorry h890) I mean, when else do you get to intentionally poke someone? (Especially if you don't like them. Hee-hee) Also, I have always loved to have swordfights (usually with plastic and foam swords), so that's what got me into it.

People who I've made friends with here on fanfiction.net: Well, let's see here.

Norn Meow: She's funny, a great authoress, and I was going to appear in one of her stories, but she accidentilly deleted it. I've offered to help her re-type it, though. Also, she's on here because I'm on her favorite authors list, so I'm returning the favor.

Kyllex of Darkness: Where to start. Well, Kyllex is nice, insane (hey, gotta mix things up SOMEWHAT, right?), a good authoress and I appear in her story The Two Troublemakers. Also she reviews for my stories, and doesn't flame : D

Rihxannon of Evilness: Two main reasons. 1) She put me in the story she and Kyllex are co-authoressing When the Authoresses Join the Organization. Yay! 2) She's really cool and nice and a good writer. Yeah.

Xolonel: Mainly because she's nice, and she's Kyllex's and Rihxannon's friend. And she gives me some tips :D

Favorite VG characters

Final Fantasy VII: Cloud, Aerith, Yuffie, Tifa, Vincent, Sephiroth

Final Fantasy X: Yuna, Rikku, Tidus...yeah that's it. Wakka's annoying, Auron's weird, Lulu's too gothic, and Kimahri's...well...Kimahri (I first thought his name was Calamari! lol)

Final Fantasy X-2: Yuna, Rikku, Paine, Lenne...yeah, everyone else is either a. weird, b. crazy, or c. stupid. or any combination of the 3.

Kingdom Hearts: Let's see here...Kairi, kinda Sora, Axel, umm...Naminé, Yuna, Rikku, Paine (Chibi Fairie YRP!)...basically every Final Fantasy Character that appears, AXEL, Demyx...umm...that's it. I was an Axel fangirl for about a week, but that faded surprisingly quickly.

Soul Calibur 3: Cassandra, Sophitia, Talim, Kilik's okay, Siegfried, Seong-Mina. That's all.

Favorite VG (video game) pairings:

Final Fantasy VII: Cloud/Aeris, Cloud/Tifa. (yeah, that's all. I'm not too far in the game. -_-)

Final Fantasy X: Yuna/Tidus, Wakka/Lulu, Rikku/Auron (those are just plain funny!) Seymour/OC (just too funny for words)

Final Fantasy X-2: Yuna/Tidus, Leblanc/Nooj (Noojie-woojie! lmao)...ummm...I think that's it

Kingdom Hearts: Kairi/Sora (DUUUUUUUUUH!), Roxas/ Namine (another no-brainer), Axel/ usually OC, Axel/Larxene (some are good)

Soul Calibur 3: Talim/Yun-Seong (Even though I don't really like Yun, they're cute together!) Kilik/Xiangua (awwww)

VG pairings I hate hate HATE! I hate yaoi, shojo ai, and all that other stuff. Too creepy for words

Final Fantasy VII: Cloud/Yuffie (?) Cloud/Anyone but Tifa or Aeris, Cloud/anyone that's a guy.

Final Fantasy X: Yuna/Auron (again?), Tidus/Lulu (What the heck?), Rikku/Tidus (She may be Yuna's cousin but she has no right going after her guy!) Tidus/Auron (...)

Final Fantasy X-2: Yuna/Rikku (...weird), Yuna/either Barali, Gippal, or Nooj (?)

Kingdom Hearts: Where to begin...Sora/Roxas, Axel/Roxas (some get too Yaoi ish), Kairi/Roxas, Namine/Sora, Axel/Larxene (others aren't), Zexion/someone that's a guy (Marluxia counts as a guy, people), Axel/someone that's a guy, Demyx/someone that's a guy.

Soul Calibur 3: Mainly only Cassandra/Raphael. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE! (starts ranting about how sick and demented this pairing is)

A couple of my non-fanfic writing friends and I have characters which we are somewhat like and claim as our own. Here's mine.

Final Fantasy VII: YAY! I got Tifa!

Final Fantasy X/X-2: Rikku. Just cuz I look like her. Personality-wise I'm more like Yuna, but she was already called.

Final Fantasy XII: I got both Ashe AND Penelo! (probably because two of my friends who have this game are guys, so of course they call male characters)

Kingdom Hearts: I got stuck with Kairi (not bad), and Larxene (who I'm actually starting to think is cool)

Soul Calibur: Cassandra! OMG I'm almost exactly like her!

Fun quotes (Most recent):

""Idon'tmakesensesoeverythingIsaydoesn'tmakesensesodon'ttrytomakesenseofwhatIsaybecauseit'snotsupposedtomakesensebecauseIdon'tmakesesnse. Does that make sense?" horsie890. (this is an all-time favorite)

"Antidisestablishmentariumism!" WoDF (another favorite)

"Uniformitariumism!" Me (It was in our Science lesson, and WoDF and I were making jokes about it)

"Poop a million!" My friend Julia

"You all have lost it." My other friend Hannah (Julia's sister)

"OHMYGODI'MONFIRE!!" My other other friend Ryan

"Give me your soul...or a coke will do." Me (I was incredibly hyper and was imitating Nightmare)

"Oh by all means, go ahead and beat the living daylights out of him while I sit here and laugh my head off." Me to Ryan (he was arguing with his little brother, Aaron)

Warning: I can be very random and stupid, so if you see something very stupid/random in my stories, no call for concern.

Stories Authored: Shadow Soul. My first ever fan fiction. It is about three girls who end up in the world of Soul Calibur 3, and have strange powers.

Stories under construction 3:

Kingdom Hearts Idol. This is done with WoDF, ff, and myself. 25 of the KH characters are forced to go onto American idol, with ff, wodf and myself as the judges! Prepare for some character bashing.

KH talent. A story I'm co-writing with horsie890...erm, rather was. I decided to do it by myself. the name also says it all again. the people of Destiny Islands, Twilight Town, and Hollow Bastion are forced into a talent show, anything goes! It should go up soon...I hope.

Fangirl Wars: Just a funny little series I thought up a while ago. It would be a series for different videogames I like. The main plot: 3+ armies are going to fight over who's better on a said videogame. Mainly main character fangirls (for Kingdom Hearts: Say Sora, Riku, and Axel fangirls), and also my own personal army: the Anti-fangirl army! Yeah. May or may not go up.

50 ways to kill Seymour: What's more fun that inventing ways to hurt that retarded Guado-Human hybrid? May or may not be written

Personal OCs:3 Yeah, so far I have three OCs that appear in different stories, not just mine. Here are the descriptions of them.


Stories that she appears in: 3 Shadow Soul, by me (note: description in this story is a little different now that I'm re-writing it), Organization Goes Ice Skating, by WindofDancingFlames, and Part of the Game, by horsie890.

Stories she appears in with a different name: As of now, two. Legend of the Card Crystals, by fatalfeline. Appears as Alexandra (Alex). She shows up in Destati, also by fatalfeline. She appears there as Erona.

Age: 12

Hair: Light blonde

Eyes: very, very, very light blue.

height:pretty tall (5' 7" ish)

Personality:(in all of the stories but organization goes ice skating and Destati)She is a total tomboy, and loves to play sports and do other boyish things. She is very comical, but also nice. She is almost always concerned about her friends and loves to help with things. But, she also has an evil side. When she's evil, RUN AWAY! (in organzation goes ice skating) She's has an extremely quick temper and want's to kill Saïx. (in Destati) She is usually very kind and open, but she has an amazingly quick temper.

Random info about her: She hearts dragons. Yeah. Also she's the character who is based on me! But it's not my real name. Also she's adopted.


Stories that she appears in: Used to be 2, but now just 1. When The Authoress Join the Organization by Rihxannon of Evilness and Kyllex of Darkness. She was also going to appear in a story by Norn Meow because I won her character contest, but she accidentally deleted the fanfiction. She says that she's going to put it up again, though. We'll see.

Age: 13

Hair: blonde with a reddish tinge

Eyes: Lightish blue/ Lightish green (her eyes are bi-colored. the left is blue and the right is green)

height: Really tall (5'9", or around that)

Personality: She is very nice, and she loves to help. She is very into reading, sports, and writing. She also has an insane side which has yet to be seen in the story.

nickname: Elf, because her ears stick out a little, and also because she always tucks her hair behind her ears.

Random info about her: She rocks at volleyball and is pretty smart. Yeah.


Stories that she appears in: Well, 2. She's going to appear in my new and improved version of Shadow Soul, and she will appear in one of the later chapters of Kingdom Hearts Idol by fatalfeline. WindofDancingFlames and myself worked on this with ff, so technically we co-authoress with her.

Age: 10

Hair: really, really light blonde

Eyes: Bright blue, almost Sora's eyes blue.

height: erm...about 5'5"

Personality: She seems very sweet and innocent, but she has a very spunky and rebellious side. She's definitely a girly-girl though.

Random info about her: Alexis is actually my little sister! She's really only about 7, but I had to make her a little older for her roles in my stories. She appears as Chanelle's little sister in Shadow Soul.

Thank you for checking out my profile! Oh, and check out the profile of everyone on my Favorite Authors list, i.e. horsie890, fatalfeline, Kyllex of Darkness, Norn Meow, Rihxannon of Evilness,Namine14, and WindofDancingFlames

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